May 2009

Ask Admiral Growler (Continued)
- by Mike Filsinger

Ken Burnside asks: If an X-ship armed with plasma takes a heavy weapons drogue, does the drogue have plasma-L torpedoes on it? There is currently no rule (XG34.0) for this, so (XA3.0) seems to apply.

An X-ship would deploy a non-X heavy weapons drogue. Advanced technology drogues may be added in the future, but there are none currently available in the game system.

Follow-up question:
Rule (XFP14.0) says that all X-ships have carronades. (FP14.14) says that the ISC and Romulans never deployed carronades. Am I correct in assuming that ISC and Romulan X-ships do NOT get carronades?

ANSWER: Specific rules override general rules, and (XFP14.0) is specific to X-ships and overrides the general rule of (FP14.14) which applies to non-X-ships. It is not any different than (XD6.56) which installed UIMs on Kzinti and Tholian ships armed with disruptors that were previously prohibited the use of the system.

Follow-up question:
Rule (XFP1.251) says there is a chance for a failed launch (XFP1.252), but there is no such rule - should I assume that this is a "ghost reference" to the old fast load discharge rule? Rule (XFP8.0) also says there is a chance for a misfire on fast plasma bolts (the generalized note in the rules says "no discharges from quick loads"). Rule (XJ3.4) still has a reference to two free points of ECCM via (XD6.393). Are all of these "ghost references"?

ANSWER: Yes, these are all ghost references.

Tos Crawford asks: I need some clarification on (FD10.66) and (XFD10.6) with regard to X-Drones. X-drones use 1.5 warhead spaces or 2.5 warhead spaces. Rule (FD10.66) says there are no half-space warhead modules. By my thinking, X-drones must either use half-space modules or 1.5 space modules, neither size existing with general tech, but (XFD10.6) is not clear enough for me to determine how to resolve this. Is there something else I am missing?

ANSWER: You are confusing the meaning of "there are no half spaces of drone warheads" in (FD10.66). It simply means that you do not calculate half spaces for purposes of availability, i.e., a General availability half-space and a Restricted availability half-space count as a full space of Restricted availability. Half-space warhead modules clearly do exist [see the example at the beginning of (FD10.66), as well as the chart in (FD10.51)].

Gary Bear asks: In rule (XFD14.1) on X-spearfish drone warheads, it says "The spearfish modules on X-drones operate as stated against X-ships." Does this mean that the drone does the same damage to X-ships as it does against non-X-ships (two internal damage points + one shield damage point per "space" of X-Spearfish warhead) or that against X-ships it does the "stated" damage of a non-X-Spearfish (one internal + two shield damage per 1.0 of warhead) [reversing the damage ratio of internal : shield]?

ANSWER: It would cause one internal and two shield damage against an X-ship (the same as a non-X spearfish would cause against a non-X ship), i.e., as the rule for spearfish drones is normally treated. It does more internal and less shield damage versus non-X ships.