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Free Trader Defeats Klingon Battleship! (8B2 Victory System)

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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 12:59 am    Post subject: Free Trader Defeats Klingon Battleship! (8B2 Victory System) Reply with quote

Received the new FCRR today! Woohoo! Looks great!

One question based on the Victory Points in 8B2:

Klingon Battleship (188 pts) vs Free Trader (13 pts) using 8B2 strictly as written for an utterly generic death match game.

Turn 1 Free Trader turns around and exists board. Game over!

Klingon Victory Level = 3.25 / 13 = 25% (Marginal)

Free Trader Victory Level = 175 / 13 = 1,348% (Astounding!)

Now, one could instead use the Duel victory conditions but then what's the purpose of this victory point system if not to help evaluate level of victory between opponents of disparate starting point values for which the Duel scenario fails to account?

So in the absence of any scenario-specific victory conditions these calculations don't make any sense.

Suggested Formula for weighted "generic" Victory Points system:

Weighted Pts = Base Points * (Larger Force Start Pts / Smaller Force Start Pts)

Base points as defined in 8B2b and EXCLUDE 8B2a!

To determine your individual level of victory or defeat you divide your weighted points by your opponents weighted points and look at table below (just throwing this out, would need to ponder it some more and certainly add some levels of victory and defeat):

Own Weighted pts / Enemy Weighted pts = Level of Victory/Defeat

126% or more = Victory
75-125% = Tie
74% or less = Defeat

For example:

A 200 pt BB destroys a 100 pt CA (which cripples the BB).

BB = 100 * (200/100) = 200 points

CA = 100 * (200/100) = 200 points

The weighted base points are 1:1, so a tie results. Effectively both sides achieved an equal weighted point value based on relative starting strength. For the BB to score a bigger victory it needs to take less damage and/or capture the CA. The onus is on the larger force to really kick butt while the smaller force gets a proportional boost in whatever points it manages to score.

From Klingon BB vs disengaging FT example above:

Klingon BB = 3.25 * (188/13) = 47

Free Trader = 0 * (188/13) = 0

A "victory" for the Klingon BB but only 47 pts compared to the BB captain's 200 point tie against the CA above. But still an obvious victory compared to the 8B2 calculation since the FT suffers an extreme 0% defeat and the BB scores the maximum victory level (to avoid divide-by-zero calculation you could say minimum weighted pts is 1.)

Example from the reference rulebook in which CA and D7 cripple one another but using suggested calculation above:

Federation CA = 69 * (147/138) = 73.5

Klingon D7 = 73.5 * (147/138) = 78.3

Roughly 100% tie for both sides. But if the Klingon ship had been destroyed while the CA is still crippled:

Federation CA = 138 * (147/138) = 147

Klingon D7 = 73.5 * (147/138) = 78.3

Using the simple victory levels above the Fed player scores a 187% victory while the Klingon suffers a 53% defeat.

Also note that this proposed calculation should make sense for generic situations in the absence of scenario-specific VC and avoids the counter-intuitive result and further complications of both sides achieving a level of "victory" as in 8B2c. It's essentially a universal, purely mathematical version of the Duel victory conditions.

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