March 2008

Ask Admiral Growler Continued

Follow-up Question: I do not know if this should be here or in the "Why?" topic. I understand the rule, but wanted to ensure that the way it is written is the intent.

Plasma Torpedo Warhead Strength: Rule (FP1.51) Indicates that the warhead strength of a plasma ". . . is determined . . . based on . . . the distance that the torpedo has traveled . . ."

So, a torpedo launched on Impulse #1, moves five hexes (on Impulses #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6) is in the 0-5 bracket, even though it has been on the board for six impulses. It does not count the impulse of launch against its warhead strength.

However, Sabot Torpedoes (FP11.331) ". . . count impulses rather than hexes for purposes of range degradation." Rule (FP11.332) specifically states that the impulse of impact is counted even though it has not been a full impulse back to the Launch Plasma SOP step. This means that a Sabot DOES count the impulse of launch against its warhead strength. I realize that the Sabot gets extra endurance due to counting its double-move impulses as only one against the warhead calculation.
I just wanted to be sure the intent was to NOT count the impulse of launch for standard torpedoes but TO count the impulse of launch for sabot torpedoes.

ANSWER: Rule (FP11.332) does not mean that you count the impulse of launch. The impulse of launch is "Impulse #0" for purposes of the count. Rule (FP11.332) states that you count the impulse of IMPACT, since impact technically occurs before the Launch Plasma step.

Steve Canfield asks: I have a question regarding plasma set up for the tournament rules. Let's say I have a ship with two plasma-G torpedoes (ISC). What I want to accomplish is launch an EPT during Turn #1, and an EPT during Turn #2 (plasma-Gs both times). Can I do that by:

* spending six points of power on the EPT in Energy Allocation of Turn #1 (and having to launch it during Turn #1 since there is no holding EPTs)

* spending two points of power on the second plasma as a "rolling delay", so I can allocate the six points of power to envelope it in Turn #2?

* and thusly have the option of launching a second plasma in Turn #1 by using three points of reserve power to complete "arming" it (unfortunately, only five reserve available, so cannot also charge it as EPT)

Is there any more power efficient way to accomplish this?

ANSWER: First, according to (FP1.222), you could complete the arming of the second torpedo for only one point of power, not two. Second, (FP1.223) and (FP5.23) state that you can complete arming the torpedo as an EPT during energy allocation, but NOT with reserve power (meaning you cannot decide to arm an EPT in mid-turn at all). Aside from these two issues, there is no better way to do this.