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Battle Report - Gorn & ISC in Aquae Sulis

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:07 pm    Post subject: Battle Report - Gorn & ISC in Aquae Sulis Reply with quote

I had the great pleasure of being invited over to Bath for a game of Fed Cdr by Rob (forum handle Robomclain). We agreed in advance for about 300 points in Sqn scale as an intro game. Rob has played a bit of SFB, but like many of us ran out of opponents, and was keen to try out Fed Cdr.

Rob chose a solid cruiser-based sqn, with a BC and a CL for a total of 282 points. I chose an ISC light enforcer sqn with a CS and 2xFF at 296 points. The Gorn sqn is heavy on plasma power, with each ship capable of launching the infamous "wun-hundred pointszz of plasszzma". The BC also has an excellent phaser suite and is a tough ship. The CL is also one of the harder light cruisers in the game. Neither ship is noted for its manoeuvrability, with the BC in particular having the fine handling characteristics of a well-aimed half brick.

In comparison, the ISC sqn could count on better turn modes across the board, and the power of the twin PPD fit on the CS has to be respected; it also has a decent phaser suite, and the ever-popular rear-firing plasma-F weapons. The FF are reasonably well-armed for their size, with a pair of Plasma-F and a respectable phaser fit.

On the first turn, we both took the option to pre-arm weapons at the cost of batteries. Rob called speed 16 and had his ships in the same hex. I opted for speed 24 and had my FF leading the CS in a traditional ISC formation, about 2 hexes ahead of and either side to the CS making an inverted V shape. The turn proceeded fairly swiftly, with Rob obligingly approaching to about range 14 and then declaring evasive manoeuvres. I took advantage of the delay between announcement and activation to unleash a PPD volley against the Gorn CL, and in a remarkable feat of gunnery, hit with 7 out of 8 pulses. this stripped the majority of the front shield of the Gorn ship, and just as the evasive manoeuvres kicked in, I accelerated and turned away to try and re-arm the PPDs. The Gorn lumbered after me in pursuit, using accelerations of their own to stay within shouting distance.

Turn 2, I started re-arming the PPD and chose speed 24. Rob had completed the arming of his torpedoes as type-S last turn, and held them whilst forging ahead at speed 24. His clear intent was to close with my ships and give them a good spanking whilst I was a bit light on firepower. I spent most of the turn running bravely away and trying to manouevre towards the end of the turn to bring my PPD to bear next time. This allowed Rob to close somewhat, and by the end of the turn he was in a good position to bolt some of his torpedoes at range 5. Rob very smartly combined this with a carronade from his facing Plasma-F launchers. The overall result of this was some minor damage to the closest FF, losing a little bit of power but crucially, maintaining full weapons capability.

Turn 3 was clearly to be the crunch turn. I was in a slightly difficult position, having completed my turn to face the Gorn formation, but the range was quite short, and I would quite probably be charging straight into a couple of Plasma-S, something guaranteed to spoil the paintwork on my formation. We both selected speed 24, and I completed the re-arming of the PPD. There was an air of palpable tension as the turn began, and I used the first impulse to fulfill my turn mode. At the end of Impulse 1, the Gorn ships launched their Plasma-S at the CS. I responded with firing 4 plasma-F at the CL. The Gorn CL immediately performed a high energy turn, and attempted to run out the plasmas, whilst the BC continued to close with the intent to engage with phasers and plasma carronades at point blank range. Impulse 2, I declined this opportunity through a number of decelerations. This filled my turn mode, and the Gorn continued to close. I was able to concentrate all my fire on the BC whilst the CL continued to run, and I caused heavy damage to the Gorn BC with a combination of well-aimed PPD and phaser-1. As a final insult, I was (just) able to turn away from the onrushing plasma torpedoes and dump a rear-firing plasma-F into space, aimed at the BC. The next couple of impulses consisted of me running away (again) as the plasmas weakened. The Gorn BC managed to catch the damaged FF with some phaser and carronade fire, causing further damage. My plasma-F impacted on the BC, adding to its woes and making it essentially combat ineffective. I also managed to land the other 4 plsama-F on the CL, but these had been run out enough such that they only just brought the shield down and caused some minor damage. Then, it was my turn. I had no energy to run any more, and the plasma-S caught my CS, bringing down the undamaged shield and causing several internals, although the ship was still able to fight.

We called the game at this point as everyone was Winchester (had no remaining weapons if you don't know that phrase) other than a couple of my rear-firing Plasma-F and one of the CL's plasma-F. I had moderate damage to my CS and heavier damage to one of my FF, but all 3 ships were still able to fight effectively and were still in formation. The Gorns had a badly damaged BC and a very lightly damaged CL, but the ships were separated quite widely, and the BC was close enough to the ISC formation that it would have been likely to have been destroyed before the CL could intervene. Rob announced that he would probably have run for it, and we agreed that the ISC had won a tactical victory.

I think we both enjoyed the game - I haven't done much on the Eastern side of the galaxy, and was shocked by the carnage that a plasma carronade allowed the Gorns to inflict. Rob was surprised by the effectiveness of the ISC weapons fit, but the key thing was we enjoyed ourselves, and I can hopefully fight my way back to Bath for future games.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Excellent write-up. Thanks for sharing!
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