Bridge, Romulan K5B Rapier
        "Well?" The sub-commander was displeased, but did not show it to his crew. His feelings were not caused by them, but rather the sense of personal failure that came with his decision. They had just completed the scan of the planet and its debris field, even going closer to the middle to scan the center for signs of the Orion.
        "Nothing this time. Shall we make another pass, sir?" The science officer asked. "It won't take us more than another two minutes."
        He considered the possibility that the Orion was, through cunning and means of which he was not yet aware, orbiting the world on the other side, staying in his blind spot, or perhaps well on his way somewhere else. But his dive for the middle had disrupted that pattern, and yet there was still nothing.
        "Anything on deep scans?" he asked. The reply was negative. If the Orion was waiting for help, it wasn't here yet, or it was approaching so slowly as to not be a factor.
       Ramelius also worried that the Orion might have a cloaking device, and chose this area to use it in, but that was a decision inconsistent with its previous actions.
        So, the Orion was either hiding, and there was or was not some kind of supply cache here. Or the Orion had somehow left the area.
        "Yes. Make another pass, this time 20kkm from the center." At top safe speed, it would take only a minute to come back to where they were now. If nothing turned up, he would make another pass around the outside of the debris field, looking for an outbound ion trail. If there were one, he would follow it. If there were not, the Orion was still here.

Bridge, Orion LR Dearth of Dreams
        Kina wanted to lean left, and get the ship to turn faster through sheer force of will. They passed by the center of the tiny planet, while mountain-sized chunks of rock danced in stately procession around it. Someday, this would be a real planet, and she really didn't want to add the mass of her ship to the end result.
        They emerged from a particularly dense area of debris, the Romulan a mere 30kkm behind them. She looked at the photon arming status, and saw it being held at full overload. Hastily, she looked around her at the other crewmen.
        "If we run, they're going to follow us. We need to fight," she said. "We've got to hit them hard enough to convince them to abandon pursuit." She said this aloud, both to give notice to the others on the Bridge, and to confirm to herself what they would have to do.
        "We need a clear shot on one of their flank shields," the weapons officer said as he looked across his board. "We will have to get close, both to nullify the effects of the asteroids, and to score the most damage with the phasers. We should also have a combat team on standby in the transporter room to try and disrupt their engines a little."
Kina nodded. "Set it up," she said, and began to turn the ship to the starboard, to bring it to face the predicted orbit of the Romulan ship. "Combat alert. Bring fire control on-line."
        In response to that, the engines roared to full life, and the sensors on the Light Raider began to send waves of energy out across space. Shields were at full power, and the ship began to accelerate through the rocks, breaking its silence to try and rush past the ambushed Romulan vessel.

Bridge, Romulan K5B Rapier
        "Contact!" the science officer called.
        Ramelius twisted to face her, the demand for information in his eyes.
        "It's the pirate, they just went active, 30kkm to port!" she said. Her eyes scanned along the output from the sensors. "They have Stage 2 countermeasures, and Stage 2 counter-counter-jamming!"
        Ramelius cursed under his breath. "Emergency turn to port! Prepare for a tractor lock!"
        His crew went to action, preparing to finish the job they had started at the original convoy ambush.

Bridge, Orion LR Dearth of Dreams
        The ship slid to the right, skidding around a large rock, trying to get a shot at the rear shields on the Romulan vessel before it could turn to bring its torpedoes to bear on the smaller vessel. Nimbly, Kina twisted the ship into position, and the sensors proclaimed a clear shot at the Romulan.
        "He's doing a snap turn!" Kina heard this, and knew that she was about to lose her chance.
        "Fire photon! Fire phasers! Before he can come about."
        From the nose, a single red dot flashed outwards, followed a heartbeat later by a trio of clustered blue lines. The photon flew straight and true, impacting on the side shield of the Romulan vessel, knocking it down. The ship rocked slightly from the backlash of the impact, even at this range. The triple strike from the phasers lashed into the hull, and Kina watched in satisfaction as the enemy was scored from nose to stern.
        "Damage to the Rom?"