May 2009

- Lieutenant Commander Chris Fant, USS Texas

With Advanced Operations has come the raiding pool. The Alliance can make great use of these raiders by taking out province-holding E4s and F5s. You need to stop this. When you are holding three to four provinces, all connected, such as in Eastern Hydran Space or Federation territory, put two province holders into each province.

Then, in a central hex, within two hexes of each province, put up to four more E4s and F5s along with an F5S or Lyran SC. You will be able to 'react' those ships to the outlying provinces, thus creating a harder hex to raid. Note that only one of the E4s will be able to react to each raider (314.241). This will allow you to keep your larger ships in your striking fleet while also providing protection to your money-making captured provinces.