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The Prime Directive Adventure Ideas CO-OP

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Lieutenant SG

Joined: 26 Dec 2006
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Location: Sierra Vista, AZ

PostPosted: Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:10 pm    Post subject: The Prime Directive Adventure Ideas CO-OP Reply with quote

I've looked around and didn't see one, so I've decided to start a thread here to share ideas, tips and stories on running a game of PD in any system.

I'll start it off.

The last game of PD I ran was using G: PD 3e while stationed in Germany. I didn't want to run a military campaign as being a soldier kind of takes the fun out role-playing one. So I decided on a police campaign instead.

The setup: The players are members of the Federation Marshall service assaigned to the SW sectors of Federation Space. They are provided with a Prime Trader along with pilot and engineer NPCs to run the ship. ( None of them had picked enough ship handling skills to handle the ship on their own, so I had to adjust).

Their first mission was a shake-down cruise and a training excersize for the group. None of them had played GURPS before and I wanted to give them a session or two to get a feel for the game and to work together.

They were heading to a planet who's name I forget to investigate a reported case of smuggling at the Capital city's port.

When I felt they'd gotten a good feel for how the game plays, I pulled the classic switch up. There really was smuggling going on at the port and the PCs stumble upon it.

Hilarity ensues.

I can't remeber all the details and I've lost my notes on it. But a savvy GM can take this and run with it.

So c'mon folks. Share!
I'm wise enough to know that I don't know half as much as I think I know, you know?
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Joined: 09 Oct 2006
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Location: Middle Tennessee

PostPosted: Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

We've got a PD20KM campaign in the final stages of organization. It'll be starting in the next month or so... although it looks like it'll be run via webcam / webchat to start with. Conflicting schedules, doncha know...

The premise is deceptively simple:
A highly placed, but somewhat contraversial (for a Vulcan that is... meaning that a colleague once raised both eyebrows simultaneously at his comments Laughing ) has a new theory about the ancient exile that led to the creation of the Romulan Empire.
In order to validate his theories, he has persuaded the Romulan Govt to allow a small archeological expedition to enter the periphery of Rom space to seek evidence of the travels of the early exiles.

The problems however; are myriad:

    The campaign begins less than a year before the Day of the Eagle, so tensions are running high...
    The Vulcan behind the expedition has unknown but ulterior motives...
    One of the party members (planned in advance with a devious player) is a secret agent. His mission is to hook up wth an Orion Pirate to deliver plans for coordinating the Romulan Invasion of the Federation with a Klingon Offensive...
    The Orion Pirate has orders not to leave any witnesses...
    The actual "exiles" route will not go where everyone assumed, so the party will have to choose - give up the mission or slip onto the occasional "unauthorized" planet...
    The GIA has slipped a secret agent (the NPC pilot of the science expeditions Free Trader) into the group to spy on the Romulan Empire from within...

Since all six player prefer and excel at "role" playing as opposed to "roll" playing - it should make for an interesting campaign. Especially once the Romulans invade and the science visas are revorked and warrants issued for thier arrest as spies! Then it becomes a game of Can You Get Home?

Scoutdad's minis photos here!
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Lieutenant JG

Joined: 19 Jan 2007
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Location: Pueblo West CO

PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The campaign outline I'm working up involves the crew of a Federation starship on patrol and exploration missions. It will eventually include an answer as to what happened to the Old Kings and uncovering the most awful plot I can imagine.

I wish I had players ready to go now. It's a lot of fun writing this outline anyway!
Please Captain,not in front of the Klingons.
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Lieutenant Commander

Joined: 08 Oct 2006
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Location: Plano, TX

PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2010 8:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've just started a 3-adventure campaign set around Day One on the Federation western border. The majority of the players are not familiar with the SFU and most haven't seen ST:TOS in recent years. That being said, they're all the more interested.

The first (intro) session was the "Roon" scenario in the back of the book, with a few changes - mainly to bring the Klingons in as the external power supporting the rebels.

The next two adventure are, in order, an expedition to Organia to find out what happened to the Organians and, a raid to recover some important computer tapes from a Federation BATS that has been captured by the Klingon invasion force.

If this short campaign goes well, we'll revisit it in 2011 with another 3-adventure run.

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Lieutenant SG

Joined: 09 Jun 2008
Posts: 143

PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 4:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My local group has two PD campaigns going with different GMs. We meet each Wednesday evening and alternate campaigns.

Tonight is the one that I'm running (PD20/PD20M) and its definatly a bit unique. Its set right after the GW (Y186). The players are the crew of a U1L that the Skipper "purchased" from a Klingon PF group commander. They work in the Tri-border area (Klingon, Fed, Kzin) doing all kinds of contract missions.

The other campaign is set in Y165 and the players are a team of SFIS (Star Fleet Investigative Service) agents that have an NPC run Prime Trader modified to be a kind of mobile precint/crime lab.

Most sessions usually end with the current story solved or settled.
Friendly Fire Isn't.
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