March 2012

F&E Q&A [Continued]

      Q: Rules in the production section indicate that the costs to build the OOB items are indicated on the OOB, but I'm not finding that. Where are they?
      A: The cost data was moved to the SITs long ago, but there were a couple of leftover references from earlier editions that did not get changed until F&E-2010.
      Q: What is the maximum production for a given turn?
      A: See the production schedule in each Order of Battle. There are things like Overbuilds (431.30) and accelerated production (431.37) that expand this to a limited extent.
      Q: I seem to recall a rule, question, or ruling that mothballed ships get a discount when being converted (similar to conversion during repair), but I cannot find the rule. Does it exist?
      A: There is no such rule. You can convert mothballed ships before they are activated, but you have to pay the full cost.
      Q: On the SIT, some items have a cost of "Schedule: 5" while others have "For ABC: 5" and others have "(431.6): 5". What does this all mean?
      A: The simplest, "Schedule: 5", means that the ship is in the production schedule and when produced costs 5 EPs. An entry in the form "For ABC: 5" refers to an allowable substitution. In some cases (e.g., scouts, carriers, drone ships, maulers) the number of such substitutions is limited by special rules for that kind of ship. The entry "(431.6): 5" means to check the stated rule number, in this case (431.6), for the conditions under which you are allowed to build that unit, and if those conditions are met, you pay 5 EPs.
      Q: How long does it take to build a ship?
      A: New construction is done in Step 2B3 of the SOP. There is no lead time for the construction as this is a simplification of the construction of new ships. Yes, it takes longer than the instant that you pay for a ship and it appears on the map, but there are certain aspects of a large game such as this that need simplification. Otherwise, you'd have to keep track of what you ordered and the game doesn't need more record keeping.
      Q: Is there any limit (539.7) on the substitution or conversion of theater transports such as FFTs or DWTs?
      A: The rule has no limits, but of course, you would be limited by available funds, ships, and conversion facilities.
      Q: Can one empire build a PRD (425.1) at an ally's planet?
      A: Yes, you can, assuming no other rules get in the way and you have the money. The only restriction is that there can only be one PRD at that planet. It should be noted that any repairs done by this PRD has no connection to the allied Strategic Movement Grid and would not be eligible for free Strategic Movement.
      Q: Can free fighter factors (431.74) be used in Secondary Supply Grids? (The off-map grid specifically. The empire does still hold its shipyard.)
      A: No, the free fighters are available only in the capital shipyard supply grid (the Main Supply Grid).