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By Carl-Magnus Carlsson (Hardcore) on Monday, May 24, 2010 - 02:56 am: Edit

Peter, tnx.

By Andy Vancil (Andy) on Monday, May 24, 2010 - 11:48 am: Edit

I hate flying against Klingons.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Monday, May 24, 2010 - 11:57 am: Edit

Sorry :-(

At least this way, you'll get a lot of practice?

I didn't notice it till I had already set up all the matches, and really tried to fix it, but once I started pulling the thread, everything became a huge mess and there was no way to fix it reasonably without scrapping the whole pool and starting over, which was just too much to take that that point in the afternoon.

By David Schultz (Ikvavenger) on Monday, May 24, 2010 - 12:41 pm: Edit

"I hate flying against Klingons."

I resemble that remark :)

By Xander Fulton (Dderidex) on Monday, May 24, 2010 - 01:27 pm: Edit

Yup, am 'dderidex' on SFBOnline.

EDIT: AH! Jeebus, flying against an Andro first time? Crappola! Never learned those rules - this should be interesting.

By glenn somerfield (Sumo) on Monday, May 24, 2010 - 02:15 pm: Edit

Up_all _knight and myself have started our fight...Rom Firehawk VS everyone's Klingon D7

6 turns finished..i am missing my #3, 2/3rds my #4 and been hit in 3 warp and a disr. SP gone, 3 rounds of drones gone...all eaten up buy trac and HET also gone.

The Rom has no internals, but missing the better part of all 3 front shields. 1 puedo known gone,im running fast from all Plas. An R5 miss with a Plas S bolt was bad for the Rom

By glenn somerfield (Sumo) on Monday, May 24, 2010 - 02:25 pm: Edit

buy the way...very nice looking player 'Tree'

By Brook J. Villa (Brookie) on Monday, May 24, 2010 - 02:40 pm: Edit

Sumo(Klingon) vs Up_All_Knight(RFH) underway.

Make a long story short.

He corner dodges, launches a scatterpack. I launch a standard torp he turns off and I kill drones. The next 4 turns I pursue him and he fires phasers at me while trying to run away. I make some range 5 passes on his rears Once shot I hit with the bolt and one shot I didn't. I just can't get close because of his high speed. He's doing a good job. My shields are 9/4/24/24/24/30. His are 30/30/0/8/24/30. He has 3 warp hits a phaser hit and a disuptor hit. He has used his het but it's hard for me to pursue him because of my damaged front shield. I thought I had the advantage in this game, but I'm not too sure now. I really hate the Klingon and it's arcs, but I do like the matchup. It's balanced. Not really knowing my opponent well has worked against me too. He is fine with never really engaging me head on and just flying around a sniping. His standards disruptors have been ok too. I think he's taken 12 range 9-15 shots and hit with 8. So not bad.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Monday, May 24, 2010 - 04:04 pm: Edit

Xander wrote:
>>AH! Jeebus, flying against an Andro first time? Crappola! Never learned those rules - this should be interesting. >>

Don't worry. No one is playing an Andromedan. I suspect you are playing against Paul Franz whose call sign on SFBOL is "Andromedan". I think he is flying a Wyn Black Shark.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Monday, May 24, 2010 - 04:06 pm: Edit

Oh, and to reiterate something in the rules:

When a game is finished, the loser should e-mail the judge (i.e. me) with a result.

By Xander Fulton (Dderidex) on Monday, May 24, 2010 - 04:34 pm: Edit

Oh, right - I misread. ATC is...what, the archeo-Tholian cruiser?

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Monday, May 24, 2010 - 04:44 pm: Edit

Yeah, ATC is Archeo Tholian. NTC or NEO is the Neo Tholian cruiser.

By Loren Knight (Loren) on Monday, May 24, 2010 - 05:01 pm: Edit

"I hate flying aginst Klingons"

This is not hate, it is wisdom (or patriotism).

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - 09:23 am: Edit

Updates/Corrections that I can't actually do till I get home:

-Team Orion Slave Girl is actually Orion Bikini Team.

-Akira's second option package is actually SFff not SF11 (i.e. S torp, F torp, fusion, fusion rather than S torp, F torp, P1, P1)

By David Schultz (Ikvavenger) on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - 03:05 pm: Edit


I don't see an email listed for Dave Cheng (DaveC). I'd like to contact him to schedule our game if you're able to assist? Thank you sir.

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - 03:36 pm: Edit

Peter (and opponents).
My ship is HBgD not HBg1 as is listed in the tree. Either I am on crack for sending the wrong info, or Peter made a little typo.

I am sure this makes my opponents feel scared, and may prompt them to concede. I will graciously accept. My e mail is in my profile.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - 04:50 pm: Edit

Yep. Also a typo. I'll fix that.

David: There isn't e-mail listed for anyone. Just go to the SFBOL subscriber search (conveniently linked to at the bottom of the tournament page) and put in their call sign. Granted, I might have given some of the call signs the wrong capital letters, but at least in Dave's case, I didn't :-)

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - 04:57 pm: Edit

Pool B updated.

By Steve Cole (Stevecole) on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 - 11:45 am: Edit

Peter: I could use a one-sentence thing about this event for CL41. Get it to me in the next day or two please. Something about the number of teams and so forth.

By Robert F Estrada (Daredevil) on Friday, May 28, 2010 - 11:25 pm: Edit

RacerX (ISC) over Krellex ( Firehawk)

I came out with 21 moves 18/24,held PPD,rolled Tube B, EPT tube C, pre-allocted a 1 pt into HET (Thanks to Greg Diekhaus! in our LYR vs ISC game :) *** I will always think of a HET when I roll a Torp ***. ) holding 2 WW's.
Fred came in 20/26. I came in and crossed Fred's "T" ( Dir F), soon after my speed change to 24.
Fred continued along toward me. At range 12 I launched both pseudo G's to make him think about coming toward me. I got to range 10 and PPD'ed (all hit), the G's were a few hexes in front.
Fred launched a F torp from tube D to give me something to think about. Fred also turned to direction C. I thought this was a good move, possibly to set up a phaser/bolt shot if he wanted it.
I had not launched my EPT (C) yet or rear F to that point. I fired my bearing 6 ph1's at Fred at Range 5( Fred didnt shoot), plus the last pulse of PPD and did a few internals.
Fred continued FWD ( and left the FA arc). Safely out of R5, I then increased to speed 31 to take the F torp on imp 1 of next turn( 5 pts on my #4). I also launced my C torp EPT( barely in arc :)). Fred would either run into it, or turn to B and run away. I held on the rear F and continued toward my starting left corner. Fred turned away toward his corner. Roughly 13-14 hexes away.

T2 I was happy that we had separation. I didnt think I could EPT (B. I plotted 18 moves (15/24), pre-allocated a 1 pt HET, 6 pts into phasers, 2 pts to PPD, 2 WW's, rolled torp(B), started a torp C. Fred ran away at 27...later he slowed down to 23. Later in the turn I turned up to dir A. I alos allocated 2 BATT's to finish my PPD. Fred was coming dir E. We eneded 15 hexes apart closing on the center.

T3 Fred still had a lot of firepower to bear. I could not afford to move and EPT (B). I rolled the torp again. I held 2 WW's just in case he charged in toward me. I moved 22 hexes (15/24)
Fred plotted speed 28 all turn! wow! :) a Blazer!
Early in the turn Fred kept away for a few imps. Imp 6 he launched a S torp to keep my guessing. I fired my PPD ( after to my speed change to 24) at Range 13. I did 1 internal(LW). Fred Wisely slipped away to avoid any further internals.
I soon turned away (not firing phaser 1's at range 6-8 to save power). Soon after Fred turned into me, at speed 28! . At this point I thought about a Rear F + G stack to hurt a front shield using reserve power to complete my G. My stack was phasered down some, did 23 damage to his #5(doing 1 internal RW, and a few hull). Later in the turn, I increased speed to 25 to make the S torp hit for 10 pts. ( I needed to know if it was real or fake) Fake! :) Later, i was able to get 2 phaser 1's (my 360's) into Fred , 5 pts took out a plasma F, and another warp. Late in the turn Fred launched 80 points of torps at me F, S, S. I knew 50 points was real! I was happy Fred had 2 down shields #2 & #5. With his wounded fron shields as well, he would have a tough time manuvering.

T4 Fred had me cornered, I had 2 WW's ready. I had time to run some more, but Fred still had good anchor possibilites. His #1, and #6 were still strong enough to mount a effective attack. So i nixed this quickly. I TAc-ced. I loaded my phaser caps, Started a 3rd WW, 7 pts into tractor, 2 pts into PPD, started an F, and EPT'ed my C tube. I thought Fred may cloak out, and reload. MY EPT would be wasted, but oh well. Fred came in on me! Speed 15, all the way. Impulse 5, I launched a EPT, and WW'ed. I thought Fred would ED at this point. He did not! 14 internals got more phaers and an S torp, some power. Later I miziaed Fred as he came into R2. I also got out my Rear F (E), later still, I tractored Fred. More phasers on his down shield, F torp hit. Fred gave up

Game was tight on T1 Fred could have bolted me nicely at R5. My opening EPT (C) or rear F was not in play yet. I thought Fred may have put more plasma in the air to keep me away a bit.

I was really afraid he may cloak T1 , I would lose my EPT. This was bad, but not fatal, depending on the positioning as I would seek to hold the center of the map.

Team Chaos

By Fred J. Kreller (Kreller1) on Saturday, May 29, 2010 - 01:13 am: Edit

T1 I got greedy and wanted the anchor, so I held the torps instead of bolting. I held phaser fire to chew into the torps that would be coming back at me. Hindsight, I should have alpha'd at r5 and then cloaked and ran like a good Romulan :-) Robert played a great game, and it was lots of fun to boot.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Saturday, May 29, 2010 - 08:18 am: Edit

Good work gents! You are officially the first game done! Only, like, 89 more games to go!

By David Schultz (Ikvavenger) on Saturday, May 29, 2010 - 09:34 am: Edit


I want to make sure you got my game results from the Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th games. The Tuesday game was just emailed today. The winners of those games were CC's as well.

I suppose it would be fitting to give a battle report of those two games:

Monday night vs Scott Moellmer in the Orion

I started the game confident with a sound plan and high expectations. Three turns later my ship blew up.

Tuesday night vs Bill Schoeller in the TFH

I started the game confident with a sound plan and high expectations. Three turns later my ship blew up.

That pretty much says it all :)

By glenn somerfield (Sumo) on Saturday, May 29, 2010 - 11:44 am: Edit

lmao.....VERY NICE report IKV

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Sunday, May 30, 2010 - 04:50 pm: Edit

CnB and Droid have two turns in the books. Drones have been launched. Drones have been killed. Weapons have been fired in anger. Shield damage has been done. More tomorrow between 6 and 7 Eastern!!

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