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By Steve Cole (Stevecole) on Sunday, November 17, 2013 - 05:05 pm: Edit

Revised 17 November 2013
Copyright © 2013 Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. and Mongoose.
At this point, we expect the revision of Book One to include the following items. When this project is complete, we will print new books and market PDFs of the revised book. The promise that people who bought the original book will be able to get a free PDF to replace it will be kept.
While the development team led by Tony Thomas will consider any input on these items (or other items you may think are needed) we may not be able to respond to every idea. Our agreement with Matthew allows us to finish this project without tedious rounds of approvals but only if it stays within the limits of these items.
We are reviewing the published errata sheet and every ruling and answer and explanation Matthew ever gave and expect much of this data to be incorporated into the revised book.
The relative power of certain weapons at certain ranges may not properly match the Star Fleet Universe Knowledgebase and after our analysis is complete some of these weapons may start testing revised tables. This may involve adding some data to various weapons and that may be tied in with rationalizing the damage scores of the various ships.
The formula for calculating the damage scores of the various ships works well for most ships but in some exceptional cases it produces a result that is clearly wrong. We are evaluating every ship and will begin listing corrections to some damage scores in future updates.
As part of this revision, the Klingon double-shield rule will disappear.
We will, eventually, release revised ship cards in an improved format incorporating player suggestions.
This may well be an across-the-board revision changing every score in the game, or it may just change a few ships. We will see how playtesting of weapons rules works.
It is clear that the seeking weapons (drones and plasma torpedoes) do not work correctly. The primary role for seeking weapons is to force the enemy to move and this role is not reflected. We plan to test two options: a multi-turn movement system and revisions to the direct-fire system. To keep the record keeping to as near zero as possible, the multi-turn draft system does not require the player launching a seeking weapons to pick a target for it until it is within single-turn movement-to-impact range. The direct-fire changes use range limits and forced turnaways. Playtesting is key. Everyone can imagine how every proposal works, but until somebody actually tries it in a proper playtest environment, nobody can tell you if itís too much of a burden or no burden at all.
The "Drone Strike" rules did not work and are declared void, cancelled, and removed from the game system. They were a dream and you only thought you saw them.
Plasma Torpedoes donít work either and will see a total rewrite to produce something that reflects their true power.
There is a simple glitch in these in that the bases for the stands are larger than transporter range and since stands cannot overlap nobody can use a transporter. The obvious and simple solution is to increase transporter range (perhaps to five or six or seven or eight inches).
We do plan to implement boarding party rules (probably in Book Two).
This system doesn't really work because once it starts, you are either destroyed by a Black Hole or wander endlessly in a nebula. We are drafting a new system that will combine voluntary and compulsory movement.
We are planning a revision here in which some special orders (many or perhaps all of those without power drain) will not preclude you from using some other special orders. We don't want to complicate the game system by having every ship do everything possible every turn, but we do want to make it possible to perform certain routine functions while also performing certain extraordinary functions. (You obviously won't be able to perform two Power Drain orders simultaneously. Then again, we may want to take another look at what is and is not a power drain and if some exceptional ships can do two power-drain actions.)
Starship crews are the most highly trained professionals in the galaxy. In most cases, crew quality checks (in the Star Fleet Universe) are automatically successful. (This is not the case for penal ships, reserve ships, captured ships, civilian ships, and crippled ships; there may be other reasons why individual ships have "bad crews".) The idea is to change the crew ratings making most "real warships" automatically successful.
Some rules were not clear, and we plan to clear them up. We also expect to add brief cross-references in some rules to other rules that form exceptions, making it easier for you to use the rules. We will also fix any spelling, punctuation, or other such items. We plan to include every ruling, answer, explanation, and example that Matthew ever gave, plus all of the official errata. Some of those items will be done in the rulebook and others in a separate FAQ document.

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