August 2012

F&E Q&A [Continued]

      Q: Concerning Flagship Escort Groups (FEG) in rule (318.42) and X-ships. I have a Kzinti DNH I want to escort. The FEG rule says I can have two escorts, one of which must be size class 4. The ad hoc rules say no BCH/DN can be an escort, and the SIT lists the X-cruisers as base hull type BC (heavy cruiser hull). I realize that the X-ship loses two ComPot for the privilege and loses its mauler special attack capability, if used as an escort. May I use an X-cruiser (BCX/CCX) as the large escort, and use a DW as the small one?
      A: References for the escorts allowed in a FEG are (515.33-.34) and (318.421-.429). These are very specific in what can and cannot be used. A Kzinti BC by the SIT and the R section of SFB is listed as a heavy cruiser. The BCX and CCX are variants of this base hull and as such are allowed to be used as escorts within the other limits imposed by the above rules.
      Q: Rule (507.2) says in part: "...Command Points, admirals, and drone ships cannot be used in establishing the size of a Reserve." Doesn't that just mean that drone ships cannot extend the size of the Reserve Battle Force by being in the support line (up to 3 platforms) and thus avoid the command limit of the reserve fleet's flagship? Does it not mean that any number of drone ships could be part of the Reserve Battle Force if counted against the flagship's Command Rating?
      A: Exactly! The drone bombardment ships (309.0) can be part of the battle line up to the Command Rating of the flagship of the reserve, but there is no support echelon in a reserve fleet so you do not get to add three drone ships above the Command Rating and say "Oh, those? They're just supporting so they don't count." It should be noted that if the drone bombardment ship has scout capabilities then it could be put in the free scout location as part of the reserve.
      Q: When is a Fighting Retreat (302.75) resolved? Is the retreat resolved immediately after the player's retreat or at any other time, phasing player's choice, or during the Combat Phase (Phase 5 of the SOP)?
      A: Fighting Retreat Battle Hexes are not required to be fought immediately once the parent Battle Hex is resolved. Fighting Retreat Battle Hexes are simply added to the list of Battle Hexes that must be resolved during the phasing player's turn in the order chosen by the phasing player. In the case of Fighting Retreat, simply note that the Battle Hex is to be resolved using the Fighting Retreat battle rules, and any other conditions that apply.
      Q: After the successful freezing of a target with an SFG (312.222), are the die roll modifiers in (310.12) recalculated before resolving SSC?
      A: Just like in a normal battle, force levels and modifiers are recalculated after SFG interactions are complete. This includes any SSC calculations.
      Q: If a planet has less than the full 10 points of devastation damage applied to it, does that damage remain so that it is easier to devastate on later turns or is that damage lost when the attacker decides to retreat?
      A: Partial planetary damage is cleared at the end of the Combat Phase (not round) of the current player turn (508.21). If there is not enough damage to devastate the planet then the planet is not devastated. There is no enabling rule that says partial planetary damage is carried over turn breaks.
      Q: Are carrier groups formed once per Battle Hex, or are they fixed until the Retrograde Phase?
      A: See (515.144) which limits formation of carrier groups to once per Battle Hex, but if they retreat into another Battle Hex they have to stay in the original formation.
      Q: Is this a legal Carrier Battle Group (CVBG): CVA, DVL NAE, NAC, DWA, DWA?
      A: Rule (502.921) specifically states that a CVBG consists of two carriers each with the normal number of escorts. So, yes, this is a legal group.
      Q: During the procedure for a capital assault, the defender of the capital hex must split his/her ships into static, mobile, and crippled ships pools. So what happens if a carrier group is damaged (one ship crippled) during combat in the capital hex?
      A: Any crippled ship that is part of a group has to stay with that group (511.532) until the next Battle Hex or the end of the current Battle Hex in the pursuit sub-phase. As such, any group it is assigned to also becomes "crippled" per (511.532) and the group must be placed with the crippled ships for that system.
      Q: What happens if a carrier group from another Battle Hex retreats into the capital hex with a crippled escort?
      A: Any groups that ended up with crippled escorts would have to be placed in the crippled area of a system per (511.532).