April 2011

F&E Q&A [Continued]

     Q: A fleet is in Hex Z, out of supply and in combat. I have a reserve fleet which can open a supply path. There are two ways to do this. One is to move the reserve fleet to Hex A, and the other is to move it to Hex C. For tactical reasons, I'd rather send the reserve to Hex C. The problem is that there is no way to reach Hex C without going through Hex B, which has an enemy ship, and that would require the moving reserve fleet to leave a ship behind to resolve pinning. Is this ok?
     A: Sorry, but no. Rule (203.74) requires the reserve fleet to choose a path that does not enter an enemy-occupied hex if this is possible, and the path to Hex A is open, while the path to Hex B is not. I am not sure what these tactical reasons are, but it would seem that the enemy has cleverly limited your options to one that is least useful to you.
     Q: A Kzinti frigate enters hex 0603 (which, for some reason, is a vital hex in the current situation), and a Lyran frigate uses extended reaction to enter 0603, which pins the Kzinti frigate in that hex. A Kzinti cruiser from the Duke's Fleet then moves into hex 0602, intending to move into 0603. A Lyran frigate then uses extended reaction to enter 0603, and the Lyran player says that since he now has two frigates in 0603 the first one can use Reaction Movement to enter 0602, blocking the Kzinti cruiser from reaching the vital 0603. Can he do this "ripple reaction"?
     A: No, he cannot. Reaction Movement is a special kind of movement used by the non-phasing player. As such, it is subject to pinning and (203.51) says that once a unit is pinned, its movement is over, so it cannot make a later reaction to another ship.
     Q: There is a Kzinti fleet in 1401, and Klingon forces in 1202 and 1402 (which has a scout). The Kzinti fleet moves to 1302, and the Klingons decline to react, so the Kzintis enter 1202, to beat up on the small Klingon force there. The Klingon now wants to use the fleet in 1402 and extended reaction to reach 1202 and help out in that battle. Can he do so, since moving from 1302 to 1202 is moving "away" from the Klingon fleet in 1402 and you cannot react to a fleet moving away?
     A: The good news is that this question was resolved in F&E2KX (and there is no bad news). If a Coalition force and an Alliance force are in adjacent hexes and the Coalition force moves away from the Alliance force, the Alliance force cannot react even if the Coalition force ends its movement after only moving one hex. If the Coalition force "marched in place" (203.64) before leaving its hex, the Alliance force could react into the hex that the Coalition force is still in, even though it has not "moved".
     Q: I am trying to cut off Kzinti-Federation diplomatic income from rule (540.22) (SO). The rule says that this can be done only if the two capitals have a valid Strategic Movement link, but I have pushed my Coalition fleet to the map edge, meaning that the only valid Strategic Movement path is via the tenuous connection between the two off-map areas. Is the link cut or not?
     A: Because diplomatic income uses non-ship units (convoys) and these are not affected by (207.291), the link is valid and the only way to break it is to cut off the Federation capital from the Federation off-map area.