March 2009


In the early game, the Coalition will often cut off the Marquis' provinces from the main Kzinti economic grid on a persistent basis, denying the Kzintis a supply path between the two at the beginning of the Alliance turn. Likewise, they can cut off the Hydran Old Colonies from the Hydran capital. This leaves the Alliance powers with considerable sums of money stranded and not available for use in the economic phase. This money can conventionally be moved using a tug by blockade running or operational-movement, or it can be smuggled out at a 50% penalty using the Orions.

There is, however, a third and much better option. It is usually quite easy for the Alliance to re-establish a supply path between the grids during their turn, such that they are connected at the end of the Alliance Retrograde Phase or even during the Alliance Combat Phase. At this point, the Satellite Stockpile in the Partial Supply Grid can be used for drone bombardment, CEDS Repair, and Field Repair. It can even pay for pulling a ship from next turn's production to replace an escort by CEDS.

So, provided you try a little careful counterattacking on the Alliance Turn, you can use a substantial fraction of the satellite stockpiles with no problems. Of course, the tactic is just as applicable for any race that is forced to work with partial supply grids.