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Fleet Repair Dock (FRD) questions

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:13 am    Post subject: Fleet Repair Dock (FRD) questions Reply with quote

I have a few questions about how some things on the FRD work. Also some non rules comments i will post in the discussion section.

As it is right now, the FRD has nothing to absorb the 10th column "any warp/frame" damage point. So it will be destroyed by it's 50th internal damage point (if no repairs), which is about 1/4 of it's total internal boxes. Is that supposed to be that way? Also can the FRD's

A ship inside a FRD can't use shields, but can it repair it's own shields? I would think so. When the ship undocks are the shileds immediately active or is there a delay? I figure they would become active at some point before Impulse 1 starts.

Also the not being able to use weapons, does that include not charging mult-turn arming weapons until the ship is undocked? I would think the ship could not charge those weapons; Safety Procedures.

The rule about ships docking externally to a FRD and the comment on enemy ships docking to it made me wonder a few things. It almost sounds as if enemy ships can ALWAYS dock to a FRD even though it is sublight (even though it has plenty of power it could use for movement in FC) and can still move. The docking rules say an enemy can only dock to a ship if that ship has "no engine power and is dead in space" what does that exactly mean in FC when all power can be used for movement?

Some of that is nitpicking but likely needs to be asked anyway. Thanks
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 11:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

To solve the "no warp" problem, we probably just need to let FRDs use rule (3D6). That should let them live longer.

A ship inside an FRD can repair anything that can be repaired by Repair Points.

Undocking happens at the end of a turn, so the ship is fully functional (as much as it can be, if it still has damage) on the turn following the undocking.

Your assumption on arming weapons is correct. No energy-based weapon may be loaded or armed while docked in an FRD. This includes prior turns of a multi-turn arming weapon.

Yes, enemy ships may dock to an FRD for boarding purposes, just as they could to an enemy base. Note that the enemy ship may not dock to move the FRD; it may only dock to board.

And whether the questions are nitpicking or not, they are good questions. Please keep asking them.

Federation Commander Answer Guy
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