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By Majead Farsi (Devil) on Monday, June 17, 2013 - 06:14 am: Edit

Congrats on the Baby girl Matt. Wish you and Mrs all the best. Enjoy her while she is little as they will undergo a metamorphasis into (omg) teenager before you know it!
PS its a lot of fun though!!

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Monday, June 17, 2013 - 09:15 am: Edit

Gregg was on deck as a replacement. Lemme see if he wants in.

By Ron Brimeyer (Captainron) on Monday, June 17, 2013 - 05:05 pm: Edit

Krieg and Sheap,

I am taking the family to yellowstone from the 22nd-29th. Woek just became nuts for the rest of this week so no time to play before the 1st. I will contact both of you then and make as much time as i can to get our games in before the 15th.

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Monday, June 17, 2013 - 10:00 pm: Edit

My game vs other Andy is in the books. Unfortunately for me, he out-flew and out-shot me. At least it was short though. Well flown Andy. At least I got a point for Iron Mans Three!

By Andy Vancil (Andy) on Monday, June 17, 2013 - 10:01 pm: Edit

Laszlo (HYD) defeats Droid (FRX) in one turn.

We got to range 4, me just ahead of his side arc. He went 0/2 with OLs, while my 5p1 and OL HB did a dozen in. Next impulse, we didn't move, but he HETed to bring aft weapons to bear. He hit 1/2 with the other disruptors, doing 2 internals, while my other HB did another 8 in. Down a bunch of internals, he conceded, as I would be reloaded by the time he got back into position.

Thanks for a fun, quick one, Andy!

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 09:04 am: Edit

The main thing was my wandering into range 4 without the RX stuff in arc. But the bad shooting made that moot.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 06:48 pm: Edit

So Gregg in the TFH is happy to replace Matt in Team Icemans.

By Barry Kirk (Barrykirk) on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 09:25 pm: Edit

BaldnForty(Maesron) defeats Duke(Hydran) in three turns.

I'm going to have to do this from memory, since I've closed the client before I had a chance to write it up.

Turn 1...

I decided to put bring all four Tachyon Guns to 5 energy and charge up the middle, just to be a little different.

Apparently Duke wasn't expecting that at all.

I had a speed plot of 20 all turn and Duke had a 16/31 split.

I started off by turning to F and turning back to A to get Duke centerlined.

At around range 7 or so, I launched a Tachyon missile, going for a heavily armored one that only does 8 damage.

The next impulse Duke accelerated to 31. I had decided to wait till at least range 4 to fire, but Duke slipped off the centerline and so there we were at range 4 and Duke was off centerline.

I used 3 batteries to pump up the bearing TG to 6 energy and fired three TG and six PW-1... All three TG hit and with phasers I did 50 damage and 20 in.

It was a wierd DAC... I did 1 power, a hellbore, 2 phasers and all of the rest was hull.

Next impulse, I turned to F to bring my remaining TG and two PW-1 to bear. Duke turned to E to keep me off the down shield. which was probably smart on his part, since we would have been range two and I also would have two PW-3.

Any case, the downside of his turning his down shield away from me was that he also turned away a lot of his weapons. So, he declined the firing opportunity.

He did launch both his fighters when he was directly in front of me at range two.

I killed one of them with a pair of PW-1 and a PW-3 for the auto kill.

Any case, I decided to slip away from him and actually did a HET to A to get range three on impulse 32. Had to use a battery point to finish the HET since I had only pre-allocated four points to it. He HET his remaining fighter and brought it into my hex. I wasn't sure why he did that, since I had three PW-3 in arc of it, and they auto killed it.

He did use a 4 pulse gatling to kill my Tachyon missile which was chasing him.

At the end of turn one, we were facing away from each other at range three. I had not taken even a single shield box of damage. All my weapons and four of my batteries were empty.

Duke on the other hand, had all of his remaining weapons ready except he was down one point on his phaser cap.

Since, he was down a hellbore, and only one warp, I knew that he was going to be power heavy the next turn. Still, I was in really great shape.

Turn 2:

I charged my batteries and phasers, put seven power into tractor and plotted 24 for the first four impulses and 13 thereafter. Even at range three, I was worried about him trying to grab me in a tractor while I tried to run off.

He plotted 25/12/6...

Impulse 2.1 when he announced his speed, I knew that he was going to HET and come after me... No big surprise there. So, I launched a second Tachyon missile to distract him a little while I attempted to run off. Any case, he fired his three remaining phasers, two overload fusions, and an overload bore at me.

His dice rolls on the fusions sucked, and he only did 26 damage to my #4 shield plus 11 spread around. I used three batteries to keep a point on the shield.

Impulse 2.5, we both had a plotted speed change. Me down to 13 and him down to 12. Well he had shot his wad without doing any internals, and my phasers caps were still fully charged. So, I started turning CW and he also turned CW to run away from me.

Around 2.12 or so, I fired six PW-1 at his rear shield, and did 21 damage to it from range five.

Around Impulse 2.13, he dropped down to speed six and I used my two remaining batteries to put one point each into my FA tachyon guns and get them started.

Impulse 2.32 I managed to slip directly behind him. I was on his damaged #4 shield and he was off my #6 shield.

He launched two shuttles, which I never found out what they were.

He tried to tractor me at this point, and those seven points of tractor power I had put in came in handy since he must only have put in six power to tractor.

He fired has remaining gatlings, five pulses doing 16 damage which hurt the shield.

I fired everything I had bearing, two PW-1 and two PW-3. I did 17 damage, which managed did 14 in. I got at two phaser hits, and since I was directly behind him, those took out his gatlings. Although he could have taken the 360 phaser.

At this point, it was EAF. He had taken 34 internals already. He had a down #4 shield facing me at range one and the only weapon he had that bore was the single 360 P1. I had about 10 boxes of shield facing him and two Tachyon Guns and four cycled PW-1. It was looking grim for him.

Turn 3

Since he had just failed a tractor auction, I knew that he couldn't tractor attempt on me for a while. Also, he was down a tractor already, and most likely would lose another one on impulse one.

I plotted speed eight to stay away from the two shuttles. I assumed those were suicide shuttles. I put in seven power each to the FA TG to bring them up to eight energy and topped off my phaser cap and batteries. That was all my power. I also had a tachyon missile to fire and four shuttles in the bay.

Duke had two cycled fusions, and three phasers. However, his ready fusions were on his right side and the FA+R phasers were blown off. Eventually, he was going to hit me with all of them, although, he was going to be badly crippled before he could shoot at me.

Duke tried the strangest desperation move I've ever seen. He intentionally did a quick reverse going speed -1, trying to breakdown. He rolled a six and did breakdown. So, he got to change his facing prior to fire on impulse 3.1.

His luck he rolled a 6 for facing and now his down #1 shield was facing me instead of the down #4 shield.

At that point, he had to do his break down damage, and all three of his phasers were facing me. With the breakdown, I could get an unreturned shot at him, which almost certainly would have taken out his remaining phasers. The tachyon missile could be arranged to hit a down shield and I would have a chance to move off to range two with a fresher shield facing him before he could fire the suicide overloads.

He might potentially have been able to get the fusions to hit on an almost down shield later in the turn, but it would have been too little too late.

So Duke conceded at that point.

By Geof Clark (Spartan) on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 01:54 am: Edit

Spartan(Kestrel) defeats ScottishEngineer(Maesron) in 7 turns.

Turn1 - Rom slips to the middle, Mae crosses the T, fires a single tachyon gun and four ph-1s vs the #1 on impulse 21, doing 15. The Rom launches 50 points of plasma on impulse 22, but the Mae turns in, surprisingly and gets another shot on the Rom's #1, scoring 15 more and taking the shield down. Rom's return fire hurts the Mae's #1 for 12 points. The 50 points of plasma were looming large and luckily the S was a fake but the F hit the #3 for 15(?). A late turn drone soaks late turn phaser fire from the Rom.

Turn2 - the Mae runs to rearm, and the Rom pursues, although with some difficulty missing the #1 shield. Late in the turn, when the Mae is approaching the barrier, the Rom launches an S plasma, to influence maneuver and suck some phaser juice.

Turn3 - the Mae is coming about, after running from the plasma, and pegs it with phasers, meanwhile the Rom is able to line up a bolt shot and phasers on the weak #3 for about 21 internals, few weapons, more power. Some phaser fire back hurts the Rom's shield, and another drone adds to the one in flight. The empty Rom turns to run.

Turn4 - the Rom runs North up the East wall, while the Mae pursues, trying to get a shot. Rom kills the drones with (many) phasers, and runs across the North wall, launching a plasma F on impulse 32.

Turn5 - the Mae is chasing at speed 24 for a shot, decides to run through the F, after some phaser fire. The Rom adds an enveloper to the mix, 5.6 which closes rapidly with the approaching Mae. Three Tachyon Guns open up at range 9, dropping the #5 shield to 9 points, and this facilitates a turn out to run from the plasma. The Rom gets a lucky shot on the down #3 shield at range 8 after the turn out, but has to take a drone on the #5 to do it, dropping it to 1 point. Mae runs the plasma out to 20 points, and with phasers takes 7 points, one of them an internal (warp).

Turn6 - the Rom chases, off angle, and the Mae spins around, trying for a shot on the down #1. Fortunately the Sequence of Play helps the Rom, who manages to avoid a sniping Tachyon Gun, just off the #1 shield, and the angles turn out advantageous for another enveloper, launched 6.4, which hits for 43 after taking a lot of phaser fire. The Rom follows up with a plasma F, and since the Mae was out of phasers in arc, the Rom is able to turn in a pursue with the down #1. The Mae runs the plasma F out to nothing.

Turn7 - the Mae is coming around and plots speed 26 for the first few impulses, while the Rom is moving 15. When the Mae slips in, the Rom pulls the tigger on two plasma Fs (one quick-load). The Mae wants to HET into the Rom, but has to wait until the deceleration to do so, while the plasma closes. After the HET, a miscalculation on the moves leads to the F-torps angling in on the down #3 shield, and to add insult to injury both Tachyon Guns miss with boxcars on the range 4 strike!

At this point, Mike concedes.

It was a good game, interesting to see the Omega sector in action.

By Gregg Dieckhaus (Gdieck) on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 09:57 am: Edit

Good golly I end up playing Paul in a rematch (same ships) of our Fleet Captains game. I'm not sure either of us are up for a 22 turn rematch!

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 10:29 am: Edit

Barry wrote:
>>Apparently Duke wasn't expecting that at all.>>

Apparently, Chris was surprised at R4 when you didn't launch Plasma-Gs and instead shot the crap out of him, as he thought you were in a Peladine and wasn't really paying attention...

By Chris Proper (Duke) on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 10:34 am: Edit

In retrospect it seems obvious...

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 11:03 am: Edit

Chris and I are really sharp.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 01:01 pm: Edit

Go Team us!

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 01:16 pm: Edit

In other news, I play Bill on July 1. I am really sure that will turn out in our favor. You guys need to pull your weight for once.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 02:02 pm: Edit

Hey man! I won a game! 'Cause my opponent accidentally screwed up and then was cool enough to not feel the need to rewind a lot to fix it! And not 'cause my ship is particularly effective or I played particularly well! Go Team us!

By Barry Kirk (Barrykirk) on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 07:44 pm: Edit

Chris, that makes sense than what happened. Tell you what, since you were expecting a Peladine, if you want we can have a rematch.

Email me and let me know.

By Chris Proper (Duke) on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 09:10 pm: Edit

Oh, I'd fight you again. Who would turn down an opportunity to fight the great Jackson Roykirk?

By Barry Kirk (Barrykirk) on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 10:53 pm: Edit

Error!!! Error!!!

Must Sterilize!!!

By Josh Driscol (Gfb) on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 10:06 am: Edit

Andromedan and I are looking to play our game on the 3rd, I think the start time we agreed on was 6:30 PM Eastern.

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 04:43 pm: Edit

Ok, so we got 13 of 45 (? I think) games done with about a month to go, so not horrible progress, but could probably be better. But I know a bunch are being scheduled. So keep up the carnage!

By Andrew J. Koch (Droid) on Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 09:13 pm: Edit

I am fighting Bill Monday night. I might get the Alacrity Award.

By Chris Proper (Duke) on Sunday, June 30, 2013 - 09:51 am: Edit

Last one in the escape pod is a rotten egg!

By Peter D Bakija (Bakija) on Sunday, June 30, 2013 - 06:44 pm: Edit

V_Raptor (GRN) over bakija (PEL)

T1: I go 31 most of the turn with 2 standard G torps held with some tractor power, hoping that the Gorn wanders into close range. He moves 17/31/26, also with a couple standard torps. At about R17, he launches 2xS torps. I just keep coming. He turns across my bow, and we close. I slip out a bit to get his plasmas into the 11 hex range when they hit me. He turns up to face me, so I launch a couple G torps. He slips out, I take his plasmas on my #5 after phasering one of them a bit, one is fake, I take 17 to my #5. He turns off and runs. I launch a couple drones, he launches an F torp. It is apparent I'm not getting close at this point, and I need to avoid eating the F torp on my weak #5 at full, so I get directly behind him at R5 and fire 2xG and 1xF bolts, 6xP2, and 2xP1 (as that is what I have left to shoot). I hit with 2 of 3 bolts, do ok on phasers, and do 6 internals through his #4 and presumably 5 batteries. He has fired all 8 of his P1s at me over a couple impulses, messing up my #6 a lot. I try to avoid his plasma, and he wanders off. We end at R8.

T2: I move 16 all turn with 14 reinforcement on my #5, that is going to take 20 from the F torp on impulse 1. He moves 12 all turn. Impulse 1, my #5 is dropped to 1 box. I fire 3xP2 into the Gorn's down #4 for 4 more internals. I run off, he HETs to follow me. He kills my drones at some point. As he closes in, he launches a standard S torp (which I know is real). I run along the wall, avoiding the plasma. He turns off at some point. I launch a couple drones.

T3: I move 26/24/12, plot a HET, and hope for something good to happen. I have 1.5 power in my phasers at this point. He moves 17 all turn. I manage to HET around his inbound S torp (which eventually hits my #4 for 15) and close in. He sees that if he turns off, I get all my phasers into his down #4, so he turns in. We close. At R3, I launch 60 plasma and a drone. He manages to shoot down all my drones, launches a plasma F at me, and tractors me at R2 on the #1/#2 spine. The F hits me in the face for 20, followed by a few phasers for 2 internals. My plasma hits him in the face for 30 internals, which he takes like a champ, being a Gorn and not getting too many phaser hits. I launch another drone, he launches a couple manned shuttles and a fast load F which flies around my ship and eventually hits for 14 internals through my #5. My drone hits him for 24, but on his full #2. His shuttles do a couple internals from R3. He launches a couple suicide shuttles. I don't notice that the moved on the next impulse (as apparently on SFBOL, the big blue line doesn't show up on the movement chart until the *next* impulse...), so I take 2 suicides on my #2 for 6 more in (I could have shot one of them down if I had noticed they were moving; but then I also could have paid attention more). Impulse 31, he drops the tractor. I forget he has 2xP1 left to shoot me with, so I turn and get behind him, but give him my down #2. He fires a couple P1s in for 7 more internals. We end at R2.

T4: I move 24/12, he moves 24/17/8. I arm all my phasers. Impulse 1, I kill one of his manned shuttles and damage the other. He rolls hot with 2xP1 in my down shield for another 13 in. Next impulse, I get R3 behind him and fire 5 phasers in for 21 internals. I kill his last shuttle with a tractor. He launches an F torp from a dead launcher which eventually hits my 9 box #4 for 10 and does an internal. We just separate the rest of the turn.

At the end of the turn, I am down to a full #3 shield and maybe a couple boxes spread around the ship, 2xP1, 4xP2, and a G torp, and down about a dozen power. The Gorn has a down #1, down #4, 6 box #2, but 3 other full shields. He has an S torp, 4 or 5xP1s, and is down about 18 power. I might be able to make a game out of it, but as he gets an enveloped S soon, and I don't have a weasel (or any shields), even after 20 hexes, the enveloper kills me, so I throw in the towel.

Good game!

The Peladine: Not that good as it is. The combination of P2s and G torps *really* limits its ability to do anything other than try for an anchor attack. It is reasonably tough (it has, like, 16xC hull or something) and is pretty good at shooting at R3. And combined with the drones and dual shuttle bay, the R1 anchor attack is strong. But it can't really do anything good other than that.

By Kerry E Mullan (Nomad17) on Monday, July 01, 2013 - 12:04 am: Edit

Nomad(WBS BB) vs AdmiralDZZI(ORI 1g111) With nomad winning in 3.

T1 ORI doubled nothing and corner dodged I took the center and crushed his #5 for 3 points from R27 getting 4 drones spaced in front of me.

T2 I am totally set up to turn off and run to the far corner going spd 20. The ORI does a spd 12/17/16/17 plot. And cloaks on imp 1(doubling one engine). Hmm time to turn in then.

We approach and around imp 24 we reach R4 so I fire into him on 24/25 doing a whopping 7 with std disr. We keep coming and I'm forced to turn away letting the ORI get off my #3. Due to the positioning the ORI drops cloak on IMP 28. We are at R2 me spd 20 him spd 17. Imp 29 I slip into him to keep him at R2 launching my 4 drones. Imp 31 after he moves I HET into him at R2 on his #5. Due ot I am almost assured of getting the same shot on 32 I hold fire and due to a turn away I have to slip out to hit his #5 at R3(R4 with cloak) while drones goto R2.

6 P1 just bring the shield down after 4 rein. He burns 1 engine.

T3 I do a spd 9/5 plot with 4 OLs and reload all. He doubles all doing a spd 24til 5 23 til 13 then prob spd 12 til EOT.

Imp 1 I hit with 3/4 OLs for 11 ints after severe general rein(26 power).He fires most of his rears at my drones killing 2 but due to bad rolls 2 live. Other than 2 warp my ints are weak. Due to the 2 drones he has to SSlip to get em at R1 to tractor them.

He then HETs back into me. On imp 4 I get to move so I move to either give him Range 0 #2s to each other or he goes outa FA(so do I but I'm a WBS so I don't care as much). The ORI enters Ramge 0. After seeing his rein and 2 trac power used I throw a trac on him. We then wait for my phasers to cycle.

As well he correctly ignores 2 admins I launch at him. Before my phaser 1's cycle he alphas me for 36 internals hitting 4 phasers plus a drone. Then on imp 7 with the ORI having no phasers left I get to throw 2 tiv and a ti into him and after they hit fire 4 P1+P3. The 30+28 more ints force his concession.

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