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By Bill Schoeller (Bigbadbill) on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 09:50 pm: Edit

My Klingon beat Shyhawks Fed in a quick and destructive battle. I put 4 fast drones and 2 mediums in the sp, he turned off and then in and i fired 4ol, 5p1 for 26 damage at range 7on imp 31, while he fired 4p1 on 32 AKing the sp fast drones.

On turn 23 i figured he was down 4 phasers for 8 impulses and planned to hit on 7. I ran around his #1 to hit his #6 again for 29 internals. He fired 1 ol at range 4 for 16 to my 6, and then i slipped in to give him my #1. He hit with 3 ol for 18 internals,and then 4p1s for 20 or so more.
I tractored him and kept him close and started the shuttle mizia. he let one heavy hit his #1 but shot down all other drones. At imp 18 he conceeded as i would have 4ol and phasers on impulse 1, and he would have to hold back phasers for my drones.

By Chris Proper (Duke) on Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 12:07 am: Edit

My connection fritzed between the drones launching and exploding. Crash and I will continue once I have more reliable web.

By Jeff McKlevey (Low) on Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 07:41 am: Edit

Team Spontaneous Combustion makes it through the round robin with a prefect record.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 08:15 am: Edit

Congrats to Spontaneous Combustion for being the first team to finish all their games! Thanks for the good work.

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 09:43 am: Edit

I want to be on Spontaneous Combustion next year!

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 10:15 am: Edit

In talks with Spaceball...

By Eric Phillips (Ericphillips) on Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 03:14 pm: Edit

I'd like to thank my teammates on Team Spontaneous Combustion, my family for their support, Alison Brie from the TV series Community for being so so so so hot, and SoBe Lifewater for keeping me hydrated. I think, with the right moves, we can improve, perhaps forfeiting all out games. Well, until next time.

Stay classy, San Diego.

Did I mention Alison Brie is so so hot? Just want to be sure.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 03:37 pm: Edit

>>Did I mention Alison Brie is so so hot? Just want to be sure.>>


By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 03:46 pm: Edit

Aside from the incredible hotness that is Alison Brie, looking at the Team Spontaneous Combustion game schedule, that was a downright *brutal* lineup of games. You guys had to play against three Fleet Captains (two of which are multiple, multiple time Fleet Captains; I think Bill has the most Ace cards out of anyone in the world. Literally). And then everyone else on that schedule is either a longtime Ace or should be.

Next year, I'm gonna see if I can come up with some sort of balancing mechanism; this year was pure randomness that resulted in matches being the way that they were. I don't know if there is a way to actually do that and not make myself insane, but I'd like to try.

By David Cheng (Davec) on Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 08:20 pm: Edit

Alison Brie-written article worth reading...

By Ken Lin (Old_School) on Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 08:56 pm: Edit

Well, before today I had never heard of Alison Brie, but let's put it this way - she has a standing invitation to join the Orion Bikini Team.

By Marcus J. Giegerich (Marcusg) on Friday, June 15, 2012 - 10:59 am: Edit

3 turns done between BanTheFed's Fed and ScottishEngineer's Kzinti.

Turn 1 Fed facing D meanders towards middle of map, Kzinti facing A launches SP targeted ballistically to bloom at R11 (Why be fancy, I'm a freaking Fed for cryin out loud!). Kzinti fires 4 std disruptors at Fed #1 at long range and hits with 3 for 9. Kzinti turns left to face F and eventually turns again to E. Ships complete turn about 11 hexes apart.

Turn 2 Scat Pack blooms (6 sp 20 type Is) on imp 1 and Fed turns left to C and then B to take care of drones while Kzinti is not in the area. I thought this was a good idea at the time, but poor phaser fire results in Fed having to use almost every phaser to kill drones. 1 was tractored and killed at a later time. Kzinti loops around clockwise and puts out 2 fast a 2 medium speed drones mid turn. Kzinti pings Fed #4 with standard disruptors. Fed also loops around clockwise to face D and threaten to turn in to make an attack run. Fed labs fast drones from rage 3 using 3 labs each but still fails to ID one of them. The one that was IDed turned out to be a type IV and Fed pings it at R2 with a p3 to soften it up. Kzinti launches an admin around turn's end and ships are again about 11 hexes apart.

Turn 3 Fed can turn in to make an attack run while dealing with 4 drones on the map, but the capacitor is nearly empty from last turn's drone foibles so Fed tries to be sneaky instead. Fed plots 24/21/13/12 plot and turns left to run for the wall, eventually getting there mid turn and turning right to D so he can hug it. Fast drones are shot and speed 20 drones are tractored. Kzinti closes and starts string launching drones near turn's end. Fed bumps wall and pops weasel on imp 26, but accidentally launches it facing into the wall and watches through facepalmed fingers as the weasel bumps the wall and stops. The nice thing about this is that it kills the 2 drones that where tractored off of the Fed's #4 shield and will allow Fed to Tac around and get Kzinti into FA. Imp 28 Kzinti takes R4 shot with 4OLs on Fed #3 through the weasel shift before Fed tacs, but only 1 OL hits. Fed makes his tac and Kzinti drops tracking on sp 32 drone to keep Fed guessing later. Turn ends with Kzinti off Fed 2/3 shield spine at range 2. 1 sp 20 drone is about 2 hexes from the Fed and the weasel is still active in the Fed's hex.

Kzinti still has 16-18 drones left on the ship, 5 of which are fast. Fed has moderate damage to 4 shields. My strategy of not missing with photons by not firing them has worked brilliantly so far. Fun game!

By Mike Kenyon (Mikek) on Friday, June 15, 2012 - 04:58 pm: Edit


I picked up the trick from AdmiralDZZI the night before, wanted to try it out. :)

It's been a lot of fun so far. Looking forward to the exciting conclusion.


By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Saturday, June 16, 2012 - 07:59 pm: Edit

Team Avengers vs Team Action Cats! Action!

bakija (GRN) over Gregg (LYR)

A very close game.

T1: I move 16 with a bit of 26 at the end with an enveloper. Gregg moves 17/31 with 3xOL. We close, I launch an enveloper at about 15 when he accelerates. He doesn't turn off immediately, so I blink first and turn off. He doesn't get to 8 and turns out. I come back in some, he fires a couple P1s at the plasma. We end at about 15, my plasma 3 or 4 from his ship.

T2: I move 17/26 with a bit in HET and a bit in tractor, he moves, like, 23/17/26. He phasers the enveloper a bit with his P3s, eats it for, like, 3 damage. We close in, his ESGs come up at R3. I launch 50 plasma at him. We get to R4 the impulse the ESGs go up. I fire 4xP1 at his #1, roll well for 18. Next impulse, we don't move, but I HET and fire 4 more P1s, roll ok, do 4 internals (a warp and a P3). He hits my #3 with 4x standard disruptors. I expect him to HET, but instead he centerlines the plasma, vaporizes the Plas F with 8xP1 and slips to take the S on his #6. The S is real, he keeps his shield at 1 box. I just run the rest of the turn. I throw a couple shuttles in the way of his ESGs and do another internal with a P3 at R5 or so through his #1. He keeps coming. I use a battery to move 31 till the end of the turn, so I keep ahead of the ESGs. Impulse 32, he can go forward, ending us at 5 with me on his down #1, or turn off, so he does that.

T3: I move 26/17/12 and rearm all my phasers, leaving one of my F torps empty. Gregg moves pretty fast all turn (26?) with his phasers armed. I try and avoid getting too close while also trying to get some phasers in his down shields, but he avoids that. I launch my last F torp, which he eventually eats for 20 on his #3. It is evident that he is going to catch me, so I turn in and engage, hitting the ESGs with another 2 shuttles, and eating 3 damage on my #6 at some point. We get to R1. Gregg tries to tractor me for 1, but I resist. I launch a fastload F to keep him from turning in a direction. He launches a shuttle (that I don't notice won't move next impulse) which I kill with a couple P3s. Next impulse we close to R0, his down #1 to my full #5. I hit him with 5xP1, he hits me with 7xP1 and 2xP3 (one of which was a P1 downfired, I think). I roll well and do 32 in. He rolls really well and does 33 in through my full #5 and a point of battery reinforcement. We both get messed up some. He slips away, taking the plas F on his #4 for 20. I have 3 unfired phasers that complicate his movement. We end up at about R5, my #3 facing his #5.

T4: I move 17/8 with armed phasers and no plasma this turn, and a bit in tractor, just in case, and about 5 reinforcement on my full #2. He moves 20/13 with a HET and armed phasers. Impulse 2, I turn up at him, he HETs back, so we are both facing full #2s. We close a bit. I fire a P1 at his #2 for 4 points before it goes out of arc. We end up at R2, me off his 4 box #3, him off my 8 box #3. I blast him with 3xP1 and a P3, doing 16 internals. He hits me with 2xP1 and a P3 for 2 internals (both phasers), but mizias me with his last 2 P1s over a couple impulses. I lose all my facing phasers and an F torp. We separate a bit, ending at about R6.

T5: I have an S torp armed this turn, which I make a standard warhead. I move 17/13/8. Gregg moves 0 with warp TACs (no impulse left). I think I'm doing ok here, till I realize that I'm going to end up at R1 in his FA without him having to TAC (I was hoping to take advantage of his bad shields and no impulse TAC). So I get to R1, his mostly full #2 to my mostly full #6. He blasts me with 3xOL, 4xP1, and a P3. He misses with an OL, but rolls hot on phasers. I take, like, 20+ in, losing all 5 of my remaining phasers and another plas F. I shot back for about 13 damage on his #2, saving a couple phasers for a down shield, but they get killed before they fire. Gregg TACs his 1 box #1 to me to get 2 more P1s in my down shield. I feel compelled to bolt my S torp. I hit, doing 14 in, killing, most importantly, his whole shuttle bay. I get miziad over a couple more impulses. When the smoke clears, I am armed with 2x S tubes and nothing else, and 13 power. Gregg has more power and more guns. I move off and end the turn at R6, him right on the edge of my plasma B arc.

T6: I arm an enveloper, a couple TACs and my shields. Gregg has some reinforcement, phasers, and moves speed 6 with a TAC. Impulse 1, I launch the enveloper on passive FC. He TACs, speeds up to 6, but never has a shot on my down shields before the enveloper hits. He phasers it up a bit, but after it does, he has 0 weapons and about 4 power. Gregg surrenders.

An excellent, really close game. If he hits a few more plasmas instead of phasers, I'm hosed. If my bolt misses, I'm hosed. A real nail biter.

By Chris Proper (Duke) on Saturday, June 16, 2012 - 09:12 pm: Edit

You read it here first folks. Crash kills Duke in a 6 turn slugfest.

By Gregg Dieckhaus (Gdieck) on Saturday, June 16, 2012 - 09:56 pm: Edit

Yes all in all a very fun game with Peter.
Nice summary.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Sunday, June 17, 2012 - 09:56 am: Edit

At press time, the top 4 teams (and by "top 4", I mean "top 5") are:

-Team Avengers: 22; 8/9 games done.
-Team SWA: 19; 7/9 games done.
-Team Deception: 15; 7/9 games done.
-Team Alien Demon Battalion: 15; 7/9 games done.
-Team Action Cats!: 15; 7/9 games done.

We have a couple weeks left with a total of 10 games left to play. Hopefully, all the games will get finished and break up ties. It is not impossible that Team Avengers and Team SWA could be tied for first at 25 or 23. Any of the three third place teams could tie with SWA for second at 21, if SWA chokes and loses their last two games. So it is likely that I'll have to use the "Strength of Victory" tiebreaker for seeding in the top 4. Hopefully I won't have to use it to figure out what team is in 4th place.

By William T Wilson (Sheap) on Sunday, June 17, 2012 - 11:16 am: Edit

That doesn't factor in Team Colorado, either, who have only played five games and so could end up with as many as seven wins (but I'm playing against Andy on Wednesday, when I will try to reduce that to six possible wins!).

One thing about having only four playoff spots, you really need six wins to advance.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Sunday, June 17, 2012 - 11:43 am: Edit

Whoah. You are correct--I didn't notice that Colorado still had 4 games to play, so if they go on a mad sweep, they could end up at 23 also. Exciting!

By Andy Vancil (Andy) on Sunday, June 17, 2012 - 01:05 pm: Edit

I'm scheduled to play Jungletoy on Monday and Sheap on Wednesday. We'll see if I can get Team Colorado into playoff contention.

By Mike Kenyon (Mikek) on Monday, June 18, 2012 - 12:37 pm: Edit

Partway through a very interesting game ... working to get that resolved, but I'm under the weather at the moment.

By Marcus J. Giegerich (Marcusg) on Monday, June 18, 2012 - 02:37 pm: Edit

Feel better Mike! I'll shoot you an email to set up our resumption.

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Monday, June 18, 2012 - 10:47 pm: Edit

Droid in the Lyran kills Spaceball in the Fed.
Fast fun game where we exchange centerline r3 shots on t1, with the Lyran coming off better, and shooting the Fed in the rear shield middle turn 2 for the decisive blow.

I just hope we can avoid SUDDEN DEATH this year. Real bad.

By Andy Vancil (Andy) on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 01:32 am: Edit

Laszlo (HYD) defeats Jungletoy (LYR)

Turn 1, I brick the #6 and go slow, but I can't resist putting the fighters out, so he declines to shoot my ship, and instead hits the fighters with standards, doing 6 to one and 3 to the other. He puts up 2 ESGs, at 2 power, range 3. I get to range 7 on his #5, and fire phasers and an OL HB (which hits the ESG at range 4). His #5 shield is reduced to 13. I fire my other HB but it misses. Both fighters land, with 6 damage on each.

Turn 2, I start outside his FA at range 7, and run at 27/20. He goes 20/16/14, and HETs toward me. At range 8 he hits me with 4 stds and 4 p1, doing 16 to my #5. I circle toward him as he stays on my flank, and we drift closer. Then I launch fighters and HET toward him. Rather than just let me shoot his #5 at range 2, he turns toward me and announces ESGs. We go to 0 on the centerline. Too bad I had no fusions armed, and had used batteries for the HET. I fire phasers and down his #1 and do 21 internals on two volleys, getting both ESGs, a disruptor, and 5 phasers. He kills one fighter, and keeps the other fighter (who gets to 0 but does not have fusions rearmed) on his good #6.

Turn 3, he starts at 28 and makes a run for it, but I stop, TAC, and hit him with OL HBs. He concedes at that point. His ship is in great shape, really, for someone who was centerlined at range 0 by both a Hydran ship and a Stinger, but he is down 43 internals, including most of his weapons.

Thanks for a fun game, Troy!

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 07:44 am: Edit

Well, that embarrassingly puts Team Avengers solidly in first place with 25 points with all games finished. Our 3x Arch-Nemesissiisss, Team SWA could sweep their next two games and also end up at 25 points, at which point tie breaking will occur using the Strength of Victory system for 1st and 2nd place, rather than making Andy play SUDDEN DEATH!

Keep up the good work, everyone!

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