February 2010

F&E Q&A [Continued]
Of Wars and Limited Wars

Question: The Federation is at limited war. As such, some Federation ships can freely move through the Kzinti-Federation Neutral Zone, but the Klingon ships can't enter the Neutral Zone without a declaration of war.
Can Klingon units block Strategic Movement through neutral zone hexes that they're not allowed to even enter due to their "peace" status with the Federation?

Answer: Blocking Strategic Movement into a hex shows some influence of your ships on the adjacent hex per (204.0). Such influence is not allowed per (503.6). So, no, the Klingon units cannot block Strategic Movement through the Kzinti-Federation neutral zones before war is fully declared.

Question: Can the Tholian Border Squadron raid the Tholians on Turn #1 prior to their strategic redeployment to the Kzinti border on Turn #2?

Answer: No. There may be a lot of combat by that squadron but this is not reflected in F&E, just as no end of peacetime skirmishes in the neutral zones are not. Moreover, "raids" are a very specific thing which is not allowed by the existing rules keeping the Klingons out of Tholian territory before Turn #7.

Question: Once the Tholian Border Squadron transfers to the active front, and the East Fleet takes over that area; the Klingons cannot move into the NZ hexes next to the Tholians and claim them, right? (That is, until Turn #7 or later, when the East Fleet activates.)

Answer: The Tholian NZ hexes cannot be occupied until the Klingons are at war with the Federation.

Question: I think I may have been misinterpreting the stockpile rules. I've been assuming that a partial grid containing a satellite stockpile could use those EPs to pay for grid activities.

Answer: Your assumption is correct. The partial grid would use a satellite stockpile per (410.34) which allows them to use the resources of the partial grid to pay for expenses. A satellite stockpile within a partial grid is part of the resources of that grid.

Question: If a province is connected to two separate partial grids (of the same empire) may it deliver its EPs to one grid on one turn and the other grid on the next turn? Could it deliver 1 EP to one grid and the other EP to the other on the same turn?

Answer: Certainly.