March 2008

Federation & Empire Q&A Continued


If the target's only remaining defense is Anti-Drones then the leading type-H drone can take up a considerable number of these to kill. With six points remaining after the mine damage on average it will take at least two ADDs to kill it and likely more (one could kill it given very lucky dice). This is due to the fact ADDs do damage to type-H drones and are not auto kills (but you all know that, right?), see (FD21.41). Naturally the best time for this is after the enemy has launched his own drones, as the best counter to this tactic is to target a drone on the type-H. Also remember that T-bombs can be set to ignore the first target so still spread out your follow up pack a bit.

To carry the tactic further, try leading a fighter group with a short string of type-H drones.

Drone Bombardment ships can use a scout channel to control extra drones so they can lead the pack with a type-H (or two), launch their six drones, AND launch a scatter pack loaded with three type-IV drones (or whatever mix up to five drones). Of course in the presence of other ships drone control can be handed off as needed.

Rated the Best Term Paper in this issue.