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Miniature Reference Material
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Joined: 23 Aug 2007
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

SVC, Best forum idea ever.
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Lieutenant JG

Joined: 06 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OMG!! I seriously Missed out on some good conversation in this forum!!

Sheeeeeeesh!!! Mad

I couldn't help it!! I run my own title and escrow company, so I was busy...

and I was sick too..

and I quit smoking.. (while I was sick.. easier to quit that way..)


Now I need to go back through and read everyone's comments..

Man do I love a good miniature conversation..

Very Happy

this game and the whole ADB universe rocks!!!!


Okay I'd just love to say that I think a Thread devoted to nothing but mini examples and samples of everyone's painting styles and shows off some techniques is an awesome thing!! I would love to have one spot to come and just do nothing but browse Minis all day or Evening which is mostly the case.. and on top of that I love seeing what everyone else does.. it gives me inspiration and tells me who I have to raise the bar to meet to get my minis looking good..

looking at you djdood!! Very Happy

Scoutdad wrote:

The only problem with this is that many of us do not follow the painting guides to the letter. We each have our on (and sometimes very contrasting) styles. Take Federation ships for example:
I paint mine in nothing but Titaniu White, cause I like that pristine look...
Mike Raper paints his in a medium grey, cause that's what he likes...
Will McCammon paints his with a personally mixed greenish-grey that is as close to the original filming model as he could get it...

Not that there's anythign wrong with any of these )or any other) styles, he was just lookgin for an official reference source.

that is the best part of it all! you see the different paint schemes and techniques provide a tapestry of which I can take from one idea and use the best parts of each and everyone Else's styles.. to create the perfect look I am going for..

Scoutdad wrote:
I find myself doing the same thing and asking myself, "How'd he do that? Why didn't I think of that? Man... is it worth stripping the paint off of 79 Federation ships to redo them all using that one technique..."
Starship pr0n... how geeky is that! Wink

luckily I haven't started yet.. but I gotta say.. I'm totally going with decals..

Scoutdad wrote:
I had a knee reconstructed after a serious accident 7 years ago... maybe we should compare photographs!!! Laughing
I can't wait to see the photos of your Federation [s]hips. If your painting skills match your digital art skills, they'll be worth the wait.

well thank you very kindly.. and I shall try not to disappoint..

Wolverin61 wrote:
If you're like me, the problem with looking at other people's ships on here is that mine look somewhat lacking in comparison, since there are so many talented mini builders and painters that post pictures of their work here.

I need to find the decals I got ages ago or come up with some more, I think they'd help the looks of my Feds more than anything.

dude I would never even if I was the best painter in the world.. I would never use anything but decals with that kind of cool detailing.. and since the decals are available.. I say they are the best damn thing for anyone's miniature collection.. I love the decals and once I get my fed ships painted to perfection.. I will be more then happy to slap those decals on!!!

heck that makes it easy!! so I'm with you there my friend! Very Happy

On another note, wasn't there a paint product out there called "Starship gray?" Gunsangyo? Tamiya? some Italian company maybe??? could have sworn I saw that some time..
by the way, I hate testors... they always suck!

Citadel is okay.. but I prefer not to use them if I have an alternative..

Vallejo is the best in my opinion..
Live Long, Prosper, and Party!
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