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#41: 5 Sessions-- what would it take...?

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:31 am    Post subject: #41: 5 Sessions-- what would it take...? Reply with quote

Someday, I want to pick up an issue of Captain's Log... and then within a few weeks play 5 different game sessions using either a scenario or something significant from the issue as a major premise. I'm not there yet in terms of having enough stuff and players to pull this off, but I'm working on it. This breakdown is for me to get a notion of how much product it would take for me to do this.

Igneous: I'm not sure what product presents this Monster Scenario. Sounds fun, though.

The Western Worlds: This could be used as an rpg setting for GPD. No adventure seeds are included, but if you want to combine Trek with (literally) a Western style story, this is the place to go for your SFU/Firefly fusion.

Fire in the Deep: If you think the Seltorians (from Module C3) are boring, think again.

Star Fleet Pawn Stars: These characters can be used in the Western Worlds scenario somehow.

Pirates of M81 Galaxy: More informatio, on the Tholian Home Galaxy that builds on info from modules C2 and C3. The Nucian ships referenced in the article are CL #40. This should be a fun place to game. You can play the Tholians and Seltorians as the evil galactic empire... with various Han Solo style rogues scraping a living on the edge. A nice contrast to the Fed-Klik-Romulan setting.

Black Nebula: Instead of putting your Firefly type characters up against *real* military forces, you may want to pull out these guys as the "heavies" of an encounter. The sting operation at the opening of Serenity was pulled on guys like this perhaps....

Galactic Survey Cruisers: If you are trying to come up with something for one of these nifty ships to do, this piece should provide massive amounts of information. Going back to the "Western" game scenario, you could probably figure out the name of the ship that a ex-military scientist character would have served on... and where he served as well. Very useful!

Simulator Heavy Superiority Fighters: Need SFB Modules C4 and J for this.

Fedcom Scenarios: The first one could probably be played with just Klingon Border and maybe the Communique ships. (Lots of Frax ships in there!) "What Lies Beneath" probably requires KB, RB (for the Gorn), and GL #37 fir the Klingon light battleship. "Caught at the Stop Light" sounds like it would require RB and Distant Kingdoms.

The Frax submarine SSD's in this issue should have all the information they need to play with any Border set. The same thing goes for the super intelligent battle computers. The Juggernaut rules are good for the KB set, which has the juggie SSD in it.

SFB scenarios:

Fire in the Deep: requires some old Captain's Logs that I don't have, probably.

You do not Have to Die: I think I have the old Frax ships printed out from old playtest files. I think Advanced Missions will cover this.

Military Convoy: I think Advanced Missions will cover this, too.

Six Check: Looks like you need C1, J, and Advanced Missions here.

First Battle of Aurora: Looks like it at least needs Advanced Missions, J, Omega 1-2, Omega 4... and maybe other stuff.

Banshees: These must appear in module J.

Update T3: Nice... If you have Advanced Missions and Y1, you can play the early years version of this scenario. No idea what the later ones need.

Starmada: The tactic and SSD's are for KA, but the bulk of the text illustrates an RA campaign. With just RA, I could take a squadron of Heavy War Destroyers against the Roms....

Prime Directive: All the stats you need for phaser combat in GURPS. Maybe you could make a shipment of these (going to Black Nebula?) as part of the hypothetical Western session.

F&E: Hurricane... uses *everything*? Wah!

New Ships:

Not sure what I need for the Juggernaut ships.

Battleships: need J, R10 and maybe J2 (?)

Lyran Ships: need C1 and maybe J



The minimum I'd need to get five sessions out of this book is... hmm... GPD (or just the core GURPS rules in a pinch) for an rpg session. FedCom KB for a couple of scenarios, though you could get five sessions of material just for FedCom by having RB and DK as well. (Not impossible.) Y1, J, and C1 should be able to provide a couple of SFB scenarios from stuff in this issue-- one of which being a cool campaign. Finally, there's Romulan Armada scenario I could run.

Shopping list based on above: GPD, SFB module C1, and Fed Com Klingon Border.

I'd play a GPD session set in the Western region... for FedCom, I think I'd play the Frax scenario and try something with the Juggernaut rules... for SFB I'd play one of the early years versions of the Lone Grey Wolf and also try out the new conjectural Lyran ships... and finally, I would take the Federation Heavy War Destroyer for a test drive in a Romulan Armada game.

It can be done... and without breaking the bank at that!
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