October 2010

Star Fleet Universe News

THE BIG NEWS this issue is the release of Star Fleet Battles Module Y3 - The Early Years III . There is also the surprise release of a product never announced, Star Fleet Battles Module YG3 - Early Years Annexes.

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WEBSITE: Our combined and reorganized website, www.StarFleetGames.com, continues to grow and improve. You are welcome to send us your requests, comments, and suggestions. Joel Shutts, our graphicsdirector, continues to update the website, do covers for the new products, shut down pirate websites, help out around the company, and learn more about the game business. One of our newest pages is the Wall of Honor where we recognize our volunteers and their contributions.

FACEBOOK: Jean continues to improve our page on Facebook, adding many new photos and other features.

VIDEOS: StarFleetGames has taken its act to YouTube and we now have a YouTube channel. We create a video for the new product releases during each month. We have also "In the box" videos to show the customer what to expect in the product. We'll have also done "Spotlights" on a single product or product line. So pop some popcorn and join us at the movies! Our newest upload is:

Module Y3 and YG3 video release
Prime Directive Product Line

STARBLOG: Our StarBlog has moved to a new URL but all links on the Federation Commander websites and the first site have been changed to match. The new site is http://federationcommander.blogspot.com

AMBASSADORS: We are looking for a few good Star Fleet Ambassadors! Our marketing director can't be everywhere and that's where you come in! Do you go to gaming forums like Board Game Geek, RPG Net, or The Miniatures Page? Then WE NEED YOU! To get complete details of the Ambassador program, please see the Federation Commander Ambassadors category on the Federation Commander Forum.

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Fight For A Cure
ADB, Inc, will be hosting its first on-line charity tournament (for SFB, using SFBOL), with all entry fees sent to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Sign ups will begin immediately ($10 entry fee on the shopping cart) and continue through October 20th. The tournament format is not yet finalized, but it will include some kind of "double elimination" system so that a single loss does not eliminate a player from the event. ADB, Inc., will provide a prize of $50 in merchandise credit to the winner. You can also donate to FFAC without playing the event. You can pay for the tournament here. You can send a donation here.

Download Transmissions

The latest Communique brings you more Ship Cards, scenarios, fiction, and more news from the Star Fleet Universe! It can be downloaded from the Commander's Circle.

We continue to improve the Commander's Circle. We have now uploaded all of the ships and scenarios as separate documents (the ships are organized by empire) so you can quickly see what is available. New FC Scenario Database and Master Ship Chart documents have been uploaded. Check it out!

You can subscribe to our newsletter in the Federation Commander page under Free Opt-In Newsletter.

FC Forum Recent Posts

The Federation Commander Site and Forum continue to grow as more gamers continue to find it. All of our games currently have topics in the Forum. If you have any comments, questions, or requests for our Graphics Director, this is the place to let him know. Come see what the commotion is about and join the Federation Commander Forum now.

While for new players the Federation Commander Forum is a little easier to manage, the original (Discus-based) BBS is where most product development takes place. If you have a proposal you'd like to see worked on, don't forget to make sure it is mentioned here. It also has active F&E and SFB forums where players run campaigns, the RAT and other tournaments are organized, SVC's "My Day" appears, and each issue of Captain's Log is created. While less colorful (no avatars or sigs), it is a vital part of ADB Inc.'s communication.

We are very pleased to see the medals, honor bars, and ribbons awarded to players being incorporated into their signatures. It is exciting to see an explosion in the Federation Commander Play by Email topic and even more exciting to see the first FCOL tournament taking place. Get in on the activity!

FC Tactic of the Month

    Since the best defense against plasma is speed, plasma ships will usually be facing ships going very fast. This means that plasma ships will often have to depend on bolting their torpedoes. However, do not look at this as a problem, but rather as an opportunity! Be sure to take every opportunity to use direct damage. The maximum range of directed damage (ten hexes) is exactly the same as the plasma "glory zone" (beyond the overload range of most weapons). Use this synergy to your advantage.
(End of FC Tactic of the Month)

SFB Tactic of the Month

    Many times, players use a resource or tactic just because they can and because it will likely have a minor effect that could turn into an advantage if the enemy makes a mistake. Additionally, the enemy is likely more prepared at the beginning of a game than at any other time, for the "standard" tactics of your ship. A classic example can be found with the Kzintis. Scatter-packs and heavy/special drones can be useful in the beginning of the game in using up the enemy's resources (high speed, wild weasels, HETs, phasers, tractors, T-bombs). However, heavy drones and scatter-packs could be even more useful and devastating if held, and used when the enemy's resources are lower and he may be forced to improvise (which can lead to mistakes).
(End of SFB Tactic of the Month)

F&E Strategy of the Month

    With all the new units, rules and options in Federation & Empire, it is easy to focus on all of the shiny new toys and overlook some of the reliable workhorses of the past. While each empire may have their own favorites, the Klingon D6 is the best example of why yesterday's model deserves another look.
With 21 D6s on the initial Order of Battle and up to 30 in the mothball reserves, it is an ever-present component of the Klingon Fleet. It has the firepower of a war cruiser, but can take the same damage as a heavy cruiser. While it does cost the same as a heavy cruiser to build, it only costs one economic point per activated D6. Thirty hulls for thirty economic points is a bargain in any book. More importantly, it is the base hull for conversion into at least ten Klingon specialty ships.
    Every battle line should include one as a "damage sponge" to absorb hits (eight) that would otherwise damage less common, more critical, ship types. And if they do get killed, they generate a hefty 2.4 economic points of salvage. The D6 can perform the same function during pursuit if absolutely necessary, but, of course, will not generate salvage.
    Once crippled, unless high hull numbers are needed immediately, it should sent back to Klinshai or a starbase where it can use (425.2) to be reincarnated on the cheap. The large numbers of maulers, scouts, and other specialty ships heading back to the front, as well as the financial savings, will make you fall in love again with the good old D6.
(End of F&E Strategy of the Month)

Mini of the Month
Every month we will feature one or more of our miniatures that has been painted by a fan. If you paint miniatures, submit pictures of your minis and they may be selected for the next Mini of the Month!

Klingon C5 Fast Dreadnought by Dan Ibekwe


New Releases

Communique #58 has been posted to the Commander's Circle.

Star Fleet Battles Module Y3 Early Years III, SKU #5634, $27.95
Star Fleet Battles Module YG3 Annex, SKU#5425, $7.50

Captain's Log #42, SKU 5742, $19.95

Café Press
Café Press is an online marketplace that allows the Star Fleet Universe to produce unique products such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, and more with the Star Fleet logos, cover art, and other artwork used for our products. We have added tons of new shirts, mugs, and other products. Our site was getting so many items that it was a bit out of hand. To make it easier to find products we have grouped our products by the image on them, so you can find what you want more easily. We'll be adding even more items soon and we want to hear from you! Please contact Joel Shutts (Graphics Director) with your request. Visit our Star Fleet Café Press Store for a complete listing of the products available.

Xander muggVudar hoodiegCa t-shirt

PDF SALES: We have created a new page that allows easy access to our PDFS for sale on E23. From here you can see what we currently have posted and have links to those products. These are the products added during september:

Frax Ship Pack #'s 1, 2 and 3.
Briefing #2 Ship packs E and F.
YG3 PDF on e23

Star Fleet Fiction
Part Five of ten

   "About time you cut me out of that turbolift car," Kaustin said. "I hereby assume command."
   "But you are under arrest," the chief engineer said. "As ranking officer, I command here."
   "No you do not!" Kaustin screamed as he drew his phaser pistol. "Kross is dead. His orders do not stand. I am in command. Now, give me a status report or I'll cut you down where you stand!"
   "Very well," the engineer said. "Put your weapon away. Others will decide the matter." He proceeded to report on what systems were disable and which of those had been repaired. "While in command," the engineer began.
   "In temporary command," Kaustin interrupted.
   "As you will have it," the engineer said. "While in temporary command after the death of the Captain, I contacted the Conqueror with a status report. They approved my request to head directly for the Battle Station Z9 for repairs. The Anarchy is en route to Battle Station Z8. We will have priority of repairs at Battle Station Z9."
   "Well," Kaustin said, "at least you did one thing right."

   "Lieutenant Commander Korack, Commanding the Bold Raven, reporting as per orders, Sir!"
   "Excellent," the Police Commandant replied. "Be at ease, take a seat. We have much to discuss."
   "I have read the reports you sent," Korack said. "They explain why you needed a heavy police ship. They do not explain why you had me transferred here from Hydran space."
   "Your success in breaking the Ranel resistance is why," the Police Commandant said.
   "That was more a matter of detective work than ship tactics," Korack said. "Once I had the evidence to prove that the freighters, and their corrupt Dunkar crews, were responsible for the missing consignments, it was easy to determine where the materials were going. Without a supply of weapons, food, medical supplies, and everything else, the Ranel could not maintain their insurgency. Most of them have already come down from the hills and surrendered to avoid starvation. They will be put to work in the mines, I am sure."
   "That is why I needed you," the Police Commandant said. "I know what's happening, but until I can prove it, with evidence that will stand in view of an imperial paladin, I cannot get the Fleet to take action to end the loss of freighters and other ships."
   "I have read the reports," Korack said, "but they are hardly conclusive. I will investigate this Jeppe and his ship, but only as part of a larger investigation."
   "Why divide your efforts?" the Police Commandant said.
   "Because you want the results accepted by an Imperial Paladin," Korack said. "And the first thing he will ask me is whether I ruled out any other plausible possibility."
   "Very well," the Police Commandant said. "If that is how it must be. It will just take longer."
"The point is the truth," Korack said. "Not the truth you want, but the truth as it is. Order, discipline, righteousness, Commandant. You know that as well as I do."
   "And you know as well as I do," the Police Commandant said,        "that I am most probably right."
   "Most probably," Korack agreed. "But I cannot operate exclusively on that theory without evidence."
   "Then go and get some," the Police Commandant said.
   "I shall, Commandant," Korack said. "I shall.
   (Continue reading here)

Ask Admiral Growler

   Frank Brooks asks: Rule (J8.33) Scatter-Pack says: "If a Multi-Role Shuttle is used as a scatter-pack shuttle, the drones it normally carries can still be carried (in addition to the scatter-pack load) and can be activated as part of that system. See (FD7.38)." And rule (FD7.38) just says that a Multi-Role Shuttle can be used as a scatter-pack and to refers to (J8.33). Is this saying that a Multi-Role Shuttle can carry and release up to eight spaces of drones (six for the scatter-pack and the two that it has itself) as a scatter-pack (assuming of course that it is a drone-armed multi-role shuttle)?
   ANSWER: Yes, a multi-role shuttle scatter-pack can add its normal drone loadout to its scatter-pack loadout. That is exactly what (J8.33) says.

   Frank Brooks asks: Rule (J4.933) says "A carrier with more than twelve fighters could divide them into squadrons (J4.46) and generate a separate set of EW points for each group (assuming it has the power)." Rule (J4.942) says "A carrier cannot lend more points to any given squadron than its sensor rating."
   Am I correct in reading these two rules as the carrier can generate a full six (assuming no damage) EW points for each squadron in addition to whatever it is generating for itself? So a Fed CVA, having two squadrons, could generate eighteen EW points, with six being used by the CVA, and six going to each squadron?
   ANSWER: Correct. a carrier operates much like a scout, with a more limited selection of recipients for its EW lending.

   Michael John Campbell asks: A GAS shuttle cannot be used as a suicide shuttle, but can it be used as a PSS?
   ANSWER: Since the GAS cannot be used for any seeking mission, it cannot simulate such a mission either.

   Michael John Campbell asks: Can a Federation planetary control base (GFC) freely swap pairs of shuttle bay boxes for double-space fighters?
   ANSWER: Rule (J10.111) allows this to a limited extent.

   Kerry Drake asks: Turn #2 Impulse #16 my remote controlled fighter lands on my carrier. How long does it take to put a pilot into the fighter so it is manned on relaunch? Does it involve the deck crews in any fashion?
   ANSWER: Well, rule (J15.12) should have said "vice versa", i.e., it cannot be done during a scenario.

   Frank DeMaris asks: Does the (J7.53) launching rate for dogfight drones inside a dogfight (one per Dogfight Resolution Interface) override the general launching limits for fighters launching seeking weapons in (J4.24)?
   ANSWER: Yes, this overrides (J4.24). See (J7.533).
(End of Ask Growler)


Q: When is GURPS Feds coming out?

A: I do wish I had a firm answer for you on the exact time frame. I can tell you what is involved so you can see why it takes so long. Each company has a style book that it uses and a preferred dictionary. We have our Capitalization Guide, a grammar book we like, The American Heritage College Dictionary, and a style guide that is explained through the various "Input Guides" written over the years. SJG has a different grammar book, a formalized style guide, and uses Webster's New World College Dictionary. Our book has to be read again, re-edited to match what GURPS players expect (for example, we spell out "fifteen" and SJG uses "15"), and then changed. Over on the SJG forums, people have commented about what they liked or wanted changed in our other books and I am trying to meet those expressed concerns as well. It may take a bit, but I think that we'll gain a wider fan base if we can do that.
(End of Ask Aunt Jean )


    Q: Can I leave a diplomatic team at an allied capital and send the ship that originally carried it somewhere else?
    A: Yes, unless you are talking about a Klingon D7N or D5N, in which case the ship and team cannot be separated.
    Q: A diplomatic team includes a Prime Team. If the Prime Team is used for some mission and becomes a casualty, what happens?
    A: The diplomatic team cannot function until the Prime Team is replaced. New diplomatic teams cannot be created until the "crippled" diplomatic team is back up to operational condition.
    Q: Do you know of any rule that allows diplomats to be deployed prior to Turn #1 (during setup) in the General War (601.0) Scenario so that I can get them to useful places more quickly?
    A: The diplomats are listed as part of the Home Fleet and set up there. There is no rule allowing them to be set up somewhere else, and there won't be one. We do, however, need a rule that allows them to be dispatched on board their APTs and PTRs during normal movement on your first turn. The existing rule (540.14) seems to allow this, but a ruling in this issue has officially "released" the diplomats.
(End of F&E Q&A)


These are the press releases we send to the wholesalers, retailers, and media. You can get on the mailing list for them by asking Marketing@StarFleetGames.com to add you to the list. (Obviously, they are free.) They are uploaded to the Star Fleet Alert page.

Alert 101007 Cafe Press (Adobe acrobat Required)
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Alert 100906 Module Y3 (Adobe acrobat Required)
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Kolighar Heavy Cruiser