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Casa de'Tomas - Campaign game #2

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:20 am    Post subject: Casa de'Tomas - Campaign game #2 Reply with quote

PlasmaBoy and I finally got to play our next game in the Casa de'Tomas campaign. His Federation against my Kzinti in a 400 point game.
We both scored the +10% bonus, so he took:
Federation CC, DWS, FF
versus my:
Kzinti DW, DWS, FF

One half of the map ended up being numerous, small dust clouds while the other half was open space. For the first three turns, lots of manuevering was done to keep key ships in dust clouds, scout functions were primarily used to remove stealth generated by the dust clouds... with the occasional bit of jamming thrown in for good measure.
As luck would have it, I couldn't hit the broad side of a cruiser and he couldn't miss.

At the end of three turns, he had scored at least two criticals on each of my ships and they had all received internal damage. At this point, I felt discretion was the better part of valor and decided to exit the map. Forgetting for a moment that Max Warp Now! precludes turning, I ended up with my DW 1 inch from the Federation CC... ooops! Hoping for a clean shot on my DWS, the CC was activated last and everything moved to intercept the postion 6 inches ahead ofthe DWS.

My DWS, when activated, used All Power to Engines and zoomed across a dust cloud, effectively saving it for one last round. The Federation CC used Overload and tunred to centerline the DW at range 1! Three of the four photons missed - WOOT! When the dust had cleared, the DW's shields were gone and it was two points from being crippled. Now it returned fire - with devastating results. Everything hit and much of it bypassed the shields, criticals managed to reduce shileds by 10 boxes. The ADD stopped the drones, but rolled a one and ran out of ammo.

Both the remaining Fed ships were out of position and unable to fire on anything. They did launch drones at he DW - but all were stopped with the Anti-Drone trait.
The Kzinti FF fired its rear arc Phase-3s at the CC (all hit) and then launched 4 AD of drones at the CC. With NO weapons remaining and no anti-drones, he rolled his tractors and failed to stop any drones. The resulting impact cleared the remaining shileds, took out all hull boxes, and scored 4 Devastating +1 criticals.
During the End Phase, the kzinti DW and FF disengaged.

Turn 5, the Kzinti DWS used the Max Warp Now! special action. The two remaining Federation ships used All power to Engines to reposition themselves for a parting shot at the Kzin. No major hits scored.

The end result:
All three Kzinti ships disengaged (and the after action rolls reapired all damage except 4 points of internals on the DW).
The Federation lost a very expensive to replace CC and hte DWS and FF escaped unscathed.

It was a great game, much fun was had by both players, and it took 58 minutes from deploying the first mini to the table to removing the last surviving mini.

Scoutdad's minis photos here!
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