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By Scott Moellmer (Goofy) on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 - 09:11 am: Edit

David Jannke-
No reply as yet to email asking when you want to
shoot me?

By Barry Kirk (Barrykirk) on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 - 07:53 pm: Edit

Chris... Understood, so if I can get him to breakdown... then I win!!!

By Brian Evans (Romwe) on Thursday, May 28, 2009 - 10:37 pm: Edit

Romwe(AND +2apr) over BNF(Kzinti) in a close 5 turn game. It came down to a successful displacement with MDD(Mega Drone Death) the result of a failure.

By Kerry E Mullan (Nomad17) on Saturday, May 30, 2009 - 03:55 pm: Edit

Nomad(ATC) over Bear(ISC)

ISC missed with 3 pulses of R15 PPD on T4 and then on T7 brokedown on his HET #2 to prevent 8 p1 through down shield at R4.

ATC shields were mostly in the 10-12 range. ISC had one down shield, 2 shields at 6, one at 10 and the ohers OK.

Overall a nice, fast, fun game.

By Alistair Rae (Bear) on Saturday, May 30, 2009 - 04:04 pm: Edit

Bracket C
Bear lost to Nomad in a VERY enjoyable 7 turn match. Conceeded when I failed my second HET and would have been savaged at r0 before I could return fire.

Best wishes to the Car Acrobatic Team.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Saturday, May 30, 2009 - 04:14 pm: Edit

And with that, C.A.T. advances to the semi-finals, with 2 of 3 games already won. Congrats to C.A.T.

Paul and Rob, feel free to play your third match, but it isn't necessary at this point.

Thanks to Al, Kerry, Brian, and Barry for being very efficient :-)

By Barry Kirk (Barrykirk) on Saturday, May 30, 2009 - 08:49 pm: Edit

Here is my best memory of how the battle went down Thursday night between Romwe ( Andy Playtest ) vs Baldnforty ( Zin ).

Andy started at top and zin started at bottom.

Turn 1:

I plotted speeds 16i/26i with a HET plotted in EA and Brian went speed 21/28. I had a couple of disruptors overloaded during EA, the rest were standards. Brian started off by turning left and eventually crossed my centerline. After he was a couple of hexes past my centerline, he turned right. I slowly started to dribble out a mixture of 20 and 32 speed type I drones. Eventually, I turned right and Brian instantly turned left setting up for a range 3 firing pass.

During the firing pass, Brian did 37 points of damage to my #6 shield for 6 internals and I did about the same to his front panels. He than displaced away. I should have used my HET at this point, but instead slowly turned around ending the turn at range 11.

Turn 2: I skipped powering disruptors and just recharged batteries and phaser caps and poured on the antimatter to catch the andromedan.

Turn 3: I launched the SP at range 8, which Brian ignored, I also continued with standard disruptors. Late in the turn Brian performed a HET and got another range 3 firing pass on the #6 shield. He followed that volley displacing away. I had substandard disruptor and phaser rolls and didn't even bring his front panels to reinforced levels... In return Brian did another 35 or so internals to me which dropped my power significantly. Most importantly, he took out 7 warp. I was able to HET and follow him at about range 5 or 6.

Turn 4: I didn't realize it, but at this point Brian was almost out of battery power, so he skipped charging his TR beams. I skipped powering disruptors, and just put one point into phaser caps and the rest into movement trying to catch him. Near the end of the turn, I got a range 1 shot on his rear panels and took it, although I was 1 point of power short for the number of phasers I had. We ended the turn at range 1 with Brian off my #2 shield, however, most of my phasers had not cycled from the previous turn.

Turn 5: I plotted 2 tacs and an accel late in the turn throwing my remaining power into overloading my 3 remaining disruptors and completely refilling my phaser caps. Impulse 1 I launched 4 drones, and fired everything I could at Brian. 2 of the 3 disruptors missed at range 1!!! All I managed to do was to score a 3rd leak point, sigh... Brian displaced away which at this point was a good idea with about 8 to 10 drones in the air pursuing him. At this point I conceded because of the following.

a) Other than the 3 leak points he had taken no internal damage.
b) I had taken significant internals and was down 7 warp and 2 impulse.
c) I was almost out of drones.
d) I was at speed 0 and he was running. By the time I got back up to speed, he would have plenty of time to clear his panels and recharge his batteries. I didn't know at the time, but his TR beams were not charged. He had about 10 points of deg damage on the front panels and maybe 5 or 6 deg on the rears.

Analysis: Brian's batteries were almost dead at the end of turn 3 in spite of the extra 2 APR, however, he never performed a panel dump to recharge his batteries. He claimed that there wasn't enough power in the panels to do a proper panel dump, but in reality, he could have dropped the fronts in preparation for a dump and then on Turn 3 when he did his HET, he could have dropped the rears sending the power to his batteries and then raised the fronts before I could hit him.

Brian succeeded on both displace attempts which certainly helped. I'm sure the extra 2 APR helped him out a lot, because my experience with the standard Andy is that the power situation is usually desperate by turn 3.

As a side note, Paul and Mike West and were discussing possible solutions to the big plasma races Andy issues late last night on Talk Shoe... I came up with the idea, and Steve, please shoot me down if you disagree, that maybe all Big plasma ships should be allowed to fire Sabot rounds out of their tubes but at one size level lower than the tube size.

Example, a Plasma R launcher could launch an S Sabot or and S Enveloping Sabot.
A Plasma S launcher could fire a G Sabot or a G Enveloping Sabot.
A Plasma G launcher could fire a F Sabot, their is no F Enveloper.

Once, a torp is completed as a sabot round, it CANNOT be upgraded to a full strength torp for the tube.

Originally, I was saying that this should only be available for use by big plasma versus andy, but Paul mentioned that you really don't like race specific rules for ships. I'm not sure if the Sabot option would alter big plasma that much, because the torps would be 1 size class lower. Certainly, if you launch a Sabot round, your opponent knows it instantly is real and will do less damage. If faced with a Sabot round a lot of people might just run through the weaker torp and take the damage.

If this is unacceptable then as an alternative drop the torp 2 size levels for a sabot. Now the ISC would be incapable of firing a sabot and only the TKE could do a Sabot enveloper G... Against a high speed opponent who is running away fast, or an Andy, this makes the sabot option a slightly better option than a bolt.

By David Cheng (Davec) on Monday, June 01, 2009 - 11:30 pm: Edit

Seed #1 vs Seed #8 Action:

Peter Bakija - Gorn (Team Watchmans)
Dave Cheng - Hydran (Team SWA)

Any and all moral support requested in this battle against my dreaded Arch Cubed Nemesis (TM).

Go Team SWA!

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Tuesday, June 02, 2009 - 09:07 am: Edit

I think the important part is:

Monday, Monday, Monday! June 8th! 7:30pm ET!

By Marcus J. Giegerich (Marcusg) on Tuesday, June 02, 2009 - 09:30 am: Edit

BanTheFed (Fed - Team New Jersey) vs. Old_School (ATC - NOT Team New Jersey)

This Thursday at 7:30pm EST

To quote a fellow from another gaming board I post on - "The dice. Ah, the dice."

By Brook J. Villa (Brookie) on Thursday, June 04, 2009 - 10:02 am: Edit

WL Match

Bill Schoeller(Klingon)vs Brook Villa(Lyran) tonight at 9pm eastern.

By Alistair Rae (Bear) on Thursday, June 04, 2009 - 10:10 am: Edit

9PM!?!? But thats when Burn Notice starts the new season. Can't you two plot a more tivoless viewer friendly match?

By Marcus J. Giegerich (Marcusg) on Thursday, June 04, 2009 - 11:31 am: Edit

Team New Jersey rolls tonight baby!

By Ken Lin (Old_School) on Thursday, June 04, 2009 - 10:18 pm: Edit


T1 I shot Marcus on the ass for 6 good ints from r8 (he had turned away from web).
T2 Marcus shot me on the ass for 30 ints (after Fed HET, from r8)
T3 I chased and we did some shuttle wars, and shot Marcus on the ass some more, then Marcus tried a 2nd HET to set up a hack-and-bash on 4.1 and broke down.

That's the cliff notes version.

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Friday, June 05, 2009 - 08:11 am: Edit

A short version, but alot of ass shooting.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Friday, June 05, 2009 - 08:52 am: Edit

Sweet monkey butler. When I was watching that game, it looked like the Fed had you dead to rights. Those second HETs are a fickle mistress...

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Friday, June 05, 2009 - 08:53 am: Edit

Any news on the Bill vs Brook fight?

By Ken Lin (Old_School) on Friday, June 05, 2009 - 11:06 am: Edit

Yeah - if Marcus had made the HET, we both would have been mangled but Marcus would have won.

By Alistair Rae (Bear) on Friday, June 05, 2009 - 01:54 pm: Edit

Peter, if I threw them off I'm sorry. I'll try to tone down the whiney petulance going forward.

By Marcus J. Giegerich (Marcusg) on Friday, June 05, 2009 - 02:38 pm: Edit

To be fair, Ken hung in there after a stellar Fed blast and put me in a position where I really needed that 2nd HET to seal the game. Here's some comedy for you - I intentionally had only 4 in reserve warp on turn 2.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Friday, June 05, 2009 - 03:20 pm: Edit

Yes, Al. It was the Burn Notice. Brook sent me a message saying "I can't miss Bruce Cambell!"


By Brook J. Villa (Brookie) on Friday, June 05, 2009 - 04:30 pm: Edit

yeah, hello!!!! Once American Idol finished just can't get into any more shows. :)

By Alistair Rae (Bear) on Sunday, June 07, 2009 - 01:28 am: Edit

Excellent!! Will have to try the Tourney Petulance next RAT.

By John Smith (Johnsmith) on Tuesday, June 09, 2009 - 08:31 am: Edit

How'd the Bakija vs. DaveC game go last night? I was watching but fell asleep during the search for a tractor rule.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Tuesday, June 09, 2009 - 09:17 am: Edit

DaveC (HYD, Team SWA) over Bakija (GRN, Team Watchmans)

Dave and I have played this match up, like, 700 times online and in real life by now. I'm ahead, lifetime, but the last two online games, he hosed me :-)

T1: I plot 26/16 with an enveloper. He goes, I think 26/30 (maybe off battery). We fly up the middle of the map, me slipping in occasionally. At R12, I launch my enveloper. He launches his 2 fighters. I slip away, and he slips in, and eventually he gets R7 without getting too close to the plasma. He fires a few P1s, a DF HB, and a std HB. He rolls ok, and leaves my #6 at about 12 boxes. He then turns off, speeds up to 30, and starts running from the plasma. I'm thinking "Huh? Great position--Hydran is running from plasma into corner, his fighters are separated from the ship, and I didn't even lose a sheild completely. Score!", so I turn in to pursue. I get R8 from his fighters and fire 4xP1 at one of them. I roll horrible, and only do 4 damage. Sad. I am compelled to keep moving towards his fighters for a while. He slips them out, so my other wing phasers are out of arc, unless I slip towards them, which will give them R3 from my #1, which I'm not thrilled about. So I end up turning north, giving the fighters my damaged #6 at R4, and shoot at them more. I give the undamaged fighter 2xP1 and the damaged one 1xP1. I cripple the undamaged fighter by rolling average, but roll another 6 on the damaged one. So *still* it is uncrippled. He returned fire with most of the fighters weapons, dropping my shield to 1 box after a battery. I get to R2 on the fighters who have fired everything by now, fire a P3 at the uncrippled, damaged fighter, and again roll a 6 (so that is 6 phasers at the fighter, and 4 of the rolles were 6...), but the 1 point of damage cripples it. Finally. I dispach one of the fighters by impulse 32 with one of my rear phasers. We end the turn at about R15, Hydran running into the SW corner with an enveloper behind it, and me facing north (?!?!?).

T2: Well, I used, like, 8 phaser capacitors to deal with his fighters and a battery to keep my shield up, so I'm behind a bunch of power, and I need to press the attack, from a bad position, to get to him before the HBs come back online. I plot 16/26 and rearm everything, figuring I can do a U turn and get pretty close by the end of the turn. He goes 27/26/20. Impulse 1, I dispach his last fighter aith a P3, and start turning around. He runs into the corner from the enveloper. By mid turn, the enveloper is gone and he slows to 20 to come out of the corner. I speed up to 26 just in time to miss my turn mode (as I can't count to 8 anymore, apparently :-), and lose another hex on him. He turns up to me as I close in, so I launch an S torp out of the A launcher before it goes out of arc. Impulse 31, He turns up and centerlines my #6 at R2 (not great...), with my plasma at R1. I use a couple batteries to tractor him, figuring he'll break it, and mostly, I just want him to use a battery so he probably can't HET. He likely realizes this and doesn't fight the tractor. He shoots me with 4xP1 and both gats, I give him 5xP1. I roll not great, leaving his #1 at about 9 boxes. He rolls pretty well, doing 17 internals, hitting an F torp and a P3. Impulse 32, he HETs B and I turn in, so we both move, ending the turn at R2, my #1 to his #6.

At this point, we start reading the tractor rules, and discover that at no point in the rule section on tractors, does it specifically say "if your tractor is broken due to an EA auction, it is an involuntary release". Which is important to say, as if your tractor is voluntarily released, you have to wait 8 impulses before tractoring them again. If it is an involuntary release, you can tractor them immediately. But the rules are (unsurprisingly) vague on this very specific instance. So we pause for about 10-15 minutes reading the rulebook. Eventually Ken Lin settles it for us (if you lose the auction, it is apparently an "involuntary" release), and we move on.

T3: Well, I start the auction, and Dave doesn't fight it. So I plot 0, pay for some TACs, refill my batteries, and put a whole lot of power in tractors for reasons that mostly escape me now, as he just HET and can't launch a weasel for 4 impulses anyway (which we already established). He goes 0, OLs his HB, and rearms stuff. I rotate him to R1 centerline, and launch 90 points of plasma. He fires an OL HB, doing about 18 in (through a down and a 1 box shield), hitting my other F torp and some phasers. Impulse 2, 90 plasma hits him, doing 54 internals after some reinforcement. He fires his other OL HB and I fire a few phasers in his ship. His second HB volley does 20 internals and hits *both* of my S torp tubes. After the smoke clears, I have 55 internals, but nothing except 3xP1 as weapons. He has about 70 internals, but still has a HB, both Gats, and 3 fusion beams. As I didn't plot any movement, we are going to end the turn at R1. He shoots a couple of my shuttles down (that got launched before the carnage) with his gat, and then I surrender, as on impulse 2 of T4, he gets to TAC his #1 to me and savage me with 2x Gat and 3xFusions, where all I have to shoot him back with are 3xP1. Brutal.

I could have played that last turn *much* better (i.e. put some energy in reinforcement or movement instead of 21 in tractor that I didn't even really need to keep up), but ya know, these things happen :-)

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