October 2008


Lucky 13
Lieutenant Commander Warren Taylor, USS Georgia

When selecting weapons to fire, the most effective "packets of destruction" involve 13 points of internal damage. While there is no real "Mizia Effect" in Federation Commander, the first three columns of the DAC are usually the good stuff, particularly on Row #6 (the row selected if you order "target weapons array!"). By applying internal damage in groups of "ten plus a few" you can concentrate (to some extent) on this more interesting column.

This can be particularly important later in the game when many of his shields are down or weak and it is less difficult to fine-tune your damage output. As noted, this is particularly important when "targeting weapons" because you have only a 50% chance of getting Row 6, but 13 (really 12-15) damage points will give you two chances of doing so (and a 25% chance of doing it twice). Those first three Row 6 hits are all weapons, and are the whole point of using that kind of targeting. If you can't get 13 points of internal damage, see if you can score 3 points twice, which has the same effect.