February 2008

Federation & Empire Q&A Continued

So, SAFs can be used against Tholian bases/planets in web, and, even though SAFs were invented after webs, we did go back and review the issue at the time.

QUESTION: The Tholian Homeworld has fallen. Did the Shipyard and Depot go with it? What happens to Tholian Salvage?

ANSWER: Yes, the Shipyard and Depot are gone. Salvage goes into the partial grid as per (439.12) and (439.13).

QUESTION: Rule (520.62) gives a -1 die roll penalty to SAFs attacking if a monitor is defending the planet. The Tholians are allowed to have two monitors at their capital (519.11). Does this give them a -2 bonus?

ANSWER: No, but the -1 bonus continues until both monitors are destroyed.

QUESTION: Do Tholian monitors have to be in the battle force to achieve this shift? Or do webs mean they can be left out of the battle force, even if the planet's PDUs are in it?

ANSWER: They must be in the battle force.

QUESTION: What are the movement and basing restrictions of Tholian monitors built in addition to the two already at the capital? Are they free to move to any Tholian base and stay there since there are no other Tholian planets?

ANSWER: All monitors must be assigned to a planet, and the Tholians only have one planet. You can build more monitors but they don't really have much use. You are trying to create an exception through the Q&A process.

QUESTION: How would those restrictions change in event the Tholians started a colony?

ANSWER: Then rule (446.32) applies, and it says that a colony is a planet and can have a monitor, but a colony can be voluntarily excluded from the process of deploying monitors.

QUESTION: Rule (503.33) limits the Tholians to only operating within two hexes of their border. Does this affect Espionage and Sabotage (E&S) attacks and raids since they are beyond that limit?

ANSWER: Rule (503.33) is referring specifically to ships, and does not apply to E&S teams. Also, see rule (314.19) which allows Tholian Raiding ships to ignore the two-hex restriction.