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Revised Sunday Smackdown Rulez for Sunday January 30

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 28, 2011 9:01 pm    Post subject: Revised Sunday Smackdown Rulez for Sunday January 30 Reply with quote

Here is the final rules for Sunday's Smackdown (10am PT, 1 PM ET, 6 PM in the UK.

Revised Rulez for Sunday:

Oh, those Masters. Those wild and crazy guys who kidnap ships and make them fight to the death. What a bunch of cards. Well, here's one the Masters created that will be sure to have their immortal bodies ROTFL: 

Welcome to the Maelstrom 
Two black holes are on either side of the arena. You will need to dance through the gravity wells of both black holes, avoid the radiation bursts from asteroids plummeting into the black holes, and destroy you opponents.

Last ship standing wins. There is a time limit of five turns. If more than one ship survives, victory points declare the winner. 

Arena Barrier 
The outer edge of the arena is surrounded by a border that cannot be passed out of. If a ship flies into the border, it takes damage to either its #1 shield, if moving forward) or # 4 shield (if moving backwards. The damage depends is equal to half your baseline speed (4, 8 and 12 points). 

In addition, the ship flips so it will immediately “bounce” off the barrier. If it moved directly in, it will flip 180-degrees. If it comes on a 60-degree angle it will turn two-hexfaces away from the barrer. its new direction, though it will not leave the hex it hit the wall in, just the facing. This also resets both turn and slip modes to 0. 

For example: A ship is flying in direction A and hits the barrier. Because it moved directly into the barrier, instead of going into the next (imaginary) hex beyond the border, the ship instead turns its facing to D and stays there. In this case, the ship was travelling at speed 24. It ends up taking 12 points of damage to its #1 shield. If the ship had been travelling in direction B and hit the barrier, it would instead stay in the hex and change its facing to C. 

The Black Holes 
The map is 45x45 hexes. The black holes are at the middle left and right edges of the map. It follows all the rules of black holes from rule section 6G, with the following exceptions: 

First, the range of effect (6G2) is changed as follows: 

Range 21+: Moved on Subpulse 4 of every even impulse (2, 4, 6 and 8 ).
Range 31+ is affected just like range 21+. 

Second, if a unit is equidistant from the two black holes, the owner of the ship determines the direction of involuntary movement.

Note: involuntary movement happenes before any other movement in an impluse.

During the End of Turn Phase (starting at the end of turn 1) a medium rogue asteroid will be beamed in by the Masters.

It appears in column 23. in any hex from rows 1 to 45. When the asteroid has its first involuntary move, ro.ll d6; on a 1-3 it moves towards BH-1, on a 4-6 it moves towards BH-2

Asteroids move closer to the black hole just like a ship. Gravity will eventually drag them in. When this happens, the black hole lets out a radiation burst (6G3b). When the asteroid appears a d6 roll determines the base energy of the asteroid, and is known to all players immediately so they can plan where the heck they will be when it falls in . The d6 roll and the damage at ranges are:

Range 0-5: 1 = 25, 2=30, 3=35, 4=40, 5= 45,6=50
Range 6-10: 1 = 19, 2=23, 3=26, 4=30, 5=34, 6=38
Range 11-20: 1 = 13, 2=15, 3=18, 4=20, 5=23, 6=25
Range 21-30: 1 = 6, 2=8, 3=9, 4=10, 5=11, 6=13
Range 31+: All ranges 0.

Mmmmm. Smells like bacon.
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