March 2010

Ask Admiral Growler (Continued)
- by Mike Filsinger

Frank Brook asks: I noticed that on the MSC in Module R7, the VUL does not have the symbol for the included NSM. However, the VLV (Vulture Carrier) in Module J2 does have the symbol. So, which is the misprint?

Answer: Given the very general wording of (M2.72), all old Romulan ships have an NSM, so the MSC entry for the VUL should indicate that it has one.

Michael John Campbell asks: A Romulan ship is being chased by a Lyran cruiser with a radius-three, full strength ESG. The Romulan ship lays an NSM set for radius zero and then moves forward a hex, and shortly thereafter the Lyran's ESG enters the hex of the NSM. Does the Romulan take no damage as the ESG absorbs and redirects all the damage or does it get hurt by a blast of the remaining twenty points of damage?

Answer: According to (G23.61), ". . . the explosion does not damage any other units."

Roch Chartrand asks: On captor mines, is there a die roll (hit/miss from weapon table) for a captor mine that is armed with a direct-fire weapon that triggers?

Answer: Weapons on captor mines work just like the same weapon mounted on a ship. It still rolls to hit the same way as the ship-mounted equivalent. Were this not so, there would not be any reason to equip them with ECCM.

Robert Eddy asks: If you enter the detection range of a dummy T-bomb, is it automatically detected as a fake (assuming you have fully active fire control)? Or if it is transported next to your ship?

Answer: Actually, you have no idea whether it is real or fake. You simply know that it did not explode. It might have been set for a different size class or have some other trigger parameter which prevented detonation.

Robert Eddy asks: During tractor rotation my ship is rotated into a mine. The tractor will be broken during Energy Allocation because of the range increase and negative tractor. Is the mine detecting me at the pseudo-speed during the tractor rotation or my own speed after the tractor is broken?

Answer: The mine will not immediately detonate as a result of the rotation (M2.415). Instead, it will detonate on Impulse #1, at which point, you would be moving at your own speed (since the tractor was broken).

Robert Eddy asks: If two T-bombs explode near a ship with a special sensor, are the explosions cumulative? If they happened on the same impulse? If they happened on the same turn?

Answer: According to (G24.133), explosions which occur in the same step are combined for blinding sensors, but ONLY if they occur in the same step.

Robert Eddy askss: Can you use a probe to detect an active mine? If I send a probe into an area I suspect is mined, will it tell me that there are mines?

Answer: Nothing in (G5.0) or (M7.0) allows a probe to detect a mine or minefield. Note, however, that once a mine is detected, (M7.52) allows a probe to identify it.

Glenn Hoepfner: How do I dock to a cloaked enemy ship or base? Will the use of flashcubing and tractors be enough, or is the cloak that impervious to a forced dock? I do not want to hit-and-run the cloaking device; I want to capture it intact. Assume only one large unit is attempting this. In the rules, I can only find examples of friendly units docking to a cloaked unit.

Answer: If you flashcube the cloaked ship or base, and assuming that you subsequently retain lock-on, you would be able to tractor the ship. That (and a low enough speed) is all that is required to dock.

Ken Humpherys asks: According to (M2.92), a dummy T-bomb takes one point of damage to destroy. If the aim is to reduce the strength of an enemy ESG rather than simulate a T-bomb, could a dummy be dropped out the shuttle bay? I am assuming that if yes, you would announce it as a dummy immediately. I know that there are more productive things you could kick out, such as: real T-bomb (ten points to ESG), shuttle (six points), or spare drone (four points). But what if you ran out of those things?

Answer: Dummy small mines would operate against an ESG if they were dropped, but a dummy T-bomb would not. A dummy T-bomb is not a dummy small mine [note that they have their own rule under (M2.9)]. Further, (M3.324) says that a dummy T-bomb will not operate if you drop it out the hatch. Further note that a real T-bomb will do four (G23.612) or ten (G23.61) points of damage, depending on whether or not it goes active before the ESG hits it. And you cannot drop spare drones out the shuttle bay to reduce an ESG field, that comes under the rubric of dropping cargo (G25.214). The only legal things you can shove out a shuttle bay to damage an ESG field are shuttles and (non-dummy) T-bombs.

Glenn Hoepfner: Will a rotating base set off a T-bomb?

Answer: Base rotation is not movement and cannot set off a mine (M2.414). Only movement can do so.

Scott Iles asks: Do the six points of ECM versus a non-minesweeper apply to a seeking weapon launched by that unit at a mine? It obviously applies to phaser fire, but why would it not apply to a drone or plasma?

Answer: As long as a non-minesweeping ship is controlling the seeking weapon, it is subject to the same ECM penalties as the ship as per (M8.24). If a seeking weapon is launched by a minesweeper and released to its own guidance, it is treated as if it were being guided by a non-minesweeper. The calibration of the minesweeper's fire control applies to its own fire control and is not automatically also installed on any self-guiding seeking weapons it may launch. It is possible for a non-minesweeper to launch a seeking weapon at a mine and transfer control to a minesweeper, but both ships would still have to be within one hex of the mine to accomplish this (M8.21).

Francois Lemay asks: Ship A plots Speed zero for the entire turn, initiates Erratic Maneuvers on Impulse #3, then cancels Erratic Maneuvers on Impulse #18. Ship A then promptly gets tractored and dragged into a T-bomb detection range on Impulse #26. The die roll result is a three so the T-bomb was detected and not triggered. My opponent says that even though ship A's speed is zero at the time of the die roll, the cost of the Erratic Maneuvers done earlier in the turn counts towards hexes moved, and therefore the T-bomb gets triggered automatically, and ship A (my ship!) is hit. Is this correct?

Answer: The cost of Erratic Maneuvers is considered for mine detonations (C2.412), but it is only added to the effective speed while the actual Erratic Maneuvers is taking place (C2.423). Once Erratic Maneuvers are cancelled, they are no longer part of the ship's speed.