September 2012

F&E Q&A [Continued]

      Q: The Kzinti annex (705.2) says: "No more than one drone ship can be produced by substitution each year (432.44)." Does this mean that they can produce any number through conversion?
      A: In F&E2010 (705.3), (703.4), and (702.4) you will see that the Klingons and the Federation are specifically limited on conversion/substitutions of drone ships. The Kzintis are only limited to one substitution (note, with Advanced Operations and other advanced modules this changes to just two per turn by any means) with no limits on conversions, so they can convert as many as their desire and economy can support. Note, however, that most drone bombardment ships also have scout functions and are also under the scout production limits.
      Q: Rule (709.3) allows one Hydran DWF per turn as a substitution for an FF prior to Fall Y176, with a maximum of four prototype DW hulls during the seven turns from Spring Y173 to Spring Y176 (inclusive), and allows no additional conversions. Rule (450.1) allows the Hydrans to begin production of two DW shipyards when DW-class ships become available. Rule (450.16) restricts minor shipyards to ships that are already on the production schedule. Can the Hydrans begin building a DW minor shipyard starting in Spring Y173 when DWs first become available as a substitution on their schedule? This would allow DW production at these minor shipyards as early as Fall Y174 as the ship is effectively on the schedule as a substitution. Or are they required to wait to Fall Y176 to build a DW minor shipyard when the DW becomes a standard part of their production schedule? Would this change if the Hydrans still hold their shipyard in Spring Y173, which allows the Hydrans to begin their Y176 production schedule early? In addition, would the four prototype DW hull limit include production of DWs from minor shipyards?
      A: Rule (450.16) states that a minor shipyard cannot begin building a class until the class is on the production schedule. Until the DW is on the production schedule a minor shipyard for that class cannot be built. This means you cannot use the allowed substitution to count as being on the schedule. If the Hydrans still hold their shipyard in Spring Y173 and get their Spring Y176 production schedule moved up, then they can start the DW minor shipyard on Spring Y173, but not before.
      Q: What are the actual limits for CPF production? Are the counters provided the intended limit for each empire?
      A: The rule (524.111) lists a limit, saying each empire is provided four counters except the Lyrans which have seven, the Tholians who have two and the Orions who have none. There is a production limit of one per turn in (524.112). It also states that players may mutually agree to change these limits, but are warned that the effect on game balance may be unpredictable.
      Q: Does the one allowed CPX count against the CPF production limit?
      A: Yes, it does. The CPF limit includes the one CPX.
      Q: Rule (524.14) says that the CPX is to be the second casual flotilla build. Does a regular CPF have to be built first?
      A: Yes, that is what the rule requires. You have to walk before you can run.
      Q: Rule (524.14) says that the CPX can be carried by X-ships and raid pool ships. Does that mean a CPF cannot be?
      A: Yes, that is what the rule says. While the CPX is not X-technology, it is the only casual flotilla that can work with X-ships.
      Q: Can a planet upgrade an operational base to a base station in the same way it can upgrade a mobile base?
      A: Yes. An operational base is just a moveable mobile base (453.13) so it can be upgraded the same way.
      Q: Can a planet upgrade a mobile base or operational base to an X-technology battle station?
      A: Assuming that the planet has the resources, including the XTPs, then sure, go ahead.
      Q: Is it legal to place an un-crippled variant hull into depot for the purpose of returning it to the base hull configuration at no cost? (Other than losing two years out of service, of course!)
      A: No, (424.35) specifically states that only crippled ships can be placed in the depot tracks.
      Q: If I assign three theater transports to a task (that takes three) and one is destroyed, the task is only 2/3 finished. Can I then assign two or three theater transports to complete the task?
      A: Nothing says you cannot do this, and many players assign two LTTs (1+1/3 what is needed) to a tug task. You can, if you want, assign surplus capacity so that you can afford to lose one (or just to keep the boys busy).