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Plasma Torpedo "lifetime" table

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 9:10 am    Post subject: Plasma Torpedo "lifetime" table Reply with quote

(Not really a tactic, but more of a record-keeping method.)

Given the way that Federation Commander keeps track of plasma torpedo strength (boxes on the SSD), it makes sense to represent the strength-per-time as a periodic reduction in torpedo strength. This just involves inverting the table shown in (4J3b). This way, the strength reduction as the torpedo moves equates to phaser damage, making it easy to see the warhead's current strength.

To use this table, apply the listed "damage" to the plasma torpedo at the beginning of every Defensive Fire step, starting with the first Impulse after the torpedo is launched (column "1" on the chart.) Mark off a number of boxes equal to the "lifetime reduction" number on the table. If marking off boxes causes the torpedo's strength to reach zero or drop below zero, the torpedo is removed; if it Impacted a target this turn it has no effect. (The Impulse when an undamaged torpedo would hit zero strength is marked with a *.)

Example: It is the beginning of the Defensive Fire step of an Impulse. A Type-S Plasma Torpedo has been on the board for 5 Impulses. Checking the table, we see that the "lifetime reduction" is 8; the player whose ship launched the torpedo marks off 8 boxes of warhead strength.

Type/Reduction On Impulse 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

(side note: This chart reveals something interesting about plasma torpedoes; they tend to suffer large reductions in strength on the 5th Impulse of their travel. If you can't avoid being hit by a torpedo, try to arrange things so that it hits you on the 5th Impulse; running further won't buy you much more strength reduction.)
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