July 2013


Ask Admiral Vanaxilth (Continued)



Alex Lyons asks: Using tactical intelligence, you cannot tell an electronic warfare fighter apart from the other fighters of its squadron until Level K. I was not sure if that level were changed if the electronic warfare fighter were loaning electronic warfare to its squadron?
      ANSWER: If it were lending electronic warfare to its squadron, you would be always able to tell which fighter was the electronic warfare fighter (D17.194).

     Mike Kenyon asks: A Klingon dreadnought and a Seltorian carrier are in the same hex. One Seltorian fighter is in the same hex. The fighter asks permission (granted) and lands on the Klingon dreadnought. Is the Seltorian fighter required to drop its drones before landing?
1. There are no fixed alliances between the two, although they are known to be in a hand-shake alliance.
        2. The only rule we can find at the moment is (J4.34), which defines the conditions under which you do not need to drop drones, but we cannot find the rule that requires their being dropped.
     ANSWER: I can see where you might be confused by (J4.34), where it says "Fighters do not have to eject or discharge their weapons before landing on a ship which has fighter facilities for that type of weapon." However, this does not imply that fighters have to drop or discharge weapons when landing in other cases. I believe the intent is just to clarify that you do not have to discharge or drop anything before you get reloaded. There is no rule requiring the Seltorian fighter to drop any of its weapons before landing. Depending on the status of the alliance, the Klingon might insist that he do so as a condition of getting permission to land, but there is no requirement.

    David Merritt asks: When a fighter equipped with mega-packs is crippled, is its crippled speed half of the base fighter or half of the mega-packed fighter? For example, a Stinger-2's base speed is 15; its crippled speed is 7. A mega-packed Stinger-2's speed is 30, is its crippled speed 7 or 15?
    ANSWER: The addition of the mega-pack increases the base speed of the fighter, even though it does not increase the fighter's death-dragging speed. The crippled speed is 1/2 its base speed, so a crippled Stinger-2 with a mega-pack would have a maximum speed of 15.

     David Merritt asks a follow-up question: If the crippled speed of a mega-packed Stinger-2 is 15, we are assuming the crippled speed of a mega-packed Stinger-X would be 20; is this correct?
     ANSWER: No, the mega-pack only increases its base speed to 30, not 40, per (J16.248); its crippled max speed would be 15.

     Matthew Potter asks: Is the Federation FB-111 [Module J2, (R2.F16)] a heavy fighter or a bomber? There is data that could support either argument. What module are the heavy fighter ground bases in?.
ANSWER: The errata for Module J2 has the following: "The FB-111 is a two-space fighter that uses the bomber damage system and can only operate from ground bases."
      The heavy-fighter ground bases were introduced in Module R8. FB-111s could operate from a medium or small heavy-fighter ground base.