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Xmas/new year session
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I quite like the scenario, it is quick, and it's interesting to play ships that you might not normally go for in situaions you wouldn't normally be worried about.

I'd definately be interested in a rematch.

As ever, once I've played a scenario I start looking at it more closely for ways to win that are hard to beat, to see whether it might need a tweak. I haven't read the FC version (and have only just read the SFB version), but from the way it was read to me my concerns are around the Victory points, it uses standard victory points, but with adjustments for the Fed.

The klingon can possibly score:

11.5 for damage to the CL
57.5 for cripppling
115 for destroying

The Fed starts with 15 (for the smaller ship)
Gains 25 for not shooting the D6.
Gains 30VP for picking up all Parties.

= 70VP for not shooting and just speeding in and grabbing the parties. He can just grab 1 at the end of impulse 8 and the other 2 as he swings round the planet and heads back out on turn 2. Then leaves the map on turn 3 assuming he has to exit the side he entered from (without modifying the disengagement rule the fed exits part way through turn 2 off the closest edge).

The only way the D6 can win in such a case is to actually kill the Fed. That is quite a tall order in so little time, the Fed has spare power for EM on the way in and on the way out as well, or power for batteries and any defensive fire. It is not impossible, but seems seriously tough.

I was wondering whether SFB had the bonus VPs for the smaller ship. Getting rid of that aspect would give the Fed only 55VP and mean that he would lose if crippled, which seems somewhat more credible. That makes the simple run in and out quite risky for the fed. Looking at the potential VP it does feel like the scenario was deliberately balanced on that premise.

Has anyone else played this scenario and tried anything like that?

[edit] the other thing that might not have translated well is how SFB works in other subtle ways, I'm no SFB guru, and am not sure whether in SFB you would have been able to transport a party off the planet on turn 1, which is a key part to the quick exit.
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