September 2007



Set for a hex near the center of the map, with a range 20/25 break (or lower if disruptors are not present). After breaking range 36 to the scatter pack, your opponent may assume all is well, and come roaring in to deal with your piddly rack launches/disruptors. If you were able to target a hex in conjunction with the range 36 break, the bluff will be far more effective as the scatter pack stops on its own, (simulating going inert) although this can be difficult to arrange.

If you wish, you can even perform a rack launch when he breaks range 36 to the scatter pack, reinforcing the bluff. Of course, if you are flying Klingon you will have to cut tracking to those two drones when the scatter pack pops, but if your opponent has come too close to the scatter pack when it does break this can be devastating (and worth a few drones).

If he fails to corner dodge, a closer than normal range break can still force him to deal with more drones at an unexpected juncture in the turn. And if the scatter pack failed to open on Impulse #10, he may assume a fake had been launched.

This may not prevent a big plasma ship from stepping on the center of the map, but the unexpected maneuvering he will have to perform (or phaser fire, or both) can allow you more than one turn of dancing before you have to really deal with an enveloped torpedo. And of course, if he corner dodges, you, too, will have room to burn.