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By Tony L. Thomas (Scoutdad) on Friday, August 20, 2021 - 02:28 pm: Edit

Not a lot of advancement on ACTASF recently.
Real life (while completely leaving me alone during 2020) is making me pay in 2021.

The +1 to hit is for direct fire only.
Will clarify in the new update.

The X-Drones (when published) will have increased accurate+X trait to reflect their status as 'X' units.

By John Williams (Johndw) on Thursday, September 16, 2021 - 04:47 pm: Edit

Tholian DDX in the Reinforcements book. It should have 24" disruptors but still has 16"

Kzinti 402 class FKX should have 24" disruptors but still has 16"

Mako-X WYN DDX also has 16" disruptors. As well as the Orca-X,

By Dal Downing (Rambler) on Friday, September 02, 2022 - 03:53 pm: Edit

Okay how many people would be seriously interested in an ACTASF Tournament in Sparta WIsconsin on November 5th.

This is an Extra Life Charity event, so there will be an Door Fee to the Event. The tournament may have a small fee as well, that is still being looked at. If I can get 8 people I will work with ADB about get it rated as an official company Tournament, ie a rated ace type event.

Because the goal is to make it an Official Tournament, Official Minis, of any scale, will be required unless ADB will let us wave that requirement. Painted is not required but bonuses point maybe awarded.

Also I may have a few "loaner" fleets on hand for a Free Will Donation to Extra Life.

What are people's opinions , question or suggestions?

By Andrew Schwenzer (Andrew_Cluetain) on Saturday, September 03, 2022 - 05:13 pm: Edit

While I wish I could, I live in Ohio and don't want to drive that far for a 'day trip.' That said if it's a tournament I'd recommend 1000 points so that games can be played out quickly but still have a good choice of options.
Also, if anybody had an ACtA event at one of the major gaming conventions, I'd try VERY hard to make it.

By Dal Downing (Rambler) on Saturday, September 03, 2022 - 07:42 pm: Edit

Andrew, completely understand. But feel free to comment away.

I am think about using the Fleet Builder Rules in the Resource Section.

My feeling is 1000 point fleets as well but, playing around on paper it might go to 1250 to allow some options like Scouts, Commandos and Escorts.

Limit of one ship 250 or 300 points still tinkering.
Max of 2 ships with Command Trait.

Limit of one each of the Scout, Escorts and Commando ships. Not sure on XShips limit or just let the points handle it

Probably a minimum fleet size of 3 ships. That may be a mute point but looking at it.

Only published Ships allowed. So any in the three current books, Captain Logs or Hailing Frequency.

Points would be by ship Value divide by 25 or 50 round up.

Like 5 Points for having your own minis and maybe 5 more for having the painted. Just base coating counts.

I am looking at maybe running others but my boundaries would probably be Chicago, Minneapolis and the Quad Cities in Iowa.

By John Williams (Johndw) on Wednesday, September 07, 2022 - 02:27 pm: Edit

How odd, I too am an Ohioan. I haven't played ACTA in years, but would have enjoyed to join in the tourney. Won't be able to make it out for it.
I think those rules you've laid out seem reasonable.

By John Williams (Johndw) on Wednesday, July 05, 2023 - 03:03 pm: Edit

I'm wondering if anyone has a good method/system/process for demoing the game for 4-6 players at a time who might not be familiar with the game or the setting.

By Dal Downing (Rambler) on Friday, July 07, 2023 - 03:26 am: Edit

John Williams sorry it took a while to get back to you on this.

First off remember The Golden Rule of Demoing, KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid. Until we possible get a Quick Start Rule Set I would recommend the following.

Limit yourself to just one or two classes of ships. I recommend three ships per player like a modified Klingon D7K's and a Fed CA's. Staying with one or two different hull types limits the weapon and firing arc new players have to track. The modifications are simple ignore the Drone and Shuttles. Act like the don't even exist. This will streamlines the rules you have to cover and all they really do is slow the game down at this stage. Why three ships per player, because ACTASF is at its heart a fleet game.

At the start of your demo give a nickle tour of the ship rooster, or if you purchased the ship PDF cards from or, use those. Let your players name thier ships if they want to. Point out each section of the card and briefly describe them but, mention you will not be using most of those items in this basic game. However they may still be used in the damage allocation process.

At this point explain;
1) Firing Arcs. Forward, Port, Starboard, Aft, Forward Half, Port Half, Starboard Half, and Aft Half.
2) Weapon Traits involved. Accurate, Devastating, Heavy, Kill Zone, Point Blank, Precise and Reload.
3) Special Actions. Limit new players to All Hands on Deck!, All Power to Engines!, Boost Energy to Shields!, Overload Weapons! and Reload Weapons!
4) The two Speed Options, Moving in Reverse and how they effect the Turn Score.
5) Base to Base Contact and no Overlaps.
6) How to Roll to Hit a Ship. All weapons base hit is 4+.
7) Shield Burn Through Rule. What happens on a Natural 6 to hit?
8) How to Roll and Allocate Damage to a Ship.
9) What is a Critical Hit and Escalations.
10) What happens to Crippled Ships.
11) How a Ship Explodes.

How much Space do you need? For 2 players I use a 3'x3' Star Mat I got for X-Wing. It gets the players right into the action. If there are 3 Players I like a 4'x4' piece of black felt I have. For 6 player a minimum of a 4'x6' area is needed.

Special Action Tokens will really help keep things organized and moving. I think there are a couple of nice PDF in the file section of the A Call to Arms Star Fleet Fan, Facebook Page.

A suggestion, Terrain, strictly optional. I have a couple of craft Styrofoam Balls with a small flat spot I put a little paint on. I like to use a 3 one for 4'x4' or less and two, one 3 and a 6 on a 4'x6' or larger area. Just cover Line of Sight firing. I find it tends to keep players from just charging each other.

My thoughts on why I picked the Federation and Klingons. Two fold they are imho the easiest Empires to play and most well known. If you used the Kzinti you slow way down tracking and dealing with drone swarms same thing with Big Plasma boys, Gorn and Romulan. I suppoise you could use a Tholians if you ignore their Web Generators and used CA's or Orions but because of their Stealth Bonuses I would have to use Battle Raiders and limit it to Phaser, Photon or Disruptor Options.

One last thought if you don't have a laser line pointer yet. look into getting one, Harbor Freight carries a nice cheap one for about $5 to $10. It will change the way you play.

That's my two cents worth. Just relax breath and have fun. Any more question feel free to ask.

By John Williams (Johndw) on Friday, July 07, 2023 - 08:59 am: Edit

Dal Downing, thanks for the response!
Luckily I have almost a year to prepare for the demoing that my local club wants to do at a convention, so I should be able to take your suggestions as a strong foundation and familiarize myself with explaining the basics and getting some stuff ready for the event.

By Andrew Schwenzer (Andrew_Cluetain) on Thursday, September 07, 2023 - 01:29 pm: Edit

Ok, was re reading the X ship rules and for X Photons it says that normally you CAN'T overload them. However, it says after that it mentions the Reload Action. Does this mean you must reload Before using overloads, or after they are fired? Also on revision 1 of the Reinforcements the 30 inch Disruptors on the main weapon table have 2 "*" and the note for them at the bottom only has 1 "*"

Finally, despite not playing as much of ACtA as I did before Covid, I'm still involved in this game and was wondering about the Status of book 3 (No rush, just checking in)?

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