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Solitaire Training Scenarios
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2008 4:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

With another 2 weeks before the semester starts, and only 5 hours of work a day between now and then, I'll definately be trying a few of these out.

Tango Mike... er, Mike!
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Federation Commander Solitaire Scenario

From the galactic core comes a new and dangerous life form. Thousands of kilometers long and made of an unknown type of molecular plasma, the creatures streak directly toward a star and dive into it. Why they do this is unknown, but the result is a star flaring into a nova expansion and a solar system burned to ashes. As more and more of Star Serpents begin to reach into sectors inhabited by humanoid life, the Fleet is called in to destroy the menace. Your ship has been summoned to intercept a Star Serpent before it causes a star to go nova and kill a research team on a planet in its solar system.

One: The Federation player. The Star Serpent moves by automatic rules (see Special Rules).

Use the small hex side of the map panels. Set up six map panels, three across and two high. The Star Serpent is headed toward a point of the star located on the upper western map panel in hex 0101. Place a planet counter on the same map panel in hex 0504. There is a research team of 200 scientists, engineers, and support personnel on the planet.
Star Serpent: Place a counter for the Star Serpent on the lower map panel of the easternmost edge in hex 1407.
Federation: Place a heavy cruiser counter on the middle map panel of the southernmost edge in hex 0715 facing direction A.

Mission-Federation: Destroy the Star Serpent or, failing that, rescue the research team.
Mission-Star Serpent: Dive into the star and cause it to go nova.
Time Limit: The scenario continues until the Star Serpent has been destroyed, the Federation ship has been destroyed, or the research team has been rescued and taken off the southern edge or the right edge of the map.
Victory: If the ship is destroyed, the player loses. If the Star Serpent is destroyed before reaching the star, the player wins. Lacking either of these clear-cut conditions, the success of the player is determined by the evacuation of the research team and information gained about the creature. Each point of information is worth one victory point (up to a maximum of 200). The 200 people on the planet are grouped into 20 crew units (10 people = 1 crew unit). Each crew unit evacuated from the planet is worth 10 victory points. Because of the radiation from the star, Emergency Evacuation is not possible. Each transporter box on the ship can be used to transport one crew unit per Turn. Success is evaluated according to these levels:
0-100 victory points = Captain is considered a failure and relieved of command.
101-200 points = Captain is considered disappointing and will be forced to retire within a year (baring some notable success).
201-300 points = Captain is considered to have done his/her best in a difficult situation and is neither condemned nor commended.
301-399 points = Captain is considered to have salvaged some success from a situation considered hopeless.
400 points = Captain is considered to be daring and bold in the face of unprecedented adversity. Given command of a small squadron, he/she is placed in charge of the Star Serpent Menace Task Force.

The Star Serpent moves with a baseline speed of 0, but accelerates on even-numbered Impulses (it essentially moves 4 hexes per Turn). The Star Serpent moves last in the order of movement.
It always moves like a seeking weapon toward the star. However, any time the ship is within five hexes of the Star Serpent, it will strike at the ship. Make one die roll and score the damage as follows: Die roll (Damage) 1 (20) 2 (18 ) 3 (15) 4 (12) 5 (10) 6 (5).
The Star Serpent will make only one attack per Turn against each target (starship, drone, fighter, etc.), but it can attack any number of targets in a Turn. Score damage points just as you would if the attack came from an enemy ship.
You may fire weapons at the Star Serpent to accumulate damage points for possible use later. Since the Star Serpent is composed of a form of plasma, plasmatic pulsar devices and plasma torpedoes have no effect on it.
You do not have enough information to know how to destroy the Star Serpent at the beginning of this scenario. Your labs will provide you with this information. When you have accumulated 400 points of information, roll one die and consult this chart to determine how to destroy the Star Serpent:
Die Result
1 - An 18-point suicide shuttlecraft must hit the Star Serpent to destroy it.
2 - A tractor beam will destroy it.
3 - It can be destroyed by 200 damage points (including any accumulated up to this roll).
4 - It can be destroyed by an anti-matter probe fired as a weapon.
5 - Insufficient data. Gather another 100 points of information and roll again.
6 - The Star Serpent cannot be destroyed by the forces at your disposal.
Note: only in the case of the 3 result can anything be done prior to the die roll. The results of rolls 1, 2, and 4, can only be done after the die roll is made.
If the Star Serpent reaches hex 0101, the star goes nova. An expanding sphere of destruction begins moving out from the star at a speed of one hex per Turn (Sub-Pulse 4 of Impulse #8 ). All hexes within this sphere are considered to be affected by the solar radiation. If the starship is within it, the ship is destroyed. If there are any crew units on the planet and the radiation sphere reaches the planet, those crew units are killed. If the starship leaves the map, it is considered to have escaped the expanding radiation from the star.

You can balance this scenario by changing the speed of the Star Serpent.

"Sometimes our best is not enough. We must do what is required." -- Winston Churchill

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Dal Downing

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great Stuff Mike! Just throwing this link in here incase somebody doesn't know about this little gem as a traning aide.


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