February 2008

Ask Admiral Growler Continued

ANSWER: The maximum legal speed is based on the slowest speed within the previous 32 impulses. Note that you are misinterpreting (K2.321). While (K2.321) mentions a speed change, per (C12.0), the example (a PF launched on Impulse #17 moving eight hexes at speed 15) makes it clear that the speed change is effectively immediate on launch. So while the PF would be limited to a speed of 15 for the first eight impulses of the following turn, it could accelerate to speed 30 after that point.

Phred Werenich asks: I interpret the Wild PF Scout rule (K1.756) to mean that it will distract any drones launched at the PFT or PF flotilla, but will not attract ECM drones defending individual enemy ships.

ANSWER: Correct. Not that it's part of your question, but a non-wild PFS (or any scout) could use its special sensor channels to try to "turn off" an ECM drone.

Follow-up Question: It will also not attract drones launched by friendly forces (ECM drones defending the PFT, a PF, or drones targeted on enemy ships). So I can launch/guide drones to hit his ships/PFs under this arrangement, but he cannot launch/guide drones to hit my ships (only to the wild PF). Is this correct?

ANSWER: Partially correct. An ECM drone targeted on one of the PFs of the flotilla or the PFT is going to be attracted by the wild scout (it is targeted on a unit protected by the wild scout). The wild scout would not affect drones launched by the PFT or the PFs of its flotilla (unless they were ECM drones targeted on another element of the PFT/flotilla per the above). Nor would the wild scout affect drones launched by any other unit (whether friendly or hostile) that were not targeted on its PFT or one of the PFs of the flotilla.

Follow-up Question: Let's say the enemy targeted me with probe drones on Turn #1. At the end of Turn #1 he gets information from the probe drones. On Impulse #10 of Turn #2, the PF scout goes wild. Does the enemy collect any information on Turn #2 from the probe drones now that the scout is wild? In the above example, information was gathered at the end of Turn #1. If the target of the probe drones was destroyed on Impulse #2 of Turn #2, then would the drone still produce information?
If the target survived until the PFS went wild, would information be gathered? If the target was destroyed after the PFS went wild, would information be gathered?

If the PFS stopped its wild status (stasis, displaced, destroyed, voluntarily, etc.) would information be gathered?
I am inclined to believe that if the probe drone was active for even one impulse of the turn without an active wild PF that it gets info regardless what happens next. But what say you?

ANSWER: The probe drone will provide whatever information it could on its designated target as per (FD6.32) up to the point it was distracted since it can provide its information each impulse (FD6.4). From the point it is distracted by the wild scout, it will only provide information on the scout.