April 2012



     Batteries are the most critical system on an Andromedan ship. Here are some tactics for getting the most from your batteries as an Andromedan, and getting around them as a non-Andromedan.
     o Andromedans consume more power than non-Andromedans because of the cost to operate power absorber panels. Andromedans should not start any scenario with their batteries completely empty. Andromedans cannot fly at battle speeds while firing all their weapons without dipping into their batteries. Andromedans also need some empty capacity in their batteries to clear their power absorber panels, so they should start any scenario with their batteries about half full.
     o When an Andromedan ship takes damage to its batteries, it should disable full batteries first, unless they will need the power before the end of the turn. During the Repair Phase they can repair a disabled battery which will then be empty, and available to accept power from the power absorber panels. This may also leave empty batteries available during the turn in case a power absorber panel is disabled and releases any held power.
     o Andromedan ships should always use frame to protect their last battery. Once an Andromedan ship loses enough power that it cannot run its power absorber panels, it will explode as the energy in the panels turns back into damage. Use it or lose it.
     o If a mothership has satellite ships aboard, dropping its power absorber panels can cause released power to go to the power absorber panels of the satellite ships (within limits). The satellite ships can then drop their own panels, and fill their own batteries. If the non-Andromedans are concentrating fire on the mothership and the satellite ships are getting power-starved, the mothership can use this method to clear its power absorber panels and refill the satellite ships.
     o Batteries can be hit on every row of the Damage Allocation Chart, but drones (power absorber panels are disabled on "drone" damage points) are only hit on two rows. Do not bother using Directed Targeting against Andromedan weapons in the hope of causing a cascade of failing panels; just fire the biggest undirected volleys you can. You will need to fire overloads to overcome the Andromedan's power absorber panels anyway, so it works out well.