MArch 2009

F&E qestions & answers
General Questions

- by Nick Blank


Question: Rule (706.2) says that if CVAs are allowed, the one per year does not count against the overall carrier limit. Does this mean my Gorn CVD does not count against the Gorn limit?

Answer: No, it does not, because the CVD is a medium carrier.

Question: Is the Gorn MDS a heavy carrier (CVA)?

Answer: No, it's a medium carrier, and it has its own limit in (440.6). The Gorns do not have a normal CVA build slot. Note that both the CVD and MDS are escorted as heavy carriers.

Question: Can you give me an example (505.2) survey points ?

Answer: It's very simple. You accumulate survey points each turn, adding each turn's points to the "running total" until that running total equals or exceeds the "cost" of finding the next province. Then you deduct that cost from the running total, and add one province to your off-map province total. Say you have 18 accumulated points and the next province will cost you 20 survey points. You roll a "4" which means you now have 22 survey points. You deduct 20 (gaining a province) and have 2 survey points left over, to which you will add the future survey results.

Question: Does (525.318), the rule about the Hydran Pegasus shipyard, mean they get one per turn even if not at war?

Answer: Yes, it means exactly that.

Question: I have added both PDUs and PGBs to my capital, but an enemy SAF showed up and started blowing them away. Rule (520.6) says all of the PDUs and PGBs are one big target. Who decides if the losses are the more valuable PDUs or the less expensive PGBs?

Answer: When the base is destroyed by directed damage (or by a SAF, which is pretty much the same thing) the attacker decides. When given up as voluntary damage, the defender decides.

Question: My PDU is destroyed, making its fighters homeless. Can they go to a PGB that I pay to upgrade on the next turn? SFB allows fighters to land more or less anywhere on a planet and "park" at a "casual base".

Answer: No, that SFB rule does not translate into F&E as it is a temporary expediency. PGBs have no fighter facilities until they are upgraded. Homeless fighters are lost as per the rules.

Question: Does the ruling about a combined X-ship non-X-ship fleet retreating together in Captain's Log #35 mean that a fleet consisting of 99 Klingon ships (which have only one hex where they can "retreat into supply") and one Lyran frigate (which is out of supply no matter where it goes) can retreat anywhere it wants, ignoring supply rules?

Answer: It means no such thing, and there is no possible chain of logic that could reach such a conclusion. There is no rule (nor has there ever been such a rule) to support such logic, nor has any ruling changed any existing rule in a way to allow such logic to hold. Somebody on the BBS just wants to argue.

Question: Rule (523.511) says to include the fighter factors on an X-ship being used as a mauler to calculate the mauler effect (515.312) up to a maximum of ten. Could independent squadrons of Stinger-X fighters count as a mauler?

Answer: No; since rule (523.31) says it takes an uncrippled X-ship to gain this effect, you must have a ship.