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FC tournament round 3 Tholians v Klingons

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 3:42 pm    Post subject: FC tournament round 3 Tholians v Klingons Reply with quote

Well the upstart Tholians were infringing on Kling territory, so the Klingon high command sent out a force commanded by the able bodied Kreller. Kreller was aboard his standard C7 with the accompanying ships of a DWL and a F5 ( commanded by his mother-inlaw). There was the known fact of his blatant hatred of his F5 commander within the Klingon command but as all good soldiers he followed orders.

The Tholians upstart was Orgyockbo commanding a well rounded fleet of a DN, CC, CW. All disruptor armed as they shun the inferior photon weapon by their "supposed" allies the Federation. Orgyockbo has no respect for the filthy Federation even though the Tholian commanders are currently in trade agreements with them.

The Klingons and Tholians spied each other in open space and immediately Red ALERT from both commanders was announced. There was to be no cowardice from either fleet, no quarter was given. Honor was at stake for both commanders

The first battle pass was at range 15 and the Captains fired everything. the Klingon captain targeted the CC and shield 6 strength was down 75% after some reinforcement from the volleys of the ships. The F5 commander should have been shot due to her poor fire. Commander Kreller would catch hell from his Klingon wife if he chastised her so he uttered some curses and proceeded to plan his next turn. Orgyockbo hearing fearful stories of Klingon women warriors wanted to destroy the F5's commander immediately so he targeted all weapons on Broom Hilda (Tholian's name for her). After some fine targeting he was able to reduce the number 1 shield to 0% and do some paltry internals.

The second battle pass commenced with the Klingon's being slightly cautious and moving at speed 8 and the Tholians were speed 16 or 16+1 throughout the turn. The Tholians still somewhat afraid of Broom Hilda kept the range open in the 9-15 bracket. Kreller most likely would have had the F5 turn off but since his mother in law was the captain he thought there may be no better time to get rid of her and instructed her to commence with the battle pass continuing forward. Orgyockbo seeing the prime opportunity to rid himself of a fearsome nemesis in the F5 commander he ordered a full alphas strike on the F5 at range 9 and turned off thinking Kreller would exact revenge for the death of his mother in law. After some manuvering and several turns / side slips Orgyockbo was able to get his fleet turned around preparing for a 3rd battle pass. The entire time the Tholian's were trying to reposition their ships the Klingon's were scraping the paint off of the CC. I think by this time due to faulty shields from the factory 1 or 2 damage leaked though(We will be exacting revenge on the factory owner). The end of the turn saw the F5 crippled and limping along and the CC's shield 5 and 6 decimated (I believe the 5 shield had 3 boxes and the 6 shield had 10 boxes left). The turn ended at approximately 10 hexes separating the 2 forces with the Tholians heading in a southernly direction and the Klingons bracing for the imminent attack run heading NW.

The decisive turn. The turn starts and the Orgyockbo is signaled by his CC commander and told the shields can't take another hit like the last one. So the Orgyockbo calls for ramming speed and tells the engineeers on all the ships he needs more power and performs an HET towards the Klingon. The engineers call up "I'm giving it all she's got captain" and the turn commences. Both sides speed 16 with a 16 +1 in there on an impulse or 2. Orgyockbo still wanted to keep a decent speed due to the damn drones which had been pestering his ships throughout the battle. Even with web snares Orgyockbo had to do some fancy flying to snare them properly. After a fierce battle cry on impulse 1 or 2 the fleets were in striking distance at range 4. There was some thought from the Tholians as they still had Broom Hilda alive so some small phaser fire and disruptor fire was placed through the front shield. All other fire was targeted on the D5. The F5 was a beautiful explosion and the D5 sustained heavy damage(crippled). the Tholian commander braced for the Kling retalitory shot thinking it would be on the CC was quite surprised when the beams in HIS ship started falling down around him. Broom Hilda fired a parting shot but it was Kreller who is the one now to be feared. Kreller opened up at range 4 and did 55 points of damage to MY ship and scraped the pristine paint inside and out. I was able to whether the initial damage after reinforcement and the shields taking the brunt of the fire. Minor damage throughout all decks. As I gazed out the front viewing screen I saw the D5's disruptors charging up in OL'd mode. the fear started to slide down to my 3 stomachs (Tholians are strange creatures). As I saw this I screamed into the com EVASIVE maneuvers but my helmsmen's froze and we braced for the damage. the Klingon D5 weapon's officer must have had a head full of some strong Klingon drink the night before as the disruptor shots went wide with some phaser fire going in through the down shield. The phaser fire was quite deadly stripping off several weapons and denting up more of the inside paint job(Large amounts of internals but not crippled)

The rest of the turn left us with running from each other as we were out of weapons and courage at this point in time. I believe Kreller had accomplished his goal though by disposing of Broom Hilda with no one the wiser.

C7 pristine
D5 Crippled
F5 destroyed

CC undamaged except shields 1 leak pioint
CW pristine
DN internal damage but not crippled

I had a fun time playing Fred and learning the SFB client a bit more thoroughly. If Fred had not whiffed the OL disruptor shot or if 2 of 4 would have hit my DN would have been crippled and the game would definitely commenced. As it was I got lucky.
Once again thank you for the game and showing me a bit more about the client.
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2011 9:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great session report ! Thanks !
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