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federation commander campaign
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Romulan attack on the Lyran held level 6 system was played last night. the fleets started about 45 inches away and headed fairly straight at each other with the Romulans at BLS of 16 and the klingon and Lyrans at 24. the Defenders launched 9 drones at the outside fire hawk on impulse 5 or 6. The Romulans fired phasers at the drones on impulse 7 damaging 3 and killing 3 then went evasive. on impluse 8 the defenders Alpha striked the war eagle in the center of the Romulan formation with disapointing results. The war eagle had it front shild knocked less than half was down due to bad rolls, evasive modifiers, range and some sub par ship stats. that was the end of turn one which passed very quickly.

At the start of turn two the roms finished loading all torps and declared BLS of 16 again, and the Klyrans went with a BLS of 24. it got very interesting here. the Klingons put their 3 E -4s out in a gun line ahead of the rest of their ship as bait for the Romulans figuring they would be ignored and could harras the romulans latter or be killed and the Lyran reserves could be brought in to replace them if they where diroyed. The rest of the Klingon ships and the Lyran started a saber pass. A second wave of drones were fire and the defending fleet focused fire on the war eagle again. the romulans got to close range the the E-4s and gutted 2 of them with directed fire to keep them on the board and in play


War Eagle in trouble

the war eagles launched their R torps one at the center E-4 that didn't get gutted and one at the Lyran CW. the lest tof the romulans heald their torps.

the 2nd war eagle took the rest of the klingon ire but manage to stay alive bearly. With the threat of 450 points of torpedoes and romulans with plenty of power and unable to bring reserves in the remaining Klingons and Lyran ships had to flee the table


oh and the battle hawk came on in reseve for the Romulans after the war eagle died and was able to capture one of the drifting E-4s . The Condor hdn tracktored the other and captured it later as well.


I am sure I missed alot in this post but onr thing. This was a great game and all the players played great and good sportmanship abounded.

the campaign map now will look like this at the start of the next turn

Creator Empire campaign rules and Code of War (COW)Expansion.
review rules on the Federation Commander Campaign post, 123,000 views and growing
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 4:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Campaign setting

Version 1.40 (revised)


Empire is a galactic conquest game that invites an open-ended non-linear setting; Players control one or more of the various Empires. The object is not to win, but to expand, survive and prosper. In this game total ruin of an empire will be hard to accomplish, but there will be wars, border skirmishes and random encounters. Diplomacy and Story line will play part, as each player will play the role of the respective ruler of each empire they control. The Game Director will run the main storyline, create encounters, manage the various NPC empires and fill in the gaps in this unique game that combines the elements of a table top wargame with Role Playing.


Choosing empires and planet type

Game set up

Command and control

System and Sectors

Turn sequence




Romulan Cloaking


Orion Pirates

Fast Cruisers

Ship characteristics

Legendary Officers

Tse Cloaking

Random encounters


Minor Empires


Choosing Empires

Of course the first step to the empire campaign game is to choose an Empire. Once you choose the empire that you wish to control, the next thing you need to do is to choose one of three world types that your empire can and will colonise and use to gather production. The three types are listed below, the economic value of each system is the base value, this value can go up depending on the world type, terrain type and if later the controlling empire places either a Battle Station or Starbase. Each of which gives production in terms of increased efficiencies in the production system. Starbases also add to the empires fleet limit cap. Also certain planets and bases add to research points, as they will automatically generate research points each turn that may be stored and used as needed.

World Types:



3.Other (ice, volcanic, no atmosphere, what ever the player wishes to choose though it is merely cosmetic the type does not effect the value)

Each time a system is discovered the exploration vessel has to spend one more turn discovering terrain and or planetary masses. Of course if you are expanding quickly you may forgo this and choose to explore the system at a later time.

In each system there may also be the possibility of random terrain, such as asteroids or nebula. Note the Tholian home system is considered to be asteroid terrain throughout up to the dyson sphere that is their home world.

Terrain may also be encountered in battles at the tactical level that does not appear on the campaign map, to determine roll a d6 at the beginning of battle if the result is a 1 then there will be terrain present to be determined by the GM for that particular battle.

After choosing your empire and world type then you will locate your staring position on the map. (Random) after that you begin to purchase your initial fleet and start playing

Fleet purchasing/Fleet size and cap:

Each empire starts the game with 1 cruiser, after that you may purchase ships and bases as you acquire production from your home system, newly explored systems, planet, terrain and bases. The empire may spend 200 points on one 130-200 class vessel, any remaining PV carries over.

Each level of ships can only be a certain percentage of your overall fleet, as detailed below:

This is based upon 10 ships, fleets are grouped on the rule of 10. (The 1st LDN does not count against the 200+ limit; also they only have a CR of 3)

Ship cost % of fleet at any given time

201 or above 10%

130-200 40%

129 or less 50%

Rule of 10: for purposes of determining the base %, the amount of 10 ships should always be used as the base number, regardless of whether you have 10 ships or not. Also ships must be built in progression through each level up to the capital ships, this is used only to help to determine the % of ships of each point cost level in comparison to an empires total fleet strength.

Starting fleet limit is 40 ships, this is what can be supported by a home system, and you cannot add to that limit if you control more than 1 home system due to the difference in technology. Also each Starbase adds 5 to your fleet limit. Merged capitals give an additional 5 to the limit. Orion’s have no limit.

Set up:

1. The starting hex* of each race counts as their home system and is considered to have all the starting bases as referenced above for a home system. Also it produces 100 PP's. (The home system is explained in detail on page 8.) The range of supply for the home system is 3 hexes.

2. Each empire starts the game with 1 Cruiser, used for exploration. (Note ships assigned to exploration may move 2 hexes, this is the only time hexes are used for movement in this game, all other movement is concluded by the adjacent border method.

3. Following the standard turn sequence for movement each empire moves their Cruiser into empty and adjacent hexes, and then rolls on the exploration chart to determine what was discovered in the hex. Then after the initial exploration is determined the frigate may move again and explore another system, or stay and use the second movement to do a further level of exploration to look for planets or terrain.

4. Hexes are broken down into two levels. Systems and Sectors, systems denote the actual production level of a hex 1-6. Sector stands for the division of the system once bases are placed in the system this is detailed under system upgrades on page 7. Sectors are the actual FC battles that the ships play on, each sector may be of differing size and is rolled randomly at the beginning of the battle to determine how many map panels are used for the battle. Also terrain if present on the campaign map is used as well. How to take a system and the benefits that sectors provide for defence are detailed on page 11 under system combat.

5.Base production points for each hex is only 50% of total, and you cannot collect the other 50% until you have purchased the necessary freighters to haul the remaining 50% of the production of the system. Example in a level 6 system the production total is 40, once explored an empire is able to collect 20, and may collect the remaining 20 when the empires merchant marine is of sufficient size to carry the remaining 20 PP of that system.

6. Once you start to actually field ships you can begin placing them on your various borders, home fleet or assign them to raid/patrol, exploration or escort duty, remember that you cannot expand more than 3 hexes out from your furthest base(see Cow rules for fleet guidelines)

7. Ships assigned to Raid/Patrol/Marauder can be used for either function in each turn at the owning player’s discretion. Patrol vessels may still be used to stop raiding vessels that are attempting to attack freighters or you may use the escort rules. Also empire may opt to raid just to raid in the hopes of catching an enemy patrol vessel.

8. Escorts please assign ships from your total pool for escort duty these ships will automatically defend any attacked freighter fleets (only) at the owning players discretion, this is handy in that you do not need to roll in an attempt to get a patrol vessel to intercept.

9. Record all ship assignments on the fleet location chart, you may re-assign ships only after each turn, you will also track all ships victory points and keep a record of each ships characteristics.

•You may use a blank piece of hex paper, a FC map panel or several to be used as your campaign map.


Movement in the game is conducted by moving ships from border to border, the act of moving inside your own empire means you may move from one adjacent border to the next adjacent border or to the home fleet. Moving across borders into allied territory is considered moving to an adjacent border. The way movement works in the game is that a ship enters warp or the warp, the ships focus in on the beacons and communications and warp signals of their own empire (collectively known as the warp transit network or WTN) to allow for movement, they also focus in on an allied empire ( if the allied empire allows them to use their warp transit system) the WTN is required for ships to move, thus us a system is cut off by enemy ships from the rest of an empire any ships that are left in the system that is cut off may at any time withdraw back to the host empire but the host empire may not bring in reinforcements. This clearly shows that the ships can connect with the greater WTN of the host empire but any systems that are cut off lose that WTN broadcast so any ships outside the cut off system have nothing to home in on. If at any time ships operating in another friendly empire are cut off from that host empires WTN must immediately be withdrawn to the nearest border of their own empire.

Bases may not move after being constructed with the exception of mobile bases and system defence monitors. Mobile bases may be re-deployed during the movement phase, and system defence monitors may move on the tactical map but not on the campaign map.

For purposes of movement the nearest border is considered as adjacent, crossing over from one empire to another counts as moving from border to border, once inside the borders of the friendly empire then move as normal. Movement into a hostile empire is one system at a time, though systems conquered are considered an extension of the border from which the attack came.


System Exploration charts:

For each hex entered roll the type of sector discovered.

(Note Patrol Corvettes, Police Ships, may not explore, nor may they participate in a sector attack, they can defend) they also count as fast warships when determining escort response to Orion Pirate raids. (See Orion Pirate Defence chart)

Once you have determined the hex production value, then you need to determine if there is any permanent terrain features and world type.

System type roll 1d6

1-3minor system

4-6 major system

Then roll on the minor or major system table below.

Minor system roll 1d6

1-2 empty

3-4 tiny

5-6 small

Major system roll 1d6

1-3 medium

4-5 large

6 huge

Sector reference table

Lvl of System Production

1 Minor/empty 2

2 Minor (tiny) 5

3 Minor (small) 10

4 Major (medium) 20

5 Major (large) 30

6 Major (Huge) 40

Home 100


After the system value has been determined then another exploration must be concluded, a ship that is in supply to a base can only do this. Any cruiser can do initial exploration and they do not have to worry about supply but the deeper exploration of the system requires more time and resources so supply is critical.


Minor Systems

Lvl 1 System 1-5 Nothing

6 Terrain

Lvl 2 System 1-4 Nothing

5 Terrain

6 Minor world

Lvl 3 System 1-3 Nothing

4 Terrain

5 Minor world

6 Minor world

Major Systems

Lvl 4 system 1-2 Nothing

3 Terrain

4-5 Minor world

6 Major world

Lvl 5 system 1 Nothing

2 Terrain

3-4 Terrain + minor world

5 Major world

6 Major world + terrain

Lvl 6 system 1-2 Nothing

3 Terrain

4-5 Huge World

6 Huge world + terrain


Roll terrain type Production value

1-3 minor asteroids 50% of sectors 0

4 whole system is asteroid system 2

5 nebula 0

6 roll again if 6 again then Black hole 0


Roll world type

1-3 Habitable World (Empires chosen type)

4-6 Non-habitable world

(roll 1d6 a 1-3 is for one type of non-habitable world while a 4-6 would be the other remaining type)


Type Production value Research point value

Minor 5 0

Major 10 2

Huge 20 5


Worlds are taken when an enemy empire takes the system that the world is in, worlds may also be devastated and rendered useless for the remainder of the game if the enemy allocates at least 1 130+ ship for one turn to rain destruction down on the chosen world.

Also a system may be reduced by 1 level per campaign turn if an invading empire assigns a force of no less than 500 PV, this force is razing all the economic infrastructure of the system, though no system may be reduced to less than 1 or empty.


When a system is explored the player still roles the system size, however the size of the system is always 1 hex(called systems), until the controlling player begins placing bases into the system to give it it’s lines of defence.(called Sectors)

The following explains the progression of the sector with bases placed, the bases must be placed in progression in other words you cannot place a Star base in a sector until the prerequisite Bats has been built prior.

There are two types of system upgrades for system utilizing bases, note that only Battle stations and Star bases can upgrade a system with extra sectors. All other bases

First upgrade type:

The addition of either a Star base or battle station to a system, divides the system into 2 sectors the back sector which contains the Base (either the SB or Bats) and a empty front sector that is empty.

Second upgrade type:

If there is a world of any type in the system then the system may be upgraded as follows, first a Bats or Star base may be built and that splits the system into 2 sectors as above, after this then the player may build a Star base ( and only a Star base) once this is done the system gains the governors sectors which are arranged as 3,2,1 in sectors with the new star base in the back sector with the world, and the original Bats or SB placed in any of the front sectors. The name governors sector is due to the world and Star base which con notates the appointment of a governor.


Home systems are the largest systems in the game each empire has 1 home system (capital) and multiple huge worlds. the home system of each empire produces 100 Production and you get all of this without the need of freighters. Here is the sector and base organisation for each empires home system.

Home systems generate Command tokens

Hone systems are organized into 6 sector lines that lead eventually back to the home system, organized as follows.

Line 1

6 sectors

4 Base stations

Line 2

5 Sectors

1 Huge world

1 Bats

Line 3

4 Sectors

1 Huge world

1 Bats

Line 4

3 Sectors

1 huge world

1 Bats

Line 5

2 Sectors


Home line

1 sector

1 starbase

1 home world

Command and Control

The command rating is applied to certain ships and equals the amount of ships that may operate as a unit under that ship.

The default is a squadron of 3 ships, this takes no special ships or command ships to have. After 3 ships if you wish to have 3 or more ships (a fleet) then you have to have a ship with a Flag bridge present. This indicates that the ship has the facilities for a Flag officer to be present and thus the command and control to allow fleet operations.

Command ratings:

All ships with a flag bridge with the exceptions noted below have a command rating of 3, this allows you to have 3 ships in addition to the ship with the flag bridge to be organised.

Actual Command Cruisers and Battle Cruisers (with flag bridges) have a rating of 4 as do Battlestations and Starbases.

Dreadnoughts and Battle ships have a rating of 5.

Command ships or ships with Flag bridges represent a special class of ships in service to each empire and as a result are limited in quantity, Only 30% of any given empires total fleet strength can be ships with flag bridges or command cruisers.

The can only be one DN or BB type in any one attack or defence fleet, the rest of the fleet may consist of any class and or type provided there is at least one ship with enough command to permit that amount.

Joint fleet operations:

If more than two races are working together in the same battle then one race must be the primary race and may use the higher command rating the secondary race may use a command rating at one level less for their ships. Example if the Romulans and klingons were operating a joint fleet and the Klingons had a DN with 5 ships then the maximum the Romulans could bring would be a CC with 4 ships. If a base is present on the defending side then you may add 1 to the total command rating if you choose. Regardless of the number of empires in the joint fleet you only use the next lowest command rating of the next fleet for purposes of the number of ships in the second fleet. The second fleet may consist of any combination of ships from different empires.

Fleets/Commodores/Orion Bosses and Admirals: this may be found in the Code of war expansion.

Command Tokens: This may be found in the Code of War expansion.


The limit that ships may operate away from any base is a maximum of 3 hexes, so bases must be prepared and made in order to allow for exploration or invasion that penetrates deeply into an enemy empire.

Systems and planets do not need to be linked by supplies from bases, the system that maintains each empire economy is separate from the command and control functions that bases supply. For purposes of this game this will be the only purpose of being in supply.

At any time a ship or ships loses supply status they must be moved immediately to positions that place them into supply once again, ships not in supply may not attack, systems that are out of supply may not have ships defend them.

Planetary Defence Monitors: This may be found in the Code of War expansion.


Summary of turn sequence

1.Collect production

2.Conduct diplomacy/announce research and trade

3.Resolve spy actions

4.Purchase/research pay step

5.Assign ships to duty roles /transfers

6.Exploration/Random Encounters

7.Resolve raids/pirates

8.Conduct movement/attacks/fast warships/

9.Resolve tactical battles/collect victory points and empire points.

10.Start new turn

Turn Sequence:

1. Collect production: collect your total empire production plus any production from trade or Orion Profit. The total empire production is determined by adding up all the system values for the empire. Remember that the full total is available only if you have enough freighters in possession to move at least 50% of the total empires production points or PP's. Example if you empire has 160 PP's then you would have to have enough freighters to haul 80 PP's to collect the top 50% of your empires economy, if you do not then you cannot collect the full amount.

Freighter PP hauling capacity.

Free traders 1 (note this is for all speciality freighters)

Sm freighters 2

Lg freighters 3

Large Ore Freighter 5

Commercial Platforms/Q-Ships may be found in the Code of War Expansion.

All empires start the game with 50% of their total production for each sector explored, and 100% for their home sectors. The only way to acquire all 100% of each sectors production is to purchase enough freighters to be able to transport the remaining 50% of each sector that is not automatic.

Example: the federation explores and finds a level 6 sector, the sector has a production value of 40. Immediately the federation player can start collecting 20 of those 40, and then as the player buys freighters can get the remaining 20, in this case the player would need enough freighters to move 20 production points. (this is also explained in set-up on page 4.)

2. Conduct diplomacy/ announce research and Trade

3. Orion’s resolve spy actions and empires resolve counter spy actions

4. Purchase step

B. Spend/Save production: Each player now spends their production in one of 5 ways or they may save any or some of their production, production may be spent in one of the five following ways.

Buy ships

Ships cost the same amount of the Squadron ship cost on their ship cards; empires may only purchase ships that they have availability to. All ships are placed at the end of the purchase step and can by used on the movement step, with the exception of DN and BB which take 1 turn for DN and 2 turns for BB to be placed. (Bases have special rules)

Purchase Orion Pirates

(See Orion Pirate rules)

Convert production points to research points: this is a cost of 10 PP to gain 1 research point, collected research points can be used later to start and pay for research initiatives.

Upgrade Systems: purchase and place bases

Repair/Upgrade ships

Any ship that received a frame hit in battle has to be repaired before it can see action again. The cost to do this is 25% of the value of the squadron cost of the ship, these ships are out of action for at least 1 turn and have to be repaired before returning to action. Once repaired they are placed at your home fleet or a border fleet with a star base.

Ship characteristics may be upgrade to any level at the following cost.

Current rating: 1-5 cost is 5 per step until you get to a rating of 6

16.cost is 1 per step +1d6 until you get to 16

17-19 cost is 3x number raised to. (16 raised to a 17 would be 17X3)

5. Assign ships to fleet duty, exploration, raiding, marauding, escort duty, refit or patrol. Ships purchased this turn may be assigned at this time. (With the exception of battleships, which take 2 turns to place after initial purchase as do Starbases, all other stations take 1 turn.) You may at this time move any amount of ships from one adjoining border fleet to another border fleet. The Home fleet may have ships moved to any border fleet and conversely any border fleet may move ships to the home fleet. (They all count as adjoining) Note the only ships that can be assigned to patrol or raids are any non-dreadnoughts, with the exception of Light Raiding Dreadnoughts, which may be used to Raid and also patrol.

6. All empires conduct exploration; each empire needs to plot which hexes are to be explored by assigned ships, up to a maximum of 2 hexes may be explored by each ship. Ships assigned to exploration ignore the base and supply rule, only frigates may be assigned to exploration duty. As each hex is moved into consult the exploration tables and record on the map your findings

7. Movement: you may at this time move any amount of ships from one adjoining border fleet to another border fleet. The Home fleet may have ships moved to any border fleet and conversely any border fleet may move ships to the home fleet (they all count as adjoining) You may also attack and move mobile bases.

8. Declare raids: resolve Empire and Orion raids and patrol rolls, note that any assigned escort ships may automatically be used to stop a raid.

9. System combat: players may at this time declare war (or not) and engage ships against an entire system, the key is that the attacking fleet must have enough ships in the initial attack to be able to invade each sector in the front line of the system. Also the defending player must have enough defence ships to place a ship in each sector, if not then you must move back tot he next line of defence until you have enough ships in your defence to place at least one vessel in each sector.

The Attacking and defending players may collect any amount of ships for the defence or attack. When the attack begins each player secretly assigns his or her ships into the sector attacked or defended. Remaining ships not used may be placed into reserve to be used in later lines of battle or for counter attack. Ships placed in reserve do not have to wait a full turn to be placed into battle.

Ships in reserve may join into any battle 1-2 turns after the battle starts in tactical mode (roll 1-6 to determine) Fast warships may join in 1 turn after the battle has started if they are reserve ships for the attacking or defending fleet. If the fast warship is coming to the battle from another battle the ship will not show up for 1-3 turns. The ships for attack and defence are drawn from that assigned border fleet, other ships may be brought in from other border fleets or from patrol ship or raider ship pools but not until at least 1 turn has past.

Decisions to attack or defend are not governed by initiative each player can announce to attack and or defend any number of times, they may also change their minds if they are attacked and wish to defend instead. This continues until all players are reconciled with all actions.

There are some limits to movement and placement, which will be explained here;

First: the home fleet may react to any attack on any border by a hostile fleet or lone marauder. (Note that marauders may be intercepted by any ships assigned to the patrol pool as well as any fast warships assigned to fleets as well as any ships in the home fleet) this reaction happens and is announced during the attack step.

Second: When placing ships for border fleets a border is considered a border in terms of the game for placement/attack and defence when there are at least 1 or more hexes that are on the border with the other empire in question.

Third: marauders are a new rule and these ships are assigned in the raid/patrol pool, this is a new action that raiders can initiate.

Fourth: Orion ships may engage in a particular battle at the last minute before tactical battles occur. If there is an Orion ship’s station on the adjacent border of the battle or in the empire in question the Orion player may react to a battle and use fast warship rules to join the battle at the end of turn 1. This causes the Orion ship to have to double their war engines and causes the Orion ships to arrive with the appropriate damage at the start of the scenario, this action must be announced in the campaign turn when battles and movement are being announced. Other empires may react to this announcement.

Fifth: ships that are involved in a multi-sector battle are considered to still be in the system at the end of all tactical battles for the turn. If there is a new battle within the same strategic turn to attack another sector within the same system then new ships may be deployed to attack and to defend by both empires, this is movement within the tactical battle step that is strategic in nature. The following ships may be used: attackers may use other ships that are assigned to the border where the attack is happening, or they may pull from their fast warships that are stationed ANYWHERE. The defender may use the same resources but may also use ships from the home fleet at no penalty to arrival time. Empires may also call upon assigned patrol or escort vessels if there is great need in a large battle that is going into the next sector. Ships called from this pool are assigned to the battle but arrive in 1-3 turns to aid the other ships that are moving into the next sector of battle. There is a condition to this that there must be at least 1 ship able tot enter the battle on the first turn of the scenario, otherwise they may not support the battle. Orions may also be acquired as mercenaries at this time also and they follow the fourth requirement as listed above.

Sixth: the movement of ships from friendly empire to friendly empire requires moving from the nearest border to the next border assignment and or home fleet location. If a ship was moved directly from an adjacent border it would move across the border of the ally in question and would be allowed to move to the next nearest border to the border that was just crossed. However if the ship had been moved from the home fleet to the allies territory they would be placed on the closest border of the ally.

After a system is taken then at the end of all battles the victor may assign ships for ht next turn to either devastate a planet or system.

The System is taken when all sectors have been defeated, and the attacking fleet has moved to the last sector of the system (systems with no bases will only have one sector

Special Rules

A. Economies:

If an empire is not engaged in formal war the maximum amount of production it can use that is assigned to ship or base construction is 50%, it is assumed during peacetime that the rest of the empire economy is spent in worthy endeavours.

If an empire goes to war then it may use it’s full production value (providing it has the sufficient merchant marine to move the remaining 50%) for wartime construction on ships and bases. Due to the extreme stress that wartime economies have on empires an empire may only stay on wartime economy for 4 turns, after the 4th turn the economy goes back to peacetime even if the empire is still at war.

B. Fast warships:

Fast warships may be moved once again after movement has occurred, this is useful that if you are attacked you may divert a fast warship(s) from an adjoining border fleet to aid on another border. You may also move fast warships from border fleet duty to patrol status (but not Raider status) without allocating them in advance.

Fast warships that are engaged in either offensive or defensive operations in a sector may at the end of their assigned battle ‘warp’ out and help in any other battle happening in the same sector. The controlling player roles 1d6 to determine the amount of turns before the fast warship ‘warps’ in to any concurrent battle in the same sector.

Orion ships are considered ‘fast’ but at penalty as they can receive damage for doubling their warp engines. When a Orion ship uses this rule they may react as a fast warship but the Orion player must roll a d6 the corresponding number is the number of rounds that a ship must double their warp engine to arrive in one turn.

C. Patrol/Police craft:

May not explore, though they may raid and or be used as marauders.

D. Trade alliances:

Players may negotiate a trade alliance with each other through diplomacy or through NPC empires through the Game Master. The benefits of having trade is that once you have negotiated a trade alliance you may start buying freighters which will add additional PP's each turn up to a maximum of 25% of your total empire PP total, each empire may have a maximum of only 2 such trade alliances. Which could in effect boost you to 150% of your total economy.

D.1 Neutral Zones:

A neutral zone may be negotiated between two empires on an established border for any length that is agreeable to the two players. The effect of the neutral zone is that the neighbouring empire has to announce one strategic turn in advance of any attacks against the empire that the neutral zone was created with. Note this does not affect raids or pirate activity.

E. Cloaking:

Empires with ships that can cloak gain the following benefit. At the beginning of each system defence, the defending player may place their ships in the sectors after the attacker has announced their deployment and placed their forces in the sectors, also the Romulans may use this when invading. Roll 1-6 for each sector attacked a roll of 1-3 indicates failure and the player with cloaking ships must place their ships as normal, a 4-6 indicates success. (For Romulans this is a 1-2 failure 3-6 success) also the Federation gains the special ability to add to the roll of the cloaking players die roll do to superior base sensors.

TSE cloaking:

The TSE gains the strategic cloak advantage in the game, however their ships do not start with the cloaking device for the tactical battles. The TSE player may use 20 VP that a ship has acquired (and only the ship that actually got the VP may them in this fashion) to place the cloaking device on that ship. The cost is the 20 VP and a 1 time cost of 20% of the total value of the ship in PP.


TSE ships use Federation equivalents but with the following changes:

The TSE sacrifices ½ of the photon mounts for other weapon types, these types are assigned when the ship is built, to change the weapons the ship must follow the frame damage rules to convert to another weapon.

Weapon types available

1.Particle Cannons

2.Drone racks


F. Raids/Patrols/Marauders:

Raids may be announced during the raid step and each raiding ship makes a raid roll, also for each raider roll the empire being raided may make a patrol roll for each patrol ship. Each raider and patrol ship may only have a maximum of 1 roll per turn. The steps are as follows.

1. Raiding empire rolls on raid chart

2. Defending empire rolls on patrol chart (battles are fought as needed)

3. Raiding empire rolls on raid results chart

Raid chart

1-2 Raid is a failure you find no freighters

3 Small convoy 1d4 freighters

4 medium convoy 1d6 freighters

5 large convoy 1d10 freighters

6 Huge convoy 1d10+2 freighters

Patrol Chart

1-3 no interception

3-5 interception, resolve battle if patrol vessel is destroyed then roll raid results.

6 interception, convoy escapes

Raid Results charts

1 convoy escapes into the warp

2-3 25% of convoy is destroyed

4 50%

5 75%


Freighters lost in the convoy are deducted from the empire freighter pool and so is their collection value on empire production.

Q-Ships and other Freighter rules may be found in the Code of War expansion.


Ships up to a maximum of 2 operating together or any number of single ships may be assigned to marauder action, these ships must come form the patrol pool or from any existing fast warship. Marauders have 1 of 3 special actions.

1.Devastate a system/world.

2.Destroy research infrastructure.

3.Challenge a patrol vessel to duel.

Use the following charts to resolve each action and see explanation of each type of action.

Devastate system/world: a ship assigned to this is basically attempting to take away PP from the bottom 50% of the PP pool this is a use full step when an empire has not freighters left to raid against.

Devastate chart


3 success destroy 10 pp

4.success destroys 20 pp

5.success destroys 10 pp and 1 level of system

6.success destroys 20 pp and 1 level of system

To intercept use interceptions chart and or refer to movement rules in system combat

Disrupt research: a ship assigned to this has a chance to disrupt a research project or steal a current technology. (Only one attempt may be made per turn against a research item, so only 1 ship at maximum may be assigned from one empire against another empire to this role)

Use the Orion charts for this but add 1 to each roll. (Fast warships may use the normal modifier)

Challenge: this a very special rule it allows 1 ship and only 1 to cross into another empire and challenge a specific ship to battle, this is validated by knowing ships patrol routes or fleet assignments and then targeting a specific ship in battle or ambush.

Challenge chart



Note that only ships assigned to the patrol pool may be ‘challenged’ ships with legendary captains of any level are exempt from being challenged unless the challenging ship also has a legendary captain at which time they cancel each other out and then roll normally.

Fast cruisers:

All cruisers or ships designated as "fast" add 1 to all rolls for raiding and patrol results.

Light Raiding Dreadnoughts:

Light Raiding Dreadnoughts may be assigned to both raids and to patrol runs and though they do not receive any modifier for the raid or the patrol they do receive a +1 when resolving results. The first Light-raiding Dreadnought purchased by

Each empire does not count against that empire’s capital ship total of 1 per 10 ships.

Future purchases of Light raiding Dreadnoughts do count against the total.

G. Orion Pirates:

You may purchase Orion pirates to conduct raids of profit for your empire if you wish these raids if successful will generate PP's for the employing power but do not deduct from the empire being raided. (It is assumed that the raid may acquire art, plans, records, and secrets) you will follow 5 steps for using the Orion’s.

1. Purchase an Orion pirate ship, the cost is 20% of the squadron value of the ship. Only available ships from specific cartels may be bought.

2. Consult the Orion relations chart to see if your payment attempt work to actually find and hire an Orion ship. Note that you may affect this roll by having used the Orion’s successfully in the past see below.

Orion Usage Chart

1-3 successful contracts no change

4-6 +1 on die roll, -1 on profit cut roll

7-10 +2, -2

11+ +3, -3

Orion relations chart roll 1d6

1-2 no contact loss 100% of the cost

3 no contact loss 50%

4 yes double the initial cost

5-6 yes

3. Now consult the raid results chart, you roll a 1d10 and determine the PP's potentially gained as well as a 1d10 x5 to determine the cut being taken by the Orion.

Orion raid results chart roll 1d10

1 failure

2 20 cost 1d10X5 % (5-50% cut to Orion’s)

3 30

4 40

5 50

6 60

7 70

8 80

9 90

10 100

4. Now consult the defence chart, the defending player may at their option opt not to defend and only use a freighter then there is no battle, and the player takes the profit (minus the cut)

Defence chart (roll 1d6)

1-2 failure

3 1 freighter type 1 escort of 130 or less

4 2 freighter type 1 escort of 130 or less

5 3 " " 1 escort of 130 or more

6 4" “ 1 escort of 130 or less, 1 escort of 130 or more

1.Escorts are chosen from the available patrol or escort pool.

2.Fast warships and Light Raiding DN may be used as well if available

H. Orion Pirates (player control campaign level):

Use the following rules if a player is assigned to controlling the Orion Pirates. First there are two levels of player control.

1.A player controls the Orion pirates home sector and as a result are treated as a minor empire, Minor empires have special rules please review Minor Empires Rules. Or the Orion Player may opt to play one of the Pirate Cartels.

2.Playing as the Orion Pirates Minor Empire, the controlling player has the Orion Home sector on the map, they have 75 PP per turn, they also accrue 20% of all Pirate gains from each cartel hired by other empires.

3.Orion Ships may operate any place on the map; they have to be assigned to either the Orion home sector, or to one of any Empires.

4.The Orion Pirate player may opt to hire ships out for mercenary duty, cost to be decided through negotiations( the Orion minor empire ship being assigned as a merc, must be in the empire of the player that is requesting the use of the merc. Once agreed upon the controlling employer places the mercenary into action, but in battle the Orion Player controls the ship.

5.Cartels may supply mercenaries from their available ship pool the cost is 30% of the value of the ship.

6.The Orion Player may pay for spies. They cost 50 per spy, and only a maximum of one Spy may be placed per empire or operation. these spies each turn may roll for top secret information that may be used later or at any time by the Orion Player as “merchandise” to be sold. (Consult the Spy rules) this action occurs during diplomacy.

7.The Orion Fleet starts with 500 PP of ships.

I. Orion Cartels:

Orion Pirate Cartels.

The following is a list of pirate cartels that are in operation at this time of the Empire Campaign as well as the empires they each operate in.

1.Hammer Fist Cartel


2.Van Geldur Cartel


3.Obsidian Blade Cartel


4.Blackthorn Cartel


5.Souldrinker Cartet


6.Harbinger Cartel


7.Pallida-Mors Cartel (Pale Death)


8.Black Veil Cartel


9.Rakshasa Cartel


J. Spies:

At this time only the Orion Pirate minor Empire may use Spies, the following rules apply to spy usage in the game, Major empires may employee counter spies at this point, Major empires may pay PP to the Orion player for spy actions against another empire. Cost is 100 base or determined through negotiation.

1.Cost for each spy is 50 PP; the cost for a counter spy is 50 as well.

2.Orion Spies may attempt 1 of 4 actions each turn in each empire they have a spy.



3.Disrupt research/steal research

4.Assassinate counter spy or legendary officer

3, an empire to stop the actions of an Orion Spy may use Counter spies, Counter spies can choose between 1 or 2 actions.

1.counter intelligence

2.assassinate spy

Spy Charts and actions

Steal: when stealing action is declared consult the following chart.

1.failed, spy discovered and killed

2.failed, spy discovered and cannot act for 1 turn


4.success 1d10 pp stolen

5.success 2d10 pp stolen

6.Success 3d10 pp stolen.

PP stolen is deducted from the empire treasure prior to purchases.

Sabotage: When announcing sabotage the Orion player must pay 20 PP up front and then consult the following chart.

Roll 1d6 and consult the following:

2.Failure, spy discovered killed.

3 Failure


5.Success Place a 10 point bomb on ship of choice

6.Success places 20-point bomb on ship of choice or re-roll of critical success.

Critical success chart:

Roll 1d6


4.Success, choose 1 ship to have 30 point bomb

6.Success, choose 1 ship to have 50 point bomb.

Disrupt Research: The Orion player pays 20 pp up front and then rolls on the following chart, note that only 1 Orion ship may be assigned to do this against an empire, multiple disruption attempts may be made but only 1 success is allowed.

Roll 1d6 and consult the following:

1-2 failure

4.Destroy 5 research points

5.Destroy 10 research points

6.As 5 above but also add 1 to the number of campaign turns to finish

Steal research


5.success, though may be intercepted

6 success no interception allowed.

Assassinate: The Orion player may pay 50 pp up front to attempt to assassinate another spy or legendary officer then roll on the following chart.

Roll 1d6 and consult the following:

1-2 failure spy discovered and killed

3-5 Failure

6 Success target eliminated


K. Counter Spies:

Empires may purchase 1 counter spy at any time for a cost of 50 PP; the counter spy may be used to counter the actions of an Orion Spy acting in their territory. Counter spies may be used defensively only through 1 of 2 actions. Counter intelligence, which effectively blocks an Orion Spies offensive action or Assassinate.

Counter Intelligence: Counter Intelligence is used after an Orion Spy has declared action, at this time the controlling Empire rolls 1d6 on the counter intelligence chart below.



3.success Orion Spy rolls at –1

4.success Orion Spy rolls at –2

5.Success Orion Spy is killed

Assassinate: Assassinate may be declared after the Orion Spy has declared action and is resolved before the Orion Spy takes action just like Counter Intelligence, once declared roll 1d6 and consult the Assassinate table below.


1.Failure counter spy is killed, Orion continues with action.

2.Failure Orion Spy continues with action.

3.Failure Orion Spy continues with action but gets a +1 on roll.

4.Success, but both counter Spy and Orion spy are killed.

5-6 Success Orion Spy is killed

L. Minor Empire rules:

Minor Empires are as such, The Orion Pirates, Wyn Star Cluster, LDR, Seltorian Hive Vanguard, or a defeated Major Power. The following rules apply to Minor Empires.

1.Minor Empires may not explore

2.Their home sector generates 75 PP per turn.

3.They may engage in trade and may have up to 2 trading partners, they can double their PP through trade for each partner.

4.They may not hire pirates

5.They can raid and attack, but they cannot expand beyond their assigned home territory.

6.They do not use freighters in their home system

7.Seltorian forces start with 1 hive ship and 3-6 other ships, they can move each turn in attack or raiding. They can take one sector but they cannot take more than one, this home sector is their base of operations, if they attack, they can take another sector but they lose control of the sector they used to control. The Seltorian PP per turn is 100.

New Minor Empire rules can be found in the Code of War Expansion.

M. Bases:

Bases are created in steps for all empires, the following occurs for base creation and the following benefits are gained from bases.

1.First step a mobile base must be created and placed in system, the mobile base may stay or be moved to another system after creation, they may relocate once per strategic turn, and use the normal movement rules for adjoining borders There is no gain from a mobile base, but a mobile base is required to build a BS, BATS, or SB

2.1 turn after the mobile base has been built it may be upgraded to either BS or Bats for the squadron cost of the base subtracting the cost of the Mobile base of 100, this takes one turn. After a BS or Bats is built and only after that you may construct a Star base, the cost of a Starbase is the full squadron cost, and are not active until the turn after they are built. Note that only Bats and SB provide systems with defensive infrastructure in terms of the system now having sectors (see bases and sectors at the beginning of the rules)

3.Benefits Supply range Production Research points


A. Mobile Base 3 none none

B. Base Station 3 none 2

C. Battle Station 3 +2 PP 2

D. Star Base 3 +10PP 5

The added PP are not due to the base actually providing resources, they reflect an increase in efficiencies in the supply chain.

4.Defence Satellites may be purchased they are placed automatically at the end of the purchase step just like regular warships (minus BB and DN) you may place a maximum of 6 satellites around any one planet. They can only be used and placed at one of the controlling empires planets, they cannot be used to blockade.

Rules regarding Monitors will be covered in the Code of War expansion.

N.Random Encounters:

Random encounters/events are rolled once each turn by the GM for each empire, a roll of 2-3 on 2d6 indicates an event, encounter or one of many possible scenarios.

Roll another 1d6 to determine which type 1-3 indicates an encounter 4-6 an event.

Encounter roll 1d6

1.planet crusher




5.Orion Attack an Orion force of 300 BPV attacks a random system.

6.Seltorian hive ship with 3-4 escorts not to exceed 350 pp

The random monster rolled above may only appear in one empire at a time, so if it rolled again you must ignore the roll. Specify a random border where the creature is coming form and into the empire, then roll direction, the creature will proceed on this course destroying everything it can for 1d4 campaign turns

N. Continued

The Seltorians follow the minor empire rules that explain the Seltorians earlier in the rules, this is the only way the Seltorians may re-join the campaign as an entity that is possible aligned with the existing Seltorians or opposed, to be determined by GM

Event roll 1d6

1.Random system rebels, no pp comes out until the rebellion is put down, the rebels are stopped if a ship of cost 130+ is stationed there for 1d4 turns.

2.Terrorists capture a random ship cost 130-200 this ship will then start to attack one ship of the chosen empire

3.Random planet suffers a catastrophic event, production is stopped and the planet is rendered useless.

4.New breakthrough in research, a Random ship receives an upgrade in its characteristics, roll to see which characteristic it is, then move the characteristic to 20.

5.Merchant marines make a remarkable discovery, empire may investigate, this may yield PP, territory, or information…to be determined by GM

6.New World is discovered in random system, world type can only be placed in a system that has no world in it.


Scenario play may be added at any time at the discretion of the GM for storyline development.

O. Ship Characteristics:

Each ship in the game is in effect unique with their own construction traits and officers and crew. Each ship will be recorded on an individual Ship log which will serve as the ships "character sheet" on this log you will record the name of the ship, track victory points and name the captain and track all the officers experience.

First of all roll the 1d20, 2d10 or 5d4 for each of the 6 ship characteristics, record this on the ship log ship characteristics may be increased by one of two methods, upgrades or using victory points to achieve scores above 16.

Cost in VP's is 1 per number raised to; (a 16 to a 17 would cost 17 VP) then divide by 2 for total VP cost.

Ship Characteristics:

Hull 1-6 takes 1 extra hit for each 10 scored

7-15 no modifier

16 reduces 1 internal for each 20 scored

17-20 chance for failure on HET is reduced by 1

21 reduce 1 internal for each 15 scored

22 free HET and reduce 1 internal for each 10 scored


1-6 negative 1 modifier to all roles

7-15 no modifier

16 +1 to single weapon in volley

17-20 +1 to one weapon type in volley

21 range for weapons is reduced by 1 column

22 +1 to all weapon types on volley

* The + means a favourable roll modifier of 1


1-6 subtract 1 each turn from batteries

7-15 no modifier

16 +1 power

17-20 +2 power

21 +3 power

22 +4 power


1-6 add 1 to number of hexes to fulfill turnmode

7-15 no modifier

16 -1 to turn mode

17-20 may rotate 15 points on shield rotation

21 Shield regeneration cost is cut in half

22 Cost for evasive action and HET is halved


1-6 energy cost for trans/trac is doubled

7-15 no modifier

16 +1 to range of transporters and tractors

17-20 Transporters carry X2 marine per transporters

21 +2 to range

22 Tractor auctions cost ½ power to match opponent

P. Legendary Officers and Experience:

Officer Level Charts:

Any Officer

Level Victory points Abilities

1 0-12 none

2 13-24 Choose one lvl 2

3 25-50 Choose one lvl 3 plus any from level 2*

4 51-100 Choose one lvl 4 plus any from level 3*

5 100+ Choose one from each level.

* Applies only to Captains and First Officers, all other officers choose from one pool.

Legendary officers may only be transferred to other ships by legendary captains with the recruitment skill. The owning player may transfer legendary captains, Commodores and Admirals to the same ship type. Each time a captain receives a level the owning player may transfer the legendary captain to a larger vessel of one class larger than the current class.

Note: Commodores and Admirals will be part of the Code of War Expansion

Q. Victory Point Chart:

•During the game, points are scored for causing damage to the enemy ships as follows:

•For scoring internal damage = 10% of point value

•For forcing a ship to disengage =25% of point value

•For crippling an enemy ship = 50% of point value

Crippling is defined as causing internal damage equal to one-half of all boxes (not counting boxes repaired before the end of the scenario).

•For destroying an enemy ship = 100% of point value

•For capturing an enemy ship = 200% of point value

•Take total points and divide by 10 to get VP value and then divide by number of ships on winning side.

•Points may also be scored for achieving scenario specific goals.

•1-10 points may be awarded for winning the scenario at GM discretion

•1-5 points may be awarded for role playing

•The victory point percentages are not cumulative, use only the best victory point percentage applicable.

R. Legendary Abilities:

All abilities are listed by a code, pleas record this code on the ship record log for officer abilities.


Level 2 Abilities

C-2-1 Margin of victory

Once a turn captain may re-roll any one of his/her die rolls


Once a turn captain may have any one friendly officer roll re-rolled.

C-2-3 Combat strategies

Once per turn captain may change facing of host ship by 1 hex facing.

C-2-4 Command star 1

Captain gains 1 of 3 stars for promotion to commodore.

C-2-5Command tactics

Once per turn captain may move host ship 1 hex in current facing after fire is declared

Level 3 abilities

C-3-1 Command star 2

Captain gains 2nd of 3 stars for promotion

C-3-2 Captains sacrifice

Captain re-directs any one internal hit on host ship per volley into another system on host ship.

C-3-3 Vision/Recruitment

Captain may promote another officer to next level. (This can only be used once in and only on one officer) and also captain may (once) recruit any 2nd level officer of any one type (except captain) for current ship

C-3-4 Prerogative of command

Once per turn captain may use any one XO officer skill one level below (from current XO officer on ship)

C-3-5Command structure

Ship has command even if all command systems are destroyed.

C-3-6 Academy Mastery

Counter any enemy officer single ability, once per turn on any enemy ship

Level 4 abilities

C-4-1 Command star 3

Captain gains 3rd of 3 stars and can be promoted to Commodore.

C-4-2 Legend

Captain becomes legendary may use any other officer’s ability 2-4 once per turn from current officers on ship.

C-4-3 Confusion

At the end of sub pulse 4 on any one impulse captain may choose to turn the facing of any enemy ship by one 60-degree turn, once per turn.

C-4-4 Master strategist

Re-roll any one die of choice each turn, this may be an enemies die roll or friendly.

C-4-5 Superiority

Counter any single enemy captain ability once per turn.

First Officer__________________________________________________________________________

Level 2 abilities

X-2-1 Indirect attack

Cost of arming suicide shuttles halved

X-2-2 Crew Training

Add 1 point to damage control each turn

X-2-3 Absolute responsibility

First officer adds 1 to marine rolls when defending

X-2-4 Command star 1

Acquire 1 of 3 stars for promotion to level 2 captain

X-2-5 Defence Matrix

All shields have 1 point of reinforcement per turn

Level 3 abilities

X-3-1 Command star 2

Add second star of 3

X-3-2 Ship Acumen

Counter any single ship enhanced characteristic, once per impulse.

Level 4 Abilities

X-4-1 Executive Privilege

Counter any non-captain ability once per turn

X-4-2 Sword and Shield command

First officers can co-ordinate Navigator and Weapons officer to use Sabre Fighting.

X-4-3 Command star 3, add third command star may promote to captain.

Engineer ____________________________________________________________________________

E-1 Provide power

Add 1 power each turn

E-2 Ships Steward

Add 1 to damage control rating

E-3 Emergency power

Add 1 free hex of movement once a turn on any subpulse.

E-4 Reach of many

Add 1 to range of transporters

E-5 Hand of the Ship

Add 1 to range of tractor beams

Weapons Officer______________________________________________________________________

W-1 Duellist

Add 1 to any single die roll when attacking

W-2 Shield Wall

Re-roll any single host ship defence roll once a turn

W-3 Re-calibrate

Once per turn you may re-roll the hit location for a volley.

W-4 Marksman

Once a turn, Weapons officer may choose a single internal, sacrifice all other hits from volley.

W-5 Countermeasures

Counter any single Weapons ability, from an officer or through ship characteristics, once a turn.

W-6 Cyclone

Reduce arming time on a single multi-arm Direct Fire weapon by one impulse.

W-7 Whirlwind

Reduce arming time on a single multi-arm Seeking weapon by one turn.

W-8 Sword

Allows direct fire weapons to be used while conducting evasive action. (Cannot be used without Navigator with Shield Movement ability


N-1 Star Beacon

Auto Disengagement on any ending impulse

N-2 Evasive Mastery

Ship takes one less impulse to come out of evasive action.

N-3 Shield

Allows direct fire weapons to be used while conducting evasive action. (Cannot be used without Weapons Officer with Sword Ability)

N-4 Expert Manoeuvring

Gain a free HET

N-5 Efficient Geometry

HET costs 3

N-6 Profiler

Terrain/Web movement restrictions halved

Marine Commander___________________________________________________________________

M-1 Legion of Honour

Marine major acts as 2 boarding parties

M-2 Jugular strike

+1 on hit and run roles

M-3 Moral of the Empire

Add +1 to rolls when defending

M-4 Masters Duel

Call out other Marine major for one on one duel Use opposed D6 roll to determine victor. Winning side gains +1 on attack

M-5 Assassinate

During boarding action Marine Commander may choose to attempt to kill opposing ships officers. Roll 1d6 1-3 no success, 4, marine Commander killed, 5 marine Commander and target killed, 6 target killed.

M-6 Ship Conqueror

+1 on roles when boarding


Legendary Commodores are acquired after a legendary captain is promoted, the benefit to having a legendary commodore is a +1 to the command rating where the commodore is at.

Commodores may also acquire up to 2 command stars and if so they are promoted to Legendary Admiral which confers a bonus of +2 on the Command ratings.

S. Racial Abilities (By Race):

The following abilities are all specific to the owning race and as such may not be used by other empires, the Captain and XO abilities are all level specific and may be acquired at that given level. The abilities for all other officers have unless otherwise noted in the description a requirement of needing to have at least one ability from the general pool before you can choose a racial skill.


F-1 Captains Bluff Captain Lvl 3

Use ability Captain has 25% to win scenario by creating an elaborate hoax, which causes the enemy captain to withdraw due to a perceived catastrophic danger.

F-2 Veterans Captain Bluff Captain Lvl 4

as above but % chance is 35%, or Captain may opt to roll 15% or less, to have the enemy captain surrender his ship.

F-3 Shield Harmonics XO lvl 3

Move up to 10 points from an adjacent shield as opposed to 5 points, during end of turn phase.

F-4 Improved Shield XO lvl 4

Shield bleed damage occurs at 15 pts Harmonics (if combined with Weapons officer ability Master Shield harmonics then prevent all shield bleed damage.)

F-5 Master Shield Harmonics Weapons Officer

Add +1 to shield reinforcement capacity per volley, cost is still one energy token.

F-6 Emergency Weapons engineer

At the end of any impulse a direct fire weapon of choice may be re-charged during the same impulse and fired again, cost in energy tokens is double the normal.

F-7 Emergency Warp Power Navigator

Navigator must already have Star Beacon, plus the mandatory 1 other ability. If so at the end of any impulse owning player may move ship up to 3 hexes away from current location on same heading.


K-1 Sabre Dance Cpt Lvl 4

This powerful ability when used in conjunction with the XO weapons Master and the weapons officer Weapons Geometry allows the Klingon ship to fire Disrupters at the next lower range category, though energy cost is +1.

K-2 Weapons Master XO lvl 2

Linked to Sabre Dance

K-3 Weapons Geometry Weapons

Linked to Sabre Dance

K-4 Target engines only Weapons

Once per turn a single volley automatically scores internal on the power damage chart.

K-5 Wolves Manoeuvre Navigator

Once per turn, ship may make a 60degree turn even if turn mode is not satisfied, turn mode is reset to zero.

K-6 Shield of Khaless Captain Lvl3+ Weapons

With this ability the Disrupters on the Klingon Ship may be used to fire in defensive mode if needed.


T-1 Guillotine Weapons
If bridge is hit roll 1d6 to kill any officer 1-2 indicates a fatality (if no bridge then any remaining control system.

T-2 Agonizer Booth XO Lvl 3

Add 1 to damage die for one weapon per Volley.

T-3 Captains Justice Cpt lvl 3

Add 1 to damage die for one weapon per Volley (2) if combined with agonizer booth

T-4 Protect the Empire XO lvl 4

Ignore damage from any one direct fire Weapon on a roll of 1-2 on a d6

T-5 Live by the Sword Marine Major

Sacrifice marine major and gain +10-boarding Parties for one round of marine combat.

T-6 Crash Dive Weapons

The ship may fire while under cloak, however this burns the cloak out and can not be repaired

During the battle. Costs 5 PV to repair between scenarios. The ship is fully visible the next


T-7 Shake and Bake Navigator

The ships may cancel Evasive Maneuvers during the offensive fire step of any impulse. The violent stabilization of the ship is treated like a HET, but add 1 to the roll, as it is slightly safer then an actual HET


Z-1 Mass Drones Weapons

May use 1 shuttle as a scatter pack (4) drones on shuttle and pulled from racks. Maximum of 1 shuttle per scenario.

Z-2 Seeker Junior grade Weapons

This ability allow the Kzinti ship when firing drones NOT to announce the intended target of 1 drone being fired. The Player places the drone as normal but can move the drone to any opponent of choice, following the Drone rules for turn mode and speed. THe weapons officer literally has a
manual control at the weapons console that allows him/her to direct the movement of the Drone remotely. and can be targetted at anytime against any ship or allowable target. The Weapons office may at even the last moment before impact redirect the drone to another target, a true drone.

Z-3 Seeker Senior grade Weapons

Allows 2 drones instead of 1 but otherwise is the same as Seeker Junior Grade.


R-1 One last duty Captain lvl 2

Ship may self-destruct on any end of turn Phase, this must be declared 5 impulses in Advance of the end of the turn.

R-2 Lord Centurion XO lvl3

Cloaking device costs 25% less

R-3 Gatling Plasma Captain Lvl 4

A type F tube may hold and shoot 2 Torpedoes of type, the cost is doubled and the force of the use of the tube causes the tube to be destroyed, though it may be repaired using dmg control.

R-4 Defence Manoeuvre 1 Navigator+Captain lvl2

With this the Romulan ship may move in evasive as well as cloaked, the cost is the cost of both added together, going evasive in this action does not void the cloak. With the HET’s are also possible.


H-1 Fusion Expert Weapons

This ship reduces the range for fusion weapons by one hex.

H-2 Flight Master XO LVL 3

The fighters of this ship can stack and shoot 4 fighters per hex.

H-3 Trap! CPT LVL 2

When defending a sector, the ship may pre-place fighters in any
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L-1 ESG Pulse Engineer

The Engineer causes the ESG to change radius, re-adjust as if it was created at the new radius. Can be done once per ESG usage.

L-2 Drone Burnout Weapons

The ESG takes 1 less damage point from drone hits.

L-3 Strike Point Alpha Navigator

Once per battle, this ship can attack any shield facing of an opponents ship when they are at

range 0. This includes range 0 ESG hits.


G-1 Hammer of the Tri-Star Captain Lvl 4

The Gorn Captain with this ability adds 2 damage to each carronade result.

G-2 Born of Fire Marine

Add +2 to all gorn marine combat rolls.

G-3 Iron Guard of the Tri-Star Marine

Gorn Marine units each count as 3 in boarding action

G-4 Mangler Weapons

Add 2 to range of Tractor Beams


TH-1 Defense Grid Captain Lvl 3+Engineer

The ships capitain may have one webcaster used to cast a web instead of casting the web, the Tholian may place the web barrier directly over one shield. the amount of space is reduced to just that shield. The cost in terms of damage protection is up to the strength of the web on a 1 per 1 exchange. The Tholian ship may do this in the defense step and has to declare which shield they are layingthe web over. Once done the strain that this places on the tholian ship causes all webcasters to be destroyed from the strain.


S-1 Commune Captain lvl 3

The seltioran ship acts as a command cruiser for purposes of command rating due to Seltorian commander linking with the hive.

S-2 Accelerator Weapons

Particle cannons only cost 1

S-3 Devastator XO lvl3 + weapons

Particle cannon rnage is reduce by one collumn, damage is +1.

Note: where it indicates the officer level + an officer this means than in addition to the requirement the ship smust also have a legendary officer of the type noted. Example: captain lvl3 + weapons would mean the ability is a lvl 3 captain ability and you must also have a legendary weapons officer on the ship to use the ability.

T. Research Rules (optional)

Research is a powerful new option to the game and as such it is optional, there is no tech tree or list of obvious research items, instead it is governed by a small flow chart for the decision filter the player must follow. It is divided into one of three areas of research, it is governed by the GM of the game who assigns the research points needed to accomplish the research and also the cost in PP and the number of turns it will take to finish the research item.

Research points are acquired from bases, and Major or Huge planets of the players empires world type or they may be purchased at 10 pp for 1 point of research.

Base/planet research production

Base station 2

Battlestation 2

Starbase 5

Major world 2

Huge world 5

The three areas of research are as follows:

1.Empire: technologies in this field affect or have influence at the empire level, an example of this would be a network of listening posts that surround the empire and gives it the effect of a neutral zone on all borders.

2.Fleet: Technologies here affect the ships in a given empire, an example of this may be “maximum shields” this technology gives each shield an additional 10 points before they take damage on the ship card.

3.Note that ships in service prior to the new technology must be refitted following the frame damage rules.

4.Legendary ability: this is self explanatory, it allows the empire to research new and implement new legendary abilities above the scope of those listed.

Research may be declared by each player at the research step on the turn order summary, to do this the players follow the following basic parameters.

1.they pay 10 PP to start the idea, this reflects the use of labs, scientists, resources to get the idea off the ground and into theory.

2.Then assign the research to one of three areas; Fleet, Empire or legendary ability.

3.Then announce the idea, with all parameters, the effect the cost, the energy that may be required…ect, this needs to be written up for all players to see.

4.The GM then vetoes or allows the idea, if the idea is vetoed the player still uses the 10 pp and losses them.

5.Once the idea is accepted then the player begins to spend the necessary research points, production points and any other qualification the GM may choose to assign, including the number of turns.

6.Each turn the player rolls on the research progress chart.

The Decision Filter: S.T.A.R

All ideas must follow the above basic outline for approval.

They must be

(S) Strategic: the idea must be able to have strategic value at the campaign level.

(T) Or Tactical: the idea must have tactical value at the ship to ship level.

(A) Attainable: the idea must be within basic guidelines and fit in with the current level of development of the empire and the game.

(R)Reasonable/Realistic: reasonable in that the idea will not unbalance the game or give any empire technology or enhancement that is unrealistic to the scope of the given campaign or game play.

Research chart: (to be rolled on each turn)

Roll 2d6

Roll Results

2.catastrophic failure, all progress is lost, start over.

3.Add 10% to cost in PP and RP

4-10 No change

11.cost is reduced by 25% in research points and 1 turn quicker

12.immediate success pay full cost but do not wait any longer in terms of campaign turns

Code of war rules (cow) add text, images, video, widgets, etc...



All of the Code of War expansion rules are designed to bring the core Empire rules (1.4) up to version 1.5. the 1.4 core Empire rules are only affected where a Code of War (COW) rule supersedes the Empire 1.4 rules. The COW rules are designed to enhance the core game and this is basically a recipe book of optional rule sets that can be chosen in entirety or in part. There are several new approaches to the game that effect the mechanics and logistics, going forward all new material will be placed into the COW expansion. The core rules may undergo grammatical or clarifying changes but those rules are for the most part solvent and unchanging.


Each empire will have a finite number of command tokens to use for each action they take on the strategic campaign turns. The use of CT's reflect the empires overall infrastructure for handling the many decisions and approaches an empire must take each turn. The use of CT's will force the player to think carefully about their strategy and use of resources. In the past the amount of Production points really dictated how much could be done, that and the amount of available ships and their location. Now regardless of PP or ships each empire will be limited to the amount of actions they can take each turn.

At the start each Empire will have 8 Command Tokens and can only gain more command tokens by building bases and or acquiring huge worlds of the empires chosen world type. Command tokens that are not spent on a given turn may NOT be carried over to the next turn.

Initial Command Tokens:

From home system

1 for the huge home world

1 for each Starbase (3)

1 for each Battlestation (4)

total of 8

After an empire may acquire more command tokens through building or acquiring the following:

Bases: Additional Command Tokens

Battlestation 1

Starbase 1


Huge world of chosen empires type 1

Command token Costs

Cost=0 the following actions are free and may only be restricted by certain resource limitations such as PP, or ships:

Repair, purchase freighters or commercial platforms, raise attributes, second action of fast warships, defend against an attack, collect income, supply, diplomacy, assign new ships to fleets, reassign admirals.

Cost=1 each of the following actions cost 1 each time it is done.

Build/purchase new ships(except Battleships) raid, maraud, explore. hire pirates, use spies, announce research, transfer a ship from one fleet to another, build a base (except Starbase), create/cancel a neutral zone, create/cancel a trade treaty, add Orion mercenaries to a battle, (orion's may not gift these CT's as they do not have CT's and Orion ships may only be placed in battle if paid for)

Cost =2, each of the following actions cost 2 each time it is done.

Build a starbase, build a battleship, attack another empire, create a new fleet, purchase an admiral, attacking then changing to defense on the same turn still costs 2


Admirals in the COW rules represent the overall command ratings of a given fleet or formation, each Admiral is able to command a fleet, and an Admiral may actually be chosen to go into battle at the head of that fleet if so needed. Each Admiral starts the game with a Command rating of 5 and through time and experience raise that CR up to 8, but only if the Admiral participates in battles and wins those battles! Only one Admiral may be assigned to each fleet, an empire may have any number of fleets on a border or in an empire though this is restricted by certain provisions in the rules.

Admirals command entire fleets a fleet may have any number of ships in it's formation but the actual number of ships that may be brought to any one battle is connected to the Admirals CR these formations are called task forces and may not be all of the ships in a particular fleet or they may be all of the fleet if the fleet has less than 5 ships. Admirals do not need to actually be in the battle they may extend their CR to a battle (only 1 battle) but if they do that they will not gain Victory Points, this reflect the ability of an Admiral to have their plans put into affect by a far flung commander who is operating in the Admirals stead. If an Admiral is actually present at the battle with their flagship ( a fighting Admiral) then that Admiral if they survive and are victorious will be rewarded VP's.

When an Admiral is assigned to a fleet the controlling player assigns the new Admiral to a Flagship in that fleet (this ship must have a flag bridge, this assignment may be changed during the campaign turn) If the Admirals flagship goes into battle then the admiral is assumed to be present and may not be removed from the risks of battle. Admirals may also be assigned to bases that have a flag bridge, these Admirals would only enter into battle if the base was attacked.

Flagships that do not have the benefit of the Admirals CR extended to them or the actual Admiral present only have a CR of 3, so that would be the base squadron of 3 plus the ship with the flag bridge. (note this rule supersedes the Empire Command and Control Rules) Orion levies do not count against the Admirals or flag vessels CR but use their own CR and joint fleet rules.

With this rule there may be any number of Battleships or Dreadnoughts in a task force from a fleet, though the number of DN, BB's and ships with flag bridges are still governed by the overall fleet organization rules that only allows 10% of any given empires fleet to have ships that cost over 201 Points, and also only allows for only 30% of a given empire total fleet strength to have flag bridges.

Admirals gain levels on the same chart as legendary officers, they are awarded VP's based upon the how successful their victory was.( use the Judging victory rules from FC rule (8B2c) admirals may be purchased for 2 command tokens and a cost of 50 PP, note that admirals promoted from legendary captain/commodores maintain all of their special abilities and a +1 to the CR.

Admiral Levels and Command ratings

Level CR Title

1 5 Vice Admiral

2 6 Admiral

3 7 Admiral

4 8 Fleet Admiral

5 9 Fleet Admiral

Here is the VP chart for Admirals

Victory Level Victory Points

Draw 0

Marginal Victory 5

Tactical Victory 8

Decisive Victory 13

Astounding Victory 16

Admirals that achieve level 4 or higher are considered Fleet admirals and may only be assigned to Dreadnoughts, Starbases or Battleships if they are not assigned to these type of ships they do not gain the 7 or 8 Command rating but instead default to the 6 of a level 2 Admiral.


Fleets in the COW rules are semi-permanent formations that are assigned to the various borders and home system, each fleet may have any number of ships assigned to it, any number of fleets may be assigned to each border and the Home fleet. New fleets may be created but at cost, this shows the need to spend resources in logistics, supply and infrastructure to put the new fleet into operation.

Each fleet must have at least one vessel with a flag bridge to be created. Certain fleets may have Admirals assigned to them though this is not necessary. Every ship that is not engaged in patrols, or escort duty (which is considered a defensive action and costs 0 command tokens) must be in a fleet. Fleets operate with cohesion, efficiencies and Elan whenever ships are moved fro one fleet to another there is a negative affect to that ships ability to operate with their new brethren and commander this negative modifier is reflected in the cost of the command token it takes to transfer each ship. Task forces are merely ships from a fleet that have been formed to execute a particular action.

A fleet that does not have an Admiral present is restricted to the CR rating of 3 for its command vessels (ships with flag bridges) Fleets with Admirals present use that Admirals CR for determining how many ships may be brought to a particular battle.

Fleets attack, defend, raid (though ships in the patrol pool may also defend and raid as per the 1.4 rules) though to raid it costs 1 CT. defending costs nothing, attacking costs 2 and raids and exploration costs 1 each. If a fleet loses it's Admiral in battle then the fleets command reverts to whatever ships left in its assigned pool that have flagbridges and a CR of 3. Fleets may be governed by an Admiral assigned to a Battlestation or Starbase. Though these admirals by virtue of their assignment may not appear in battle unless attacked.

Fleets cost the following to create, and must have the following minimum requirements:

50 Production points

An available ship with a flag bridge

A border or home system it is assigned to

2 command tokens
And be in supply

Ships are assigned to the following roles when using these rules


2.patrol pool (separate from the fleet assignment and costs 0 CT's)

3.Escort duty (separate from the fleet assignment and costs 0 CT's)

4.Exploration (separate from the fleet assignment/costs 1 CT)

5.Repair (separate from the fleet assignment and costs 1CT)

Examples of actions

1.Attack: costs 2 CT's

2.Defend: costs 0 CT

3.Transfer ship: costs 1 CT per ship

4.Disband: costs 0 CT

5.Fast warships first action costs 1 then 0 for the second.

6.Attack then change to defense afterwards in the same turn still costs 2


Ships from your empire operating in allied space will follow the rules for fleets, admirals, and command tokens with some changes. A ship operating in an allied Empire,(host) will be in one of three places.

1. Attached to an allied fleet,(could be the host empire fleet or other ally).

2.In a fleet from your empire operating in the allied hosts space.

3.In the host empire's space but not attached to a fleet.

Your ships attached to an allied empire's fleet are considered for command limits, and command token cost to be a part of the empire of the fleet they are in. This could the host empire, or another allied empire's fleet that is located in the host empire. These ships can do any of the legal orders allowed by the fleet rules above but all cost involved must be payed for by the empire that created and controls that fleet.

Ships in a fleet from your empire operating in a allied hosts space follow the rules for fleets, admirals, and command tokens as stated in those sections of the rules. This includes ships that have been added to your fleet from allies other than the host empire. You must pay any command tokens need to activate the ships for this fleet.

Your Ships in an allied empire that are not attached to a fleet are limited to patrol/raid, escort, and defense roles. they count toward the command limit of any battle they are involved in. If there is a non host fleet operating in that battle, your ships may be added to that fleets order of battle up to the command limit of that admiral. If there is no fleet, or a fleet from the host empire then your ship counts against the command limit of the host empire. The cost of activating these ships can be paid for by you or the hosting empire.

The affect of these rules changes is that there is only one way to have more ships than the command limit of one flagship in a battle. You can have one, and only one allied fleet operating in addition to the ships of the host empire in that battle.


Q-ships are heavily armed freighter and are bought and added to the freighter pool as are other freighters, they carry the same amount of PV as their same sized lightly armed counterparts. When the raid results are rolled to determine the size of a convoy the defending player may decide to insert q-ships (if any are available) in replacement of the other freighters. This may only be done once in a raid and the same Q-ship may not be used more than once in this way. The Q-ship appears as a normal freighter and the decision to use a Q-ship is not announced until (or if) a battle occurs between escorts and the attacked Freighter convoy, of course the defending player may opt just to have the Q-ships present to deal with any marauders and not respond with a patrol vessel.

Q-ships are not assigned, they are part of the freighter pool, but as as general rule no more than 10% of an empires merchant marine can be of the Q-ship classification or specialty freighter classification

Specialty Freighter Classification

The above Rule also applies to Armed priority transports(APT's), Armed cutters, Free traders, Large armed freighters (FALS's) Prime traders, and Small armed freighters.


The Orion Boss is the Orion equivalent of the Admiral and allows for orion squadrons to be formed above the standard 3 ship squadron, Orion vessels do not have flag bridges not even their DN. The Orion's can have 1 boss per cartel and only 1 boss in the Orion Prime cartel. The Boss has a CR of 5 and must be on an Orion DN. The creation of an Orion DN automatically creates an Orion Boss the cost for a boss is the creation of the DN. as Orion's do not use Command Tokens (they are restricted in their use by the command tokens of the empires that are hiring them and since they are not allowed to attack other empires they do not need command tokens.) so there is no CT cost for the creation of the Orion Boss or for the purchase of Orion ships. Most Orion actions will be dictated by the CT's available to the empires that may be hiring them for various uses.


An Empire Influence Point or EIP is a collection of points that are collected during the campaign turn they are in affect experience points that are awarded to the various players in the game. The default amount of EIF's that each empire has when the game starts is 1 and if not spent the EIF may be carried over from turn to turn. EIF's may be awarded by the Game Master to the player for various reasons such as great role playing, an awesome rule idea or research item, great strategy ..etc the EIF serves one purpose only, it is an influence effect on any one ruling or die role. At the owners request a EIF may be used to positively or negatively influence a particular outcome. Usually the outcome is modified by 1 for each EIF that is spent or a re-roll may be asked for for a cost of 1 as well. The EIF must be announced that it is going to be used before the role is made. Any number of EIF's may be spent for an outcome. The EIF may also be used during battle at the tactical level to influence a die roll for a volley of weapons a HET or any other die role that the player wishes to influence.


For each CPL purchased they add 6 points of PP to an empires overall economy. There are some restrictions though. The newly purchased CPL must be assigned to a specific system and this system is known to all players. CPL's may be raided by Orion's as per the raid rules any success role indicates that the CPL was found otherwise the CPL was not found. Ships that are assigned as raiders may raid a CPL that is up to 2 hexes away from their assigned border, ships with fast warp technology may raid anywhere they so choose.

CPL's may be defended by ships in the patrol pool or the escort pool, ships not assigned to either may not defend CPL's


after each battle each ship that received enough damage to be crippled or had at least 1 frame hit will roll for each ship characteristic on percentile dice (2D10) if the result is 20% or less then that particular stat will be reduced permanently by 1 point (unless raised back up again using the 1.4 rules ) this reflect the long term harm that a ship may have due to massive damage to it's hull and systems.


Planetary defense monitors may be placed in a system just like a base, once placed it is permanent and the Monitor may not be moved though unlike a base the monitor can move at the tactical level. Monitors do not provide supply, research or PP bonuses. There must be a planet present for a monitor to be placed, they do not count against the defender CR rating.


The following chart is a optional combat resolution chart for use by players when they so choose, there can be myriad battles each campaign turn and some players may opt to resolve some of those battles without actually doing a tactical battle, so with that in mind here is an optional chart to quickly resolve a battle with one or many ships with a single die roll.

Each player rolls against the other player, the player with the stronger PV rolls and inflicts damage on the weaker PV chart and weaker PV player rolls and uses the result on the stronger player PV chart.

After the results the players allocate damage, then decide to stay or disengage, if the players decide to stay then the players roll again. Rolling continues until one player disengages or all ships are crippled or destroyed. Note that a ship that is crippled may be crippled again at which time it is destroyed. If both fleet are of equal strength (within 20 PV of each other then both players use the weaker PV chart)

Roll (dCool Stronger (PV) Weaker (PV)

-1 1 ship captured 1 ship captured, 1 ship crippled

0 1 ship destroyed 1 ship captured

1 1 ship destroyed 1 ship destroyed

2 1 ship crippled 1 ship destroyed

3 1 ship crippled 1 ship crippled,

4 no damage 1 ship crippled

5 no damage 1 ship crippled

6 no damage no damage

7 no damage no damage

8 1 ship crippled no damage

Note damage to bases are as follows a Star base may take 3 destroyed hits or 6 cripples

Bats, Base stations and monitors take2 destroyed hits or 4 cripples

Mobile bases, and all other units use the ship results as usual

note the 8 results for a smaller fleet this result indicates a massive reversal in the fortunes of battle!

roll modifiers

Apply all modifiers as a -1 to the die roll no player may have more than a -2 modifier to the die roll regardless of how many modifiers in their favor.

EIF points may be used to make a player re-roll but not to add or subtract from the die result.

Starbase present -2

BB or DN present -1

enemy has a 2-1 advantage in ship points -1

Bats or monitor present -1

Monsters are treated as Bats except the Juggernaut which is considered a Starbase

Planet Economy Rule (optional)_

In the base Empire rules each race at the beginning of the game chooses a planet type (Terran, Gas, or Other) once that is decided upon then only planets that are of the specified type offers the players empire any type of economic boost.

This optional rule allows for players to gain at least partial profit from planets that are not of their chosen type.

If a player builds any of the following stations then depending on the type of base a certain amount of PV may be gained from the planet (note that the base still produces it's own assigned PV that is added to the empires economy)

Base Type Planet size: Minor Major Huge

Mobile base none none none

Monitor none none none

Base station 1 2 4

Battlestation 2 3 6

Starbase 3 5 10

Governors (optional)

Governors are high powered NPC's that are acquired during the diplomacy step, Governors are each unique and possess powerful abilities that can offer additional bonuses to whatever system they are assigned and in some cases the entire empire if they are carefully placed into an effective role.

Governors can fulfill many different needs for an empire, The Governors will fit into many of the different facets of the game. each Governor is unique in scope and in ability. No two governors will be alike or the same. You can imagine a governor who's skills lend themselves to the military doctrine of your empire and when hired he adds to that in some way. Another governor may be a great scientist who when hired adds to the empires collection of RP's each turn, and yet another Governor may be able to positively effect your relationship and standing with certain Pirate cartel's.

The name Governor is slightly misleading in that not all of the NPC's are in fact going to be governors of systems some of them may be assigned to ships, they may be admirals, they may actually serve as associate rulers or be your main ambassadors to other empires. However the term Governor will be used to describe all in this classification.

Governors have several different attributes they are as follows:

Cost: this is the base cost for hiring the governor

Alliance: this is the % rating that the governor has that indicates his alliance, failing this % on a roll means the governor leaves your employment.

Yearly: this is the cost per year to keep the Governor in your employ.

Skills: these are the various modifiers that the governor provides, note that some governors may also adversely affect your empire in a certain area.

The cost for a Governor is as follows:

1 Command token for the action of hiring the new governor, this is paid only if you acquire the governor.

a set base that is different in PV for each governor

then each empire bids (if they so choose or need) the highest bid wins

Each Governor will stay with their employer only so long as that empire continues to pay their Governor a yearly stipend, and keep the Governors alliance rating up. The Alliance rating is the governors level of satisfaction with their current empire, and each turn they role against their alliance rating, rolling above the alliance rating indicates that the governor leaves potion and rejoins the governor pool.

Alliance table

each turn roll on the governors base % using 2d10, if the roll is higher than the alliance rating then the governor leaves that empire.

The base can be influenced by the following

+5% for each turn the governor is employed by a specific empire up to a maximum of 95%

+5% for each 50 PV spent on top of the yearly cost, up to a maximum of 95% (this is not cumulative and on the next turn the governor rolls against their base alliance rating again (though +5% will be added for the previous turn as above)

Governors may be targeted by spies for assassination(or they may be thrown back into the pool, some governors come with commodore or admiral status and may be assigned to lead ships.

Each campaign turn the GM will randomly roll to see if a NPC governor is available, that governor will be in the pool until purchased or joined by another governor the next turn. At which time either/or governor is available.

Sample Governor's


Cost 100 PV

Yearly: 5PV

Alliance rating: 65%


Moridar adds 10 PV to the system he is assigned and also adds +1 to all patrol rolls for that empire.

Moridar is a successful ships captain as well and If assigned to a ship he adds +1 to all hit rolls, this cancels out any system modifiers while assigned.

Sagorn The Iron fisted (head of the secret police)

Cost 300PV

Yearly: 50 PV


Alliance rating: 75%

Sagorn influences all pirate actively in your empire, Sagorn's influence is so great and his secret police so effective that only 1 pirate raid per turn is allowed against this empire and that raid is at a -2 for all rolls.


Cost 350 PV

Yearly 100PV


Alliance rating: 65%

Timeal adds 30 RP each turn to the empires RP total, he also cuts all research cost in PV's by 50% and subtracts 1 turn for the time to research an item. While Timeal is employed that empire will never suffer a catastrophic research failure. (+2) on all research table rolls.


These represent a higher order and level of legendary officer abilities, they are considered unique and only 1 officer from any empire at any one time may have these abilities, if an officer is killed who possess one of these abilities another officer may acquire the freed skill.

United Federation of Planets


Lvl 4 weapons officer

Targeted fire is automatically successful, weapons officer may choose either power or weapons.

Peace of the Federation

Lvl 4 captain

pre-requisites: lvl 4 XO, ship with general characteristic of 18

Using labs on a specific ship, once 20 points are gained, the enemy ship that is targeted and that had the lab used against automatically has all shields drop, this condition lasts for 1d4 impulses.

Terran Star Empire


Lvl 3 weapons officer

Pre-requisite: Lvl 2 XO

Using labs against a specific seeking weapon the TSE ship rolls for control, control is achieved once 10 points are gained. Once control is achieved the TSE player announces the new target and the newly dominated seeking weapons will move to the new target and attempt to strike.


Lvl 4 Captain

Lvl 3 Navigator

Pre-requisite: ship with a command characteristic of 18

Once a turn during direct fire the TSE phases into the mirror universe all targeted weapons pass through where the vessel was. This ability is announced after the enemy player(s) target and announce their weapons. All weapons announced then fire and may not be retracted. The TSE ship may not fire in return.

Klingon Empire

Fear of the empire

lvl 4 Marine Major

Pre-requisites: ship with General characteristic of 18

if at any time the lvl 4 marine major and at least 1 boarding party boards an enemy ship that has been crippled during battle, the crippled vessel automatically strikes her colors and surrenders. The status of crippled is determined by having over 50% internal hits and at least 1 frame hit.

Wolf Pack

Lvl 4 Captain/Commodore

Pre-requisites; any three Klingon vessels including the ship with lvl 4 captain/commodore

When vessels in the wolf pack are used with this ability all three vessels have a +1 to their direct fire dice results and one lower turn mode. The ships must all stay within 4 hexes of the lead ship, which has the lvl 4 captain/commodore.

Hydran Royal Kingdom

Sword of the Lord Marshall

Lvl 4 weapons

Pre-requisites: Lvl 3 captain, ship with weapons characteristic of 18

Sword of the Lord Marshall allows for the heavy weapons of the assigned vessel to operate at the next best firing range for determination of hit and damage.

Hand of Justice

Lvl 4 captain

Pre-requisites: a ship with a command characteristic of 18

hand of justice forces Hydran terms for he battle at hand, Hydrans fight with a noble sense of honor an duty, it is customary to issue communication to a worthy enemy at the onset of battle to discuss the terms and rules of the battle, those rules when discussed and when combined with this ability are not violable, and held as the rules of the scenario. The rules are determined through role playing at the beginning of the battle. Examples are to the one who scores first blood (first internals) goes the victory, or such.

Kzinti Theocracy

Swords to plowshares

Lvl 4 Engineer

pre-requisite: ship with command characteristic of 18

Sword to plowshares uses the complex track and control sensors of the Kzinti vessel that is normally use for drones to be used instead as a complex jamming system that when used causes all weapons targeting the Kzinti ship to use the next attack range column to the right and a negative 1 modifier to all to hit rolls and to all damage rolls. When this ability is in place the drone control of the Kzinti ship drops to 4.

Saint Pallida's Archangels of Wrath

Lvl 4 Captain

Pre-requisite: Lvl 3 Engineer

This ability confers a speed of 32 to all drones fired form the Kzinti ship and a warhead of 24 per drone. The Engineer under direction of the Legendary Captain modifies the existing drones during battle. The Kzinti ship may only fire up to 4 of these a turn, the new Archangel of Wrath Drones (AWD's) are taken out of the normal drone stock.

Orion Pirates

Shadow War

Lvl 4 Orion captain

Pre-requisite: level 4 weapons officer, ship is weapons characteristic of 18

Shadow war is a level 4 captains ability for the orions that allows for the ship to extend it's cloaking device capability to it's seeking weapons including suicide shuttles, this costs the Orion ship an additional ¼ energy token per added unit. The satellite units that are cloaked are dependent on the mother ship and any actions that ship takes that either voids or cancels it's own cloak affects the rest of the units the same way, drones moving at 24 do not void the cloak.

Orion Pirates cont.

Assassin Squad

Lvl 4 Captain

Pre-requisite: Level 4 engineer, command characteristic of 18

Assassin squad allows the creation of speed 24 suicide shuttles to be created on the host ship, the war head capability is also increased to up to 10 points of power for a warhead of 30.
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well if all goes well the new campaign will now start in Jan. we have 3-4 players, would love to have 1 more.
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hello, it is great to see the rules posted again. can I get a clean email of this?

also i would love to join the campaign, i will send an email to you.
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Hello folks! Long time no visit.

The Campaign in Wintry Kingston continues and the General War is well underway between the Klingons, Fed and Hydrans vs the Gorn, Kzinti, Lyran and Romulan.

Did try to help with the Fed Admiral playtest, but it just didn't work - my fault - I didn't much care for it as it stood, but all I seemed to be able to do was think it should be more like ours, which was so b****y useless that I didn't even send it as feedback. Crying or Very sad

Will pop over to the other threads to see how people are dealing with it.
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Pinkfluffychicken wrote:
Hello folks! Long time no visit.

The Campaign in Wintry Kingston continues and the General War is well underway between the Klingons, Fed and Hydrans vs the Gorn, Kzinti, Lyran and Romulan.

Did try to help with the Fed Admiral playtest, but it just didn't work - my fault - I didn't much care for it as it stood, but all I seemed to be able to do was think it should be more like ours, which was so b****y useless that I didn't even send it as feedback. Crying or Very sad

Will pop over to the other threads to see how people are dealing with it.

It is Great to hear from you again! any other campaign thoughts?

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 7:39 pm    Post subject: check this out great star trek meets monty python Reply with quote

Creator Empire campaign rules and Code of War (COW)Expansion.
review rules on the Federation Commander Campaign post, 123,000 views and growing
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Commodore Mendez
Lieutenant JG

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 7:49 pm    Post subject: Re: check this out great star trek meets monty python Reply with quote

PallidaMors wrote:

This is hilarious!
"thats no moon...."
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Joined: 24 Oct 2007
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

wow what a Hiatus I have had from my beloved campaign, the time is ripe, and preparations are underway for a renewal of the cause. I know a there are some great FC gamers in Seattle. Please let me know if you wish to join in a great campaign that hopefully can span a few years of great game time.

Creator Empire campaign rules and Code of War (COW)Expansion.
review rules on the Federation Commander Campaign post, 123,000 views and growing
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Joined: 24 Oct 2007
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

wow almost 100,000...........
Creator Empire campaign rules and Code of War (COW)Expansion.
review rules on the Federation Commander Campaign post, 123,000 views and growing
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Joined: 24 Oct 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 5:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

100,000 plus views...is that a record??

Creator Empire campaign rules and Code of War (COW)Expansion.
review rules on the Federation Commander Campaign post, 123,000 views and growing
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Joined: 24 Oct 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2010 4:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


classic battle between fed ca and klingon D-7
Creator Empire campaign rules and Code of War (COW)Expansion.
review rules on the Federation Commander Campaign post, 123,000 views and growing
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Lieutenant Commander

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

PallidaMors wrote:

classic battle between fed ca and klingon D-7

Klingons cheated. You can clearly see about 1:15 sec in that they fired at the Feds from below. Everyone knows there is no below in SFU Razz.

The part I find most funny is actually the fire in space.
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sooo... Is this still going on? I know that it must be tedious and time consuming to right up; reports, but I'd love to hear news if there is any!
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