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By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Thursday, January 26, 2012 - 04:18 pm: Edit

Kerry and Gregg: Have you guys set up a time yet?

By Kerry E Mullan (Nomad17) on Friday, January 27, 2012 - 12:04 am: Edit

Gregg is outa town this week so I'm hopin early next week.
My availabilty is pretty much : any so we should be able to tailor to his and push it through pretty quick.

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Friday, January 27, 2012 - 08:44 am: Edit

Ok then, taking for granted that Gregg and Kerry get their game done in the next week, I am going to set the Round 4 Semi final deadline @ Sunday Feb 19th, with a further goal of having the Final played by the end of the month of February.

Thank you!

By Kerry E Mullan (Nomad17) on Wednesday, February 01, 2012 - 05:54 am: Edit

Nomad(RFH) vs Gregg(TKE)

Nomad ends up winning in T5.

T1 RKE comes at me with a 26/31 plot while I go with a 20 til 19/25/26 plot. Around imp 20 we reach R10 and TKE turns into me so I launch enveloper + S and turn out. He uses a P3 on S and eats it all on his #2 while I 4 P1 into his #1 for 10 and then flee for the rest of the turn, launching my F's as I get them into arc with him shredding F#2(this fire occured early T2). All told he's at 10/0/3/20/21/17 with 7 armor gone.

We end at R8 with me 6 hexes from either wall and like 10 from the exact corner.

T2. As the writing is there I cloak and spend the turn doing a 0 til 23 4 plot to cause the manuever rate D RKE a little trouble hitting me with his TBOMB. We end at R3ish me off his #6. I use weasel #1 to cover the cloaking out- he's at R8 fully loaded so a bolt shot is possible, but with a +2 shift highly unlikely.

T3 I remain cloaked at spd 4 recharging batts and some phasers while manuevering to get clear of a tractor death for T4. Gregg denies this by ending the turn at R1 on an off shield. He repairs 2 shields.

T4 I finish all but my B torp(rolling) as this then allows me to move 2 hexes on a mighty spd 4 til 16 then 0 plot(which I then use 4 batts for speed changes later). Gregg goes spd 4 so continues to hound me at close range. I batt turn my plot into spd 3 til EOT first and later increase to spd 9 on imp 25. He follows with an increase to spd 10 for imp 26 and HETs to put me off his #1. All the turning though has allowed me to reach R3 by EOT and I start decloaking on imp 32(I wanted to do so earlier, but had to remember I had no weasels avail til 5.01 so decided to wait). We end at R3 him off my #3(barely in RP).

T5 Starting at R3 I am expecting a weasel/tractor fest so I start loading weasel#3 and hold my 2 rdy weasels allocating 12 to tractor, expecting a slugfest but with him down so many shields hoping I can come out above it all.

We both start at spd 0 and he tries a R3 tractor for the win which I defeat at 30 pwr for him 10 for me. He launches 2 psuedos R+F while I am still uncloaking so I weasel(he 2P1s the weasel). Around imp 8 I am FC active so he launches the same 2 torps. This draws my second ready weasel and his concession.

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Wednesday, February 01, 2012 - 08:36 am: Edit

Good try Gregg. Enjoy the TKE in the semi's Nomad!
Seems like that thing is just not going away.

So the Final Four is all set, Feb 19th is the deadline, but I think bakija also put Feb 19th as the deadline for RAT38. I wouldn't think it would be too much of a problem, but if you guys have trouble scheduling both, please prioritize the RAT and we will work around it here.


As for the TKE, I am thinking the next time we do this, I am going to leave it out. It's ok when someone decides they want to give the TKE a whirl in a RAT. They usually are willing to do what it takes to win with it in that case, which is almost always a longer game. In a JFF tourney like this, the vast majority of folks who get assigned it randomly or via tree in later rounds are just not willing to go to the mat with it and do what it takes to win. I.E. multi-session 16 turn games. Just my opinion.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Wednesday, February 01, 2012 - 10:37 am: Edit

I'm with Andy. I think the TKE is a horrible ship for the tournament in any situation. It is just too hard to make it work in most games without excessive cloaking and extremely long games.

By Kerry E Mullan (Nomad17) on Wednesday, February 01, 2012 - 02:24 pm: Edit

Well yeah with the TKE you have to expect it to have cloaking as a central point of it's game or be a real good plasma player.

It's probably about 50/50 vs a lotta the middle tier ships. Just like 20/80 vs most of the top ;( with any plasma ship being a tough win either way.

As with any plasma ship though vs a D+D etc hitting with the full 90 can mean game if there are no serious drone threats.

By Gregg Dieckhaus (Gdieck) on Wednesday, February 01, 2012 - 09:14 pm: Edit

I looked at playing chuck and duck but felt it was impossible vs another rom with the 128 impulse cloak limit. I didnt think that the TKE would be able to cloak enough for that strategy. In fact Kerry did use 90 of the cloak NON AGGRESSION!!! just kidding:)

Honestly I forgot about TBOMB and that could have flash cubed him and gotten the tractor while he was cloaked.

It was pretty impressive that the tke was able to soak up an EPT, an S and 2 F's with zero "internals", and still be a huge threat.

By William T Wilson (Sheap) on Wednesday, February 01, 2012 - 11:31 pm: Edit

The TKE requires unusual tactics but you don't have to play 16 turn games. And when you do, on most of those turns nothing happens and you can play them in 15 minutes. In a rom vs. rom fight, the TKE *can't* play that long of a game, because of the cloak timer.

Isn't the whole point of a tournament like this to get the ships that don't usually win into the later rounds?

In other news, sorry for not setting up my semifinal game with Moose. I'm busy in real life and will be back to normal on the 16th. I can play any day, any time on the 16th or later.

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Thursday, February 02, 2012 - 08:15 am: Edit

Maybe, but this is a just-for-fun tourney, and most people don't have fun playing or playing against the tke if they are not prepared. It is far and away the number 1 "don't start me in this ship" ship.
Anyway, it was just my opinion. I am not trying to force anything. If I run this event the next time, I'll start by opening it for discussion and get a consensus before we do anything.

By Kerry E Mullan (Nomad17) on Tuesday, February 07, 2012 - 12:39 am: Edit

BS(ISC) vs Nomad(TKE) with Nomad winning in T5.

T1 I cloak and close to R1...ISC bolts enveloper on imp 32 and misses.

T2 I come outa cloak and then overallocate tractor expecting a spd 0 ISC, but still have a crappy HET/spd 24 then 12 plot. ISC does a spd 26/17 plot and speeds outa dodge launching F+G once I come outa cloak. I eat torps on a rear shield after phaser 3s and HET to chase. I launch a real F to try to get some damage but ISC just keeps away(F impacts early T3 for 10 though). We end at R7. When I launched the F we were at R4 so I hit him with 4P1 while he hit me with 3.

T3 ISC goes spd 0 while I have a spd 22/23/12 plot. I get lucky and only get hit with 3 outa 5 PPD pulses. I again launch a second F to either force a weasel or have him eat it(who weasels a single F???). Unluckily I follow it into R2 on an 18 point shield(plus 9 armor) and Bill bolts/fires all bearing. Didn't even think for a minute that was comin so I took it for 32 internals luckily on my (R) orientation. Then the internals are all fluff(Ftorp, 2 P3 and 4 batts).

Next imp the Ftorp impacts for 20 to his #1 and I bolt the R+ 4P1 + P3. After R hit I kill both rear Ftorps plus 4 phasers(1P1) with my 35 ish internals. As well he does 7 more to kill another P3 and the otehr Ftorp.

I then turn in and he tractors me for some time til I drag him to the wall where he releases me. Somewhere in there he hits me with a suicide(new shield and no serious ints). After he releases me late I launch 3 shuts which will fire early next turn. As well I get 2 ints through a second shield that was damaged on T2. He launches shut #2 but it won't fire til 4.05 if it lives that long.

T4 we start at R1 and I use a p1 to kill the admin, while he uses 3 P1 and a p3 to kill my 3. I trac him and keep it all turn. He hits me with the other 2 P1s while I weaken his bearing shield on 4.25 with most of my Phasers and down it with a P1+p3 on 4.32. Unluckily I have the down shield only off my #5 so 3 p1s aren't avail(2 not bearing and 1 used on 4.32), but I repair the 2 RA/R damaged P3s so have 4 P3 +p1 to throw into the hole on 5.01. He rprs 2 batts bringing him to 3 total ensuring a fastload. So far Bill has a down 1,2,5 and I have a down 1,2,4 and some 10 damage spread otherwise. We end with my #5 facing his down #2.

T5 I keep the trac but will be hit by a fastload and enveloper early. Bill goes with no shields so he can actually move away in reverse if his ints kill hte tractor. I get 18 in on imp 1 and he throws 20 phaser damage into my #5 bringing it to 10 launching a bearing fastload. Imp 2 we both tac having the fasload kill my #6 after 2 rein. Bill launches enveloper and I fire one of my 2 bearing P1 for mizia. This pays off as the 4 ints are 2 P1 and a Gtorp.

After the enveloper impacts I have my 4 P1 and 2 p3 left as only 2 P3s were killed on the 20 ints. My shields are 3 on the #5 and 17 on the #3 though. The R is toast as is the tractor. Bill moves away and I fire my remaining 2 P1s on different impulses with th last interal being his remaining G torp.

This left the ISC with 2 rprs avail, 12 power and no weapons while I had 19 power one repair, 4 P1 and a 2P3. With us ending at R5 Bill conceeded. Overall my internals hit his phasers hard while he never hit anything but P3's even though we were taking near equal internals til the last turn.

By David Zimdars (Zimdarsdavid) on Tuesday, February 07, 2012 - 09:55 am: Edit

Kerry and Bill played a very close game. Kerry made a key move launching 3 harrasment shuttles on T3 from his KE, and then tractoring Bill's ISC to stay close. On T4, over 18 pts of phaser damage from the ISC was diverted to killing the KE shuttles. Had this phaser fire damaged the KE shields instead, the T5 enveloper may have been even more effective, perhaps tilting the game in the ISC favor. Bill tried to open the range from the KE, but the tractor kept the KE close, so the KE's 5 ph-3 shots on the final turn were highly effective.

As Bill survived the T3 exchange with his PPD in tact, I wonder if the T3 tractoring of the KE by the ISC wasn't counter productive. The tractor was made to prevent the KE from slipping onto a down ISC shield, and/or prevent the KE from launching a suicide shuttle (which he may not have had). The ISC did have a suicide shuttle, which could have been launched towards the hex the KE wanted to move to (and reach there the same impulse). This may, or may not, have discouraged the KE moving there. I do wonder if the tractor could have been dropped a bit earlier, before the wall, in any case.

Good game!

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Tuesday, February 07, 2012 - 10:10 am: Edit

Thanks guys and congrats Kerry. Half the final is set.

Good work!

By Ted Fay (Catwhoeatsphoto) on Tuesday, February 07, 2012 - 10:39 am: Edit

I am.... shocked.... that the TKE could beat an ISC flown by Bill. Absolutely dumbfounded, actually.

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Tuesday, February 07, 2012 - 10:42 am: Edit

Nomad is no freaking joke Ted.

By Ted Fay (Catwhoeatsphoto) on Tuesday, February 07, 2012 - 12:51 pm: Edit

Sure, I know, Kerry's a great player. However, the RPS of the TKE/ISC battle is at about 8/2 favoring the ISC IMHO. All I'm saying is that given Bill's skill, no matter who flies the TKE they're going to have a very hard time beating that ISC.

By Kerry E Mullan (Nomad17) on Tuesday, February 07, 2012 - 08:06 pm: Edit

As for the T3 tractor I think it occurred around imp 10 of the turn ensuring the suicide hit from Bill(which killed my #1 for 3 meaningless internals- but they coulda been crppling ones as my fluff was gone).

More importantly it meant my 3 launched shuttles would not be able to fire at any point during T3 as they were launched from imp 26+ where if launched from imp 10 the 10 or so internals may have hurt.

Against the ISC the one thing I gotta recommend is not getting hit with the PPD more than once. Hard to arrange, but if that is accomplished then it's more of a 50/50 game.

As well the main swing occurred on internals of T3. ie the TKE took 23 in(after armor) and lost 2 P3s plus fluff. The ISC took like 35 in and lost 4 phasers through its #1(so P1 and 3 p3) being down those phasers hurt badly on T4 and with us being at knife fighting range with a tractor the additional P3s of the TKE offset the P1 advantage the ISC had.

With just phasers and a single torp to recharge the TKE actually is OK at knife fighting as with additional power for tractor or rein it can make a game of it. In no way is it a slam dunk, but it allows the TKE a chance at least.

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 05:57 pm: Edit

Hey Moose and Sheap! are we scheduled for this week sometime to get the other side of the final set? Give us a sign bros!!

By Stephen McCann (Moose) on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 06:37 pm: Edit

This week is bad for me, with tonight being pretty much my only free night. I am free Mon, Tues, Fri-Sun next week.

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 07:11 pm: Edit

Ok Moose. Understood. Please get it done as soon as you can. I would like to shoot for the end of the month or thereabouts for Masters Completion.

By William T Wilson (Sheap) on Sunday, February 19, 2012 - 01:54 am: Edit

I should be available any of those times, but Monday is probably the worst. Let's shoot for Friday, with possible continuations on the weekend in case we don't finish (I hate lengthy mid-game delays). My times are flexible.

So... if I win, I'll play the same matchup in the finals but from the other side, and if Moose wins, it's an ISC civil war. Wacky.

By Stephen McCann (Moose) on Sunday, February 19, 2012 - 07:39 am: Edit

Friday is fine. 8pm eastern?

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Sunday, February 19, 2012 - 08:47 am: Edit

Sounds good guys. We're on the home stretch!

By William T Wilson (Sheap) on Sunday, February 19, 2012 - 09:26 pm: Edit

That's fine by me, see you then.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 - 01:33 pm: Edit

As we are in the home stretch, and as a hilarious ISC civil war is a possible final game, I'll again point out that if the winner writes a "Victory At..." article, there is a reasonable chance that it will be published in the next CL. So the winner should consider that. As we need a "Victory At..." article for the next issue.

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