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Organized Play League

The concept of an Organized Play League (something used by many other game systems and companies) is to encourage players to go to their store and play Federation Commander in public on a consistent basis. This will both publicize the game (good for the store and for ADB Inc.) and find new opponents. Many former Star Fleet Battles players drop into game stores from time to time, and if they see somebody playing Federation Commander they are likely to join in. This is why Organized Play Leagues are held only in stores (not in private homes) and why so much of it is geared to involve and energize the retailers. To make an Organized Play League work, ADB Inc. needs to provide two things: something to do, and a reason for doing it. For right now, we'll outline the concepts; the details will be in upcoming issues of Communique.


Every month, starting in April 2006, ADB Inc. will issue a new campaign scenario. All across America and the rest of the world, players will meet in stores to play the scenario and will then report their results through a special input script the Commander's Circle. ADB Inc. will then compile the results and, if the Klingons win that scenario more than 50% of the time, a hex on the Master Campaign Map in the Commander's Circle will be colored black to reflect that the Klingons have captured it. If the Federation wins, the hex will be colored blue. The Klingon objective is to build a chain of black hexes all the way to Earth; the Federation objective is to build a wall of blue hexes which prevent this from happening.


The first reward will be that all of the victorious commanders will be listed in the Commander's Circle. Further rewards will be handled through the stores and will come in three (or more) varieties. Whenever the players at a given store complete the requirements for a "reward packet", one will be sent to the store and the store manager (or someone he picks as the Campaign Coordinator) will pass out the rewards to the successful commanders. One reward will be a new ship card from a future product, allowing you to get a preview of this ship (or fly a ship nobody else can fly for the time being). Some of these will be prototype cards created in limited quantities (a year or more before the real production card is in a product) while others will be production cards that have not yet been released. Another reward will be "player bonus cards" allowing a player to have a bonus in a limited number of future games. This might include a legendary weapons officer, extra marines, or a special maneuver. Some cards may also include unique weapons that won't be added to the game system in any other way. The third and most prestigious of the awards (given one to a store each cycle) will be cloisonne pins for heroic medals which you can wear forever to display your tactical skill.


To have organized play, your store must register as having Federation Commander regularly in stock and on site gaming. Your store will be added to our retailer location system (and will be listed in Captain's Log so other players can find it). We will need the name of the store manager (or a regular employee he designates as the point of contact) and an Email address and phone number. There will be a requirement for a minimum number of games and players to get rewards.

This is an opt-in list, and by submitting the information requested you desire to be contacted for the purposes stated above. You must be 13 or older to submit Organized League Play information unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Starfleetgames.com respects the privacy of our young captains in training.

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