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The main focus of this web site is playing tournament battles via Play-By-E-Mail Star Fleet Battles.

If you don't know what Star Fleet Battles is. What is Star Fleet Battles?

Note : To play in any of the tournaments you need to own/buy a copy of the rules for Star Fleet Battles.
Where can I buy a copy?

SFA Main Focuses:

PBEM SFB Rules: SFA is to be the definitive source of all SFB PBEM Rules clarifications and changes.

If you want to discuss the PBEM Rules go to PBEM Rules Discussion.

PBEM SFB Tournaments: SFA will be hosting a PBEM Tournament. The Ladder Tournament currently an active tournament. All you have to do is win 5 games in a row and you will recieve a Rated Ace card. If you want to know more about tournaments go to Tournaments & Conventions

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