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An Interesting WYN Fleet

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 2:40 am    Post subject: An Interesting WYN Fleet Reply with quote

Just played a tournament rules game and I chose an interesting WYN fleet of PBB, CA, 2 AXC. The 4 option mounts for each AXC were disrupters and the CA were PH1. This fleet has an unbelievable 18 disrupters and 20 PH1, although the AXC have tissue paper shields and nothing in the way of padding. Also, LS/RS disrupters means that you need to either centerline the opponent or waggle your ship and fire in 2 different impulses. The good part about the AXC are that they have only 1/4 move and plenty of power to fire all weapons and even overload if needed. They also have 4 batteries which are invaluable at long range engagements.

My opponent chose an ISC fleet of CA, CS, DD.

My strategy was to lead with the PBB and CA, and snipe at long range with the AXC. They would only swoop in if the opponents had shot out their weapons.

Turn 1, all my ships went 16 while the ISC went 8. Due to the speed advantage, I was able to centerline and plastered the CS with all 18 disrupters and 20 PH1 at range 16-20, knocking down most of its 1 shield. The ISC chose not to fire PPDs at this range and didn't manage to do any shield damage due to plentiful batteries.

Turn 2, all ships went 16 except the ISC DD which went 24. I got to range 15 with PBB and CA, and 16 with AXC and fired everything at CS. The CS fired back at PBB with PPDs, not wanting to risk losing them without firing a shot. I finished off the 1 shield and did about 15-20 internals on the CS while the PBB took 8 pulses from the PPDs, but only a single burnthrough, although about half the 1 shield was taken down. I then turned and ran away at max speed. At the end of the turn, he got me kinda cornered and fired 2 PL-S and 2 PL-F at the PBB.

Turn 3, All ISC went 16. The PBB went 16 and the rest of the WYN went 8. The 2 AXC exchanged shots with the DD at range 2, leaving 1 AXC and the DD crippled (4 overloaded disrupters, 4 PH1, and 2 PH3 vs 4 PH1 and 4 PH3). The PBB made it to the corner and took the 2 PL-F on a 3 impulse hit and the 2 PL-S on a 4 impulse hit, but on seperate shields. The ISC CA gets 4 pulses from the PPD to land on the PBB as well, but only about 20 internals were scored. While this was happening, my CA fired 4 overloaded disrupters and 7 PH1 at it, while the 2 AXC chipped in 2 overloaded and 2 normal disrupters. This heavily damaged the CA and then the PBB managed to get turned around and fired 6 disrupters and 7 PH1 to leave it nearly a smoldering wreck.

At this point, the ISC resigned. He had a CS with basically no front shield, although it would be able to fire 2 PPDs next turn. The CA was just about dead and the DD was crippled. The WYN had the PBB damaged but still in fighting shape, the CA which had 2 shields heavily damaged from rear PL-F but had only taken a couple of burn through, and 1 damaged AXC and 1 crippled AXC.

This WYN squadron is surprisingly effective. 18 disrupters and 20 PH1 command respect and does a lot of damage at long range and short range. As long as the AXC hold out, it should be very difficult for any potential enemy to deal with this fleet. And the AXC aren't as vulnerable as they look (at least at long range) with 4 batteries and plenty of power.
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