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After Action Report: The Mighty Hood Goes Down

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 6:00 am    Post subject: After Action Report: The Mighty Hood Goes Down Reply with quote

After Action Report
Scenario: The Mighty Hood Goes Down (modified)

Fleet Scale; we decided that the map could float three panels (large hexes) in any direction from the panel containing the planet, since the scenario is ambiguous on this (only mention of distance is 52 hexes from the planet when using plasma torpedoes).
Klingon; 1 D7 (KB), 2 E7 (Comm #19)
Federation: 1 DNF (RB)
We decided to use the DNF since both players were relatively new, but one was more experienced than the other (taking the DNF), so there still needed to be a significant Klingon advantage (69 pts in this case). We were originally going to use a BCF, but decided to go one more level.

Turn 1:

The DNF plotted speed 8 and loaded its photons after using its batteries before turn 1 to preload them. The Klingons plotted speed 16 and moved in together.

Minor damage was scored on the forward shield of E7A and the DNF from long range phaser fire.

Turn 2:

The DNF plotted speed 24 as did E7b and the D7, while E7a moved along at speed 16.

Massive barrages from the D7 and E7b stripped shields 1,4,5, and 6 from the DNF but through a good use of batteries (and some poor rolling for overloaded disruptors—boxcars!) only minor internal damage was scored.

Return fire from the DNF struck E7a’s #3 shield. Two overloaded torpedoes(+4 each), one standard torpedo, plus 5 points of a plasma carronade and 4 phaser 1s ripped into the ship in one large alpha strike, doing 34 internals leaving the ship with 9 boxes left and able to generate only 3 power.

Turn 3:

The DNF plotted speed 16, and moved of from the stricken E7 to try and put some distance from the other Klingon ships and preloaded its photon torpedoes, and added one point of energy to the plasma F just in case, while the D7 and E7b moved at speed 24, and E7a remained stationary without enough power to move above speed zero.

Both the D7 and E7b overloaded their disruptors and used their phaser 1s at range to score 7 internal damage points on the DNF and further degraded its shields.

The DNF answered with 4 phaser 1s, and a two point plasma carronade shot at E7b completely destroying shield #1 and causing 11 internal damage points, many of them weapons.

Turn 4:

The DNF plotted speed 24, charged its plasma F and fully loaded its photons, while the Klingons plotted speed 16, except the crippled E7 which could not move above zero. The DNF looped around to finish the crippled E7(a) while the Klingons turned wide to catch the DNF that had slipped past them.

Phaser fire from the D7 and E7b ripped through the tattered remains of the #4 shield on the DNF scoring more internal damage, including the plasma F launcher (which had only 1 point of energy in it).

Phasers from the DNF tore through the #6 shield of E7b causing 15 internal damage, effectively taking it out of the fight. Three standard photons were launched at the speed zero E7 which breached the forward shield and caused 12 more damage points, including 3 frame hits—destroying the ship.

Turn 5:

The DNF continued to move at speed 16, using its preloading energy to regernate shields instead, with the D7 speeding to catch it at 24 and the remaining E7 keeping up at 16. Damage from long range phaser fire from the D7 caused yet more internal damage to the DNF.

Turn 6:

The DNF and E7 continued speed 16 with the D7 moving along at speed 24.

Fire from the E7 and D7 caused moderate internal damage (~10-15 boxes) with the DNF’s return fire causing 12 internals on the E7.

Turn 7 dawned with the DNF stripped of its shields, half its weapons gone, facing an untouched D7 about 7 hexes away and a crippled E7 with two functional disruptors (and the power to fire them) at a range of 3 or 4 hexes. Though the victory conditions were met at that point (One E7 was destroyed and one was crippled, leading to a Klingon defeat), we decided to call the game since there was no way the DNF could survive four more turns through the onslaught of the D7 without photons or its plasma F and half its phasers and almost no shields.

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Joined: 10 Nov 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 6:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I ran the DNF in this scenario, and I have to say, the fact that I stayed alive to the start of turn 7 is mostly due to luck and poor rolling on the part of the Klingons. Most of the internal damage scored was on labs, hull, and other non-essential systems, few power systems and weapons were actually hit. I was also able to rotate and regenerate my shields fairly well, presenting a less undamaged one to the Klingon ships when they had good shots.

And gutting one E7 early on was also good.

I can't imagine this scenario using a CA--that would have been much more brutal.

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