october 2008

F&E qestions & answers
Production and conversion

- by Nick Blank

QUESTION: Can Planetary Repair Docks be targeted by drone raids?
Ruling: No, they cannot.

QUESTION: If I use a mauler in Advanced Small Scale Combat (318.74)-AO, I get the +1 bonus, but do I roll for shock?
ANSWER: No. Shock is only rolled for when the mauler is used for directed damage, which isn't part of Small Scale Combat. Now, to be sure, we all know that the Small Scale Combat rules don't work right, and this matter can be attended to when they are fixed.

QUESTION: Is the attack factor of a mauler reduced 50% in Small Scale Combat if it lacks the consort ships required by (308.43)?
ANSWER: Correct. However, (318.74) grants a +1 bonus if it does have the consorts present.

QUESTION: A Klingon F5 is a garrison ship over a Kzinti planet when a Kzinti raider shows up. Does the presence of the planet change the small scale combat calculation?
ANSWER: Not really, since the planet has no combat ability, is not a unit, and cannot absorb damage. If the planet happened to have Klingon PDUs, then you would have to go through the approach battle process, and those battles may or may not qualify for small scale combat.

QUESTION: Can a Klingon F6J conduct the (528.42) "Special Attack" mission?
ANSWER: No, because it is not a cruiser-class ship.