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Consolidation Thread (Rules Questions Already Answered)

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 7:24 pm    Post subject: Consolidation Thread (Rules Questions Already Answered) Reply with quote

Very Happy Rather than completely deleting rules questions, they will be consolidated and moved here as SVC makes sure they have been adequately answered. Hopefully, throwing them over here, people will look here first, rather than posting a question that has already been asked. Wink

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 7:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Q: When using Directed Targeting (3D4b), it says that "skipped" points are lost, but the general combat rules (3E1a) allow the defender to take any "skipped" point on Frame damage. Which rule takes precedence?
A: Directed Targeting. The "skipped" points are lost immediately and there is no option to take them on Frame.

Q: What happens when one plasma torpedo strikes another plasma torpedo?
A: It cannot happen since plasma torpedoes cannot target plasma torpedoes (_____). Drones can target drones, and plasma torpedoes can target drones, but drones (and plasma torpedoes) cannot target plasma torpedoes (_____).

Q: When firing a Hellbore at a ship that has multiple shields damaged equally (perhaps all of them at full strength), which shield gets the larger damage?
A: The owner of the target ship picks which shield is the "weakest" and gets the largest damage.

Q: What is the effect of a Hellbore shot on a ship with one downed shield? Does the downed shield count as the "lowest" shield? If so, are all the hits on that shield result in internals? Or does it not count at all since it is "down" and hence "not really there".
A: Yes, the down shield counts as "weakest", since it has zero boxes left. Downed shields cannot be reinforced in any way in Federation Commander, so yes, the damage would all be internal.

Q: You can only use Directed Damage if the target is within 10 hexes, and the volley doesn't include any overloaded heavy weapons. What if the same ship fires at two different targets, one with overloaded heavy weapons, and the other without? Can the ship use Directed Damage for the volley that did not include overloads?
A: Certainly. Each target is a separate volley (3D4d), and if a volley qualifies, it can use directed targeting.

Q: Can you only direct damage on weapons and energy systems or can you focus it on other areas as well?
A: Only on power or weapons. If you want to kill a specific box (say a tractor or bridge) use a hit-and-run raid.

Q: If a ship tractors a drone in the defensive fire phase, I understand that the drone remains on the same shield as the ship maneuvers during combat. In effect, the drone rotates with the ship as it turns. When you tractor an enemy vessel and subsequently move, does the same principle apply, swinging the enemy around as you turn? Or does the enemy ship remain in the same direction from your ship throughout your maneuvers?
A: The ship remains in the same direction. Ships are much bigger than drones and are treated differently.

Q: Does an ESG offensive burst (5N2d) comprise a distinct volley separate from direct-fire weapons in the same impulse?
A: An ESG offensive burst is a direct fire weapon and is combined with all other direct fire weapons fired by one ship at one target into a "Volley".

Q: What counts as an impact for a drone targeted at another drone? If drone A is targeted at drone B, must drone A move into drone B's hex to count as an impact? Or does drone B moving into drone A's hex count as well?
A: Indeed, if the two drones end up in the same hex, no matter which one moved first, both are destroyed immediately. As a side note, do keep in mind the second paragraph of (4F5c). If both A and B enter the hex of B's target, both A and B will hit B's target.

Q: Similar to the previous question, if a ship moves into the hex of a seeking weapon, does the weapon "impact" immediately, or does the weapon only impact if it is the weapon which enters the target hex?
A: It doesn't matter if the target enters the weapon hex or the weapon enters the target's hex. Either is an immediate impact. Our apologies that (4F4a) is not particularly clear on this point.

Q: How many boarding parties can a shuttle carry?
A: Two.

Q: Where are the rules for Plasma-D torpedoes?
A: In Romulan Attack. A draft copy was included in Communique #7.

Q: What are plasma-D racks hit on? Drone as in Star Fleet Battles? On on torpedo?
A: Torpedo in Federation Commander.

Q: Where is the plasma-D chart?
A: With all of the other plasma torpedoes on the plasma chart in Romulan Border. Sorry, we got a little sloppy in this whole plasma-D situation. Would you consider it a sort of treasure hunt to find the rules? No? I didn't think so but it was worth a shot.

Q: When using rule (8B2), do you score points for each of the conditions listed, or only take the highest percentage? That is to say, if you damage a ship, and later cripple it, is it 10% for internal damage + 50% for crippling = 60%, or just the highest, 50%?
A: You take the highest score, not all of the scores.

Q: If I have a previously-armed plasma torpedo in the tube (and it is smaller than the tube) at the start of the turn, and I want to upgrade it, do I have to also pay the holding cost?
A: Yes, you must first pay to hold the underloaded torpedo (4J2b), then you can upgrade the torpedo under (4J2c). The reason is because you start the turn with a loaded torpedo. If you do not pay holding energy, then the torpedo is lost before you can do anything with it (4J2b). You pay the lower cost since, at the start of the turn, it was the smaller torpedo.
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