January 2007

Ask Admiral Growler Continued
by Mike filsinger

Follow-up Question: Calculating (G22.211) "the captain's forces" it states use the Force's BPV. In a campaign we built the ships, fighters, and PFs with the "economic BPV" and we use "economic BPV" for the above calculations?

ANSWER: As for the BPV calculation, you always use the combat BPV, even in a campaign.

Daniel Knudtson Thompson asks: Weapons Officer +1 Sensor question: Under the rules, a ship is allowed to generate electronic warfare equal to its sensor rating. Normally this is six and hence six electronic warfare. But if a weapons officer increases the sensor rating to seven would the ship then be able to generate seven electronic warfare (powered)?

ANSWER: Since the sensor rating is increased (G22.71), you would be able to generate more electronic warfare.

On the other hand, if you do not need the higher sensor rating for other reasons, he could instead produce one free point of electronic warfare.

Since he can only do one thing a turn (he cannot add a free point of electronic warfare AND increase the ship's sensor rating on the same turn), it is usually better to use his free point of electronic warfare and save a point of power for some other use.

Robert Russell Lender-Lundak asks: Having read over the rules for the "Legendary Captain" I find no specific rules indication that the use of the "Bluff" reveals to the enemy what ship the captain is on. When "Bluffing" is the Captain's ship revealed as the Bluffing ship or is there just a generalized subspace Bluff going off?

I ask because there are other Legendary Officer actions that DO specifically reveal what ship has said Officer/s. But nothing in the Bluff section indicates that it would automatically reveal the location of Captain.

ANSWER: If a captain's presence cannot be detected, he would hardly be a legend, would he?

While the rule does not say one way or the other, I have to say that the captain's ship would be revealed. If the captain is truly deserving of the title "legendary", then his ship is probably known at the start of the scenario.

"It is the Revenge, the ship of the Dread Pirate Roberts!"