February 2010

Ask Admiral Growler (Continued)
Electronic Warfare
- by Mike Filsinger

Roch Chartrand asks: Does a multi-role shuttle benefit from the electronic warfare it is lending to the ship it is supporting?

Answer: No, sorry, see (J8.412).

Tos Crawford asks: A ship on passive fire control cannot use ECCM (D6.622). If a ship filled out its Energy Allocation Form to pay for active fire control, but started the turn on passive fire control, and powered ECCM in Energy Allocation, would the ECCM be null during the passive period and become fully in effect once the switch to active completes?

Fire Control: 1
2.00 Start turn on passive
2.00 EW = 0/0
2.15 Announce Active Fire Control
2.19 Fire Control becomes Active
2.19 EW = 0/6
Is this the correct interpretation?

Answer: Yes, the ECCM would be unavailable while on passive, but would become effective when your fire control becomes fully active. Your opponent would not be able to detect it until you activated your fire control (D6.32). Note that your opponent cannot detect the ECCM until you activate your fire control, but he will detect the ECCM from that point although you will not benefit from it until your fire control becomes fully active. Further, if your fire control had been off for 32 impulses, the passive fire control ECM bonus is also lost on the impulse you activate your fire control (D19.34).

Kerry Drake asks: Can a scout loan itself ECCM with a specific channel and then blind that channel with weapons fire and still retain the ECCM for the weapons fire that blinded it?

Answer: Units other than bases cannot lend ECCM to themselves, and the channels on bases cannot be blinded.

Ted Fay asks: I have a question regarding use of transporters to transport T-bombs into empty hexes while under offensive electronic warfare that results in a net positive electronic warfare shift under Rule (D6.372). I understand that I have to roll for lock-on for "each" individual transporter I wish to operate. If I do not get a lock-on, then I cannot operate the system and the power is lost. What is vague in this rule is when, precisely, do I determine that a transporter can be used. Must I:

1) Assign each transporter to do a particular action (e.g., "Transporter A" to transport "Mine M") and then roll, or
2) can I determine which transporters actually operate and afterwards decide which mines I wish to transport?

Obviously, the answer can make a big difference.

Answer: The roll comes at the instant you attempt to use the system. Essentially, you make an actual attempt to transport the object, and that attempt succeeds or fails. So you try to transport "Mine M" with "Transporter A", and if you fail "Mine M" is not transported, the power is lost, and "Transporter A" has been used for that turn. You could, of course, then try (on a subsequent impulse) to place "Mine M" with "Transporter B", but only one transporter can try to place "Mine M" on any given impulse.

Robert Russell Lender-Lundak asks: By my reading of (D6.310), a ship cannot allocate more than six total points of power to electronic warfare (or whatever its sensor rating is).
A Romulan Warbird wishes to generate six points of ECM early in the turn and then go to six ECCM later. Please state which example is correct.

Example #1: The Warbird has all six batteries functional. The ship has six points of ECM "allocated" during Energy Allocation and generates this in the first half of the turn. When the ECCM is needed, the ship drops its six ECM and uses its six batteries to generate the six ECCM in accordance with (D6.312).

Example #2: The batteries of the Warbird have been destroyed. The ship has six ECM and six ECCM points of power "allocated" during Energy Allocation. In the first half of the turn, the Warbird generates its six ECM. Later in the turn when the six ECCM is needed, the ship drops its six ECM and uses its six previously allocated points to generate the six ECCM that it needs.
Having read through this section thoroughly to be sure I was not missing anything, I believe that the Warbird could NOT go back to any more ECM since its batteries had been expended. (Or if I am wrong, could the six ECM "Allocated" points be brought back up toward the end of the turn by dropping the six ECCM and reactivating the previously-allocated points)?

Answer: You can only allocate a total of six points during Energy Allocation as per (D6.310) (assuming your sensor rating is six, and allowing for aberrations for Outstanding Crews and Legendary Officers). You can later use reserve power to change your electronic warfare allocation, but the replaced electronic warfare points would be lost, except in the arcane case of the Andromedans with their closed power systems.

Wesley Phillips asks: Can I assign six points of power to my EW (floating or designated as ECM or ECCM for later use) and not activate it until mid-turn? (rather than having to use reserve power to do so; this is a tactical bit of trickery on my part).
ANSWER: No rule exists allowing you to hold your EW points in reserve. However, (D6.310) specifically requires you to designate your EW at the time you pay the energy.