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Advice for noob Klingon vs Romulans

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Lieutenant JG

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PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2011 8:16 pm    Post subject: Advice for noob Klingon vs Romulans Reply with quote

As a participant in the current FCOL tournament I was paired against VulcanDropOut for Round 3.

I had no answers.

I was flying a C7, D7 and D5. The Romulans had a NH, SP-A and SP-M.

The major hiinderance for me? Plasmas. The only thing I could think of doing was going spd 24 so i could outrun the plasma, but this meant I has no energy to effectively hit even his SP-a and SP-m because of the huge amount of batteries these ships carry.

Eventually I had to close to be able to do anything to them and I was then at their mercy.

If anyone has some tactical advice, I am all ears.


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mojo jojo
Lieutenant Commander

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PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2011 9:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The key is to draw out his plasma faster than he can reload. His fleet of NH, SP, SP-M has only 4 S and 4 F. The D's are needed for your drones.

On turn 1, concentrate all fire at the SP. You should knock down most of a shield with average luck. In your game, he launched 2 S at you. At the start of turn 2:

1) Assuming full batteries, your C7 should have 27 power, the D7 should have 18, and the D5 should have 16 power after paying for speed 24.

2) Don't turn away yet. At 12 or 13 range, you can probably have the D5 and D7 in the hex with the PL-S and the C7 1 hex away by using a few judicious slips and decels after 2 impulses. After firing all PH from the D5 and D7 at the plasma in offensive fire, you should knock down the plasma damage by at least half.

2a) If he launches more plasma at you, turn away. You've done your job in drawing out his plasma and should be able to crush him in the reload turns.

2b) If he doesn't launch more plasma, keep getting closer. Your C7 should be able to handle the remaining plasma from a 3 impulse hit by the PL-S. Even if you fire all your C7 PH at the plasma, your 12 Dis should still have an advantage over his 12 forward PH-1, especially since you have 8 drones from turn 1 and 8 drones from turn 2 closing in on him. You can either fire phasers to take no damage from the PL-S, or save a few PH-1 in case the range gets to 5 or less and take the remaining little plasma on an off shield. In any case, take the disrupter shots at range 4. You don't want to get any closer than that if you can help it. Again, concentrate on the SP since it is the easiest to take out of the fight.

3) If you manage to get to range 5 or closer and down his shield, don't forget to use H&R attacks against his PL and PH-1. With 13 transporters between your ships, you may even be able to capture his ship. Don't be afraid if his other 2 ships drop shields to do H&R raids on you. His weapon systems are more valuable than yours on average so he has more to lose by doing this. A trade of a Dis for a PL-S tube is a great trade for you.

4) Save some discretionary power in case he launches more plasma at you. If he launches at range 4 or greater, you can be pretty assured that you won't take any damage from the launch without having to HET as long as you have the power to accelerate a couple of times. If you get closer than that, you may have to HET and accelerate a few impulses.

5) Don't be afraid to spend a turn being pursued by his ships if necessary. Your C7 and D5 have GREAT arcs of fire and your drones should be able to tie up most of his phasers in a pursuit situation. He'll find it hard to chase you in any case since at least one of his ships shoud have heavily damaged front shields.
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