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By William T Wilson (Sheap) on Friday, September 23, 2011 - 11:20 pm: Edit

Alas, I am slain. Misfortune struck as I lost two plasma on my first 8 internals, but Ron played a good game. Very good subhunting part of the game, but with my #4 shield down I wasn't able to evade without getting splattered. Good luck to Scott and Andy as they try to preserve the honor of Team Colorado :)

By Ron Brimeyer (Captainron) on Saturday, September 24, 2011 - 12:04 am: Edit

The dice did help.

Turn 1: Rom plots 28/15/26 Shark 14/25. Rom launches Standard at r13. Shark hits with 3 of 4 standards and finds 5 reinforcement on Rom's #2.
Shark fires 10 p-3s into torp taking 19 off, taking the real torp after 13 moves using the 3 allocated reinforcement on shield 3. Rom launches F torp. Shark launches 3 drones late and Rom does 11 to sharks #2 with 5 p-1s. I use bats to take it to 6.

Turn 2: Rom goes 15/20 with EPT. Shark 26/25/14/18 disr cool recharge bats and phasers. I run the F torp out moving direction F slipping across the map. Rom rolls low with p-3 and has to grab 1 drone with tractor. At about r8 he launches the EPT. Rom turns to E and I launch 3 more type I drones. I fire 3 p-3s at r2 into torp taking 4 off then HET Direction C and take torp for 56. Rom fires some p-1s and hurts my #1 a bit. We end the turn at r4 he is off my 1/2 split and I am off his 3/4. 3 Type I drones 1 hex off his #3 and 1 in trac off his #2. Because of Imps 32 shield rules I relise I can not get the hack and slash I was going for so hold fire.

Turn 3: I plan for a WW cloak from Rom. I plot 25/13/6/2 with 4 OLs. Rom plots 0/4. Cloak and WW imps 1. Taking 7 collat on #1. I slip into his hex imps 5. I can now fire at r5 with ww shift but no cloak damage shift or wait. I wait. Not rolling a 1 to maintain lock-on I fire against the cloak. Hitting with 2 OLs and rolling full damage on both. After cloak shift the 7 p-1s do another 11 for 7 in thru the #4. Getting a p-3 and F torp. Latter in the turn I fire my p-3s and get 1 more in. The other F torp!!!! We wiggle around a bit and I manage to stay close. We end turn R2 Rom straight off my #1 facing his #3.

Turn 4: He can not go faster than 10 til imps 16. I plot 9/11/8 to get 2 moves early. 3 OLs and recharge phasers. I believe he goes 10 all turn. Imps 3 I move straight and he slips away. Imps 5 after my SC I slip Left and get a R2 shot at his down #4. 4 bats into 4th Disr hitting with 3 for 18 after cloak mod. For some reason I was thinking my adjusted range was 8 so I fired my P-1s too. But managed to get lucky and do 7 points after mod. The 23 in (2 reinforce) took out an S torp and 3 phasers. With my speed changes I was able to stay close and force him to turn in on imps 32 to avoid giving me his #4. At r2 and down to 29 power and 1 S-torp Sheap threw up the white flag.

Fun game and the dice really helped me out.


By Andy Vancil (Andy) on Saturday, September 24, 2011 - 12:29 am: Edit

Laszlo vs. Old_School is scheduled for Monday night at 6 PM MDT/8 PM EDT.

By Andy Vancil (Andy) on Monday, September 26, 2011 - 10:56 pm: Edit

Congratulations to the Orion Bikini Team for winning World League!

Old_School (GRN) defeats Laszlo (HYD)

Turn 1, I go 20/15/25/26, with fighters out early. He goes 16/26. At around range 8, he launches 1x30. I get into position to partially juke it. He launches a 60 out of the other tube. Fighters hit range 5, and fire, damaging his #6, and gatting the 30-pointer at range 1. This turned out to be a bad move on my part.

Next impulse, he turns in. I slip to r4 on the centerline. He bolts 1xS, 2xF, and fires 6p1, hitting with all bolts, a total of 59 damage, taking out a HB, 3p1, and 4 warp. I fire OL HB, std HB, 5xp1 at his #1, and one HB misses, so I don't even take down his shield. I turn out to avoid eating the EPT. The fighters threaten to get into a good position for turn 2, but his p3s cripple one. The other one ends up directly in front of him at r1, facing away.

Turn 2, I go 27/26/14 to run from the EPT. He starts at 31 and tractors the fighter, forcing it to breakaway. It does not get its weapons into arc before his phasers cycle, and he squishes it. I eat the EPT at range 16 for 16 after gats. Two internals take out a p1 and a warp. He drops to 24, then 16, and I circle in behind him.

Turn 3, I go 14/26 and give chase. He goes 16/24. I manage to get to range 3, where I should have just fired the HB and turned off, but, as I am way behind, I try pressing for range 2. He phasers me up, knocking 20 off my #1 and 14 off my #2. He accelerates to 30, and I chase him toward the wall. He turns on 3.32 and brings torps into arc, still at range 3.

Turn 4, I plot decaying speed, and try to get range 2, hoping I can find a way to juke the launch I know is coming. However, he starts out at speed 31, and launches 50 that I can't avoid without turning off. He blows down my #2 and does another internal (a phaser!), and then 7 more (4 power!) the next impulse. My OL HB does 9 internals, getting a torp and 3 phasers, but it is not enough. I could have ED'd and weaseled the torps, but my forward shielding is gone, I'm down to a HB, 4 fusion and 1 gat, and my position is no good. I let the torps hit and then congratulate him.

Hitting 3/3 on that bolt shot was definitely a big factor in the game, but having the fighters fire when they did was probably bigger. With loaded fighters, turning in is a lot more difficult for him. With only 4xp1 bearing on them, there is a significant chance he fails to cripple at least one, and with 16 fewer internals, I don't lose the HB, a p1, and two power. If he turns off, I shoot him, don't take significant damage, and can then run out the EPT a bit without him on my tail.

Ken played it better on that crucial exchange, and so the Orion Bikini Team wins it. Good game, Ken!

By David Zimdars (Zimdarsdavid) on Monday, September 26, 2011 - 11:08 pm: Edit

Congratulations to Ken and Ron who did the heavy lifting on the team!

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 08:34 am: Edit

Oh. Well, ok then.

Congrats to The Orion Bikini Team (Ken Lin, Ron Brimeyer, David Zimdars) for winning World League, 2011!

Thanks to everyone for their timely game playing.

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 08:53 am: Edit

Congrats to the Bikinis! And thanks as always Peter for running the event.

By Chris Proper (Duke) on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 11:13 am: Edit

Congratulations to this year's champions!

By Ken Lin (Old_School) on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 12:25 pm: Edit

Good show Colorado! Well played by Andy, but when I hit 3/3 on the turn 1 centerline shot, that was a big hole to dig out of.

By Marcus J. Giegerich (Marcusg) on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 03:46 pm: Edit

Congrats guys from last years champs!

By Troy Williams (Jungletoy) on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 04:58 pm: Edit

Congrats OBT, although I was pulling for Team Colorado (native)! When does the next world legue start?

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 06:40 pm: Edit

Oh, ya know. Next year some time.

By Troy Williams (Jungletoy) on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 06:59 pm: Edit

What, no World League 2011.9?! There's three months left this year?! When NEXT year will this start up?

By Andy Vancil (Andy) on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 10:49 pm: Edit

We still need to get Masters 2011 going.

By Ken Lin (Old_School) on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 10:55 pm: Edit

I would be excited about Masters 2011 - Masters (along with WL) is my favorite SFBOL event.

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 - 07:55 am: Edit

I will get it going.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Sunday, April 01, 2012 - 09:30 am: Edit

Hey! It's probably about time to start up World League 2012!

As I go back and look at what I did last year, which is pretty much exactly what I'm going to do again this year, we had:

-Exactly 8 teams of 3 players (24 players). Or exactly 12 teams of 3 players if we get enough. Although 8 teams works better.

-Two pools of 4 teams each. Or 3 pools of 4 teams each.

Looking at what happened last year, we got to 12 teams (36 players), but a few people (actually, only, like, 2 of them) were mostly no-shows. But for the most part, everyone played all their games. On the one hand, I am completely in favor of more people playing. On the other hand, I'd rather have 24 people who are all invested in the event than 36 people where 10 of them are kind of phoning it in.

Before I post any specific rules and organization, anyone have any suggestions for anything?

And is my team still my team? Proper? Koch?

I'll start actually organizing things this upcoming week. The short version is--if you are interested, either as a returning player or someone new, figure out a team of 3 players and respond to my requests for information when they come up.

Go World League!

By Matthew Potter (Neonpico) on Sunday, April 01, 2012 - 04:02 pm: Edit

I'm interested! Need team members, though. So, Put me in the unattached-but-wanna-play category for now.

By Andy Vancil (Andy) on Sunday, April 01, 2012 - 04:11 pm: Edit

I think we should tweak the format so that it is more flexible in terms of the number of teams. It's not hard to come up with formats that allow for 10 teams, or even 9 or even 7 or 11.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Sunday, April 01, 2012 - 07:02 pm: Edit

The deal with the current format (pools of 4 teams) is that every player plays a player from every other team, and so the distribution of players works nicely, and the tie breaking works nicely. Given 2 teams:



You get match ups of:

A1 v B3
A2 v B1
A3 v B2

Or whatever. And in the case of Team A and Team B being tied for advancement, whichever team that won 2+ games head to head, and you get a easy tie breaker.

Also, with an even number of teams, you can easily just advance the top two teams of each pool; with 2 pools, you advance the top 2 of each pool to a 4 team final bracket; with 3 pools, you advance the top two of each to an 8 team final bracket with two byes (the top two scoring teams, which is what we did last year).

I'm sure there are ways to make it work with an odd number of teams, but it all works much less cleanly.

Could you provide an example of a format that works with an odd number of teams?

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Sunday, April 01, 2012 - 07:34 pm: Edit

Fandral: In

By Jon Taylor (Vendetta) on Sunday, April 01, 2012 - 08:22 pm: Edit

I'll play-need a team though

By Andy Vancil (Andy) on Monday, April 02, 2012 - 01:44 am: Edit

With 10 teams, you end up with two 5-team brackets. You have to have at least one cross-bracket match; you could do one from each team.

A1-B1 A1-C1 A1-F1
A2-D2 A2-E2 A2-B2
A3-C3 A3-D3 A3-E3
B1-A1 B1-D1 B1-G1
B2-A2 B2-C2 B2-E2
B3-C3 B3-D3 B3-E3
C1-A1 C1-D1 C1-H1
C2-B2 C2-E1 C2-D2
C3-A3 C3-B3 C3-E3
D1-B1 D1-C1 D1-I1
D2-A2 D2-C2 D2-E1
D3-A3 D3-B3 D3-E2
E1-D2 E1-C2 E1-J1
E2-A2 E2-B2 E2-D3
E3-A3 E3-B3 E3-C3

F1-G1 F1-H1 F1-A1
F2-I2 F2-J2 F2-G2
F3-H3 F3-I3 F3-J3
G1-F1 G1-I1 G1-B1
G2-F2 G2-H2 G2-J2
G3-H3 G3-I3 G3-J3
H1-F1 H1-I1 H1-C1
H2-G2 H2-J1 H2-I2
H3-F3 H3-G3 H3-J3
I1-G1 I1-H1 I1-D1
I2-F2 I2-H2 I2-J1
I3-F3 I3-G3 I3-J2
J1-I2 J1-H2 J1-E1
J2-F2 J2-G2 J2-I3
J3-F3 J3-G3 J3-H3

Or, you can get rid of brackets entirely, and have each team play one person from one of the other 9 teams.

A1-B1 A1-C1 A1-D1
A2-E2 A2-F2 A2-G2
A3-H3 A3-I3 A3-J3
B1-A1 B1-C1 B1-D1
B2-E2 B2-F2 B2-G2
B3-H3 B3-I3 B3-J3
C1-A1 C1-B1 C1-D1
C2-E2 C2-F2 C2-G2
C3-H3 C3-I3 C3-J3
D1-A1 D1-B1 D1-C1
D2-E3 D2-F3 D2-G3
D3-H2 D3-I2 D3-J2
E1-F1 E1-G1 E1-J1
E2-A2 E2-B2 E2-C2
E3-D2 E3-H2 E3-I2
F1-E1 F1-G1 F1-J1
F2-A2 F2-B2 F2-C2
F3-D2 F3-H2 F3-I2
G1-E1 G1-F1 G1-H1
G2-A2 G2-B2 G2-C2
G3-D2 G3-I1 G3-J2
H1-G1 H1-I1 H1-J1
H2-D3 H2-E3 H2-F3
H3-A3 H3-B3 H3-C3
I1-G3 I1-H1 I1-J2
I2-D3 I2-E3 I2-F3
I3-A3 I3-B3 I3-C3
J1-E1 J1-F1 J1-H1
J2-D3 J2-G3 J2-I1
J3-A3 J3-B3 J3-C3

With 9 teams, things get a little tricky. You can set up 3 brackets of 3 teams each with some cross-bracket matches, but you need one wildcard match, where some lucky player gets one match against an extra player, or simply gets a bye. (27 players x 3 games each / 2 players per game = 40.5 games, which doesn't work out evenly.)

A1-B1 A1-C1 A1-B2
A2-B2 A2-C2 A2-C3
A3-B3 A3-C3 A3-C2
B1-A1 B1-C1 B1-E1
B2-A2 B2-C2 B2-A1
B3-A3 B3-C3 B3-C1
C1-A1 C1-B1 C1-B3
C2-A2 C2-B2 C2-A3
C3-A3 C3-B3 C3-A2

D1-E1 D1-F1 D1-E2
D2-E2 D2-F2 D2-F3
D3-E3 D3-F3 D3-F2
E1-D1 E1-F1 E1-B1
E2-D2 E2-F2 E2-D1
E3-D3 E3-F3 E3-F1
F1-D1 F1-E1 F1-E3
F2-D2 F2-E2 F2-D3
F3-D3 F3-E3 F3-D2

G1-H1 G1-I1 G1-H2
G2-H2 G2-I2 G2-I3
G3-H3 G3-I3 G3-I2
H1-G1 H1-I1 H1-J1*
H2-G2 H2-I2 H2-G1
H3-G3 H3-I3 H3-I1
I1-G1 I1-H1 I1-H3
I2-G2 I2-H2 I2-G3
I3-G3 I3-H3 I3-G2

*J1 is an extra person who volunteered to help make WL work.

With 7 or 11 teams, you have to do the same kind of thing, but get rid of brackets.

True, these cases don't work out as elegantly as 8 or 12 teams. But I would place a higher priority on letting all the teams that want to play, play, than having a pretty bracket. (I also agree, though, that it is better to have fewer players that are actually interested in playing than have a bunch who sign up but then don't show up.)

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Monday, April 02, 2012 - 08:34 am: Edit

Hmm. We did a 10 team game a couple years ago, and I remember it was kind of a nightmare to set up.

Here is what I'll suggest--if you want to arrange all the match ups, we can do whatever system you think is good :-)

By Chris Proper (Duke) on Monday, April 02, 2012 - 09:32 am: Edit

Rather than "Warriors Three II" I recommend Team "Avengers".

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